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Wedding Wednesday

  • Themes | Summer Melon

is not always easy to do when you’re planning a wedding. I remember thinking to myself “Ya know what! I don’t have time to think of new, creative things… I just need to get this DONE!”.  When you have so much to do and so much to plan, sometimes creativity is the first thing to go…. and that’s so sad… because creativity makes every wedding unique!  Something that I’m always talking about and hoping for are “themed” weddings! Our wedding was “Vintage Peacock” and once I decided that, it really helped me narrow down my details!  I had a VISION of what the day could look like and I created an

Wedding Wednesday

  • Wardrobe Decisions for Engagements

listening to one of the most talented photographers in the industry and I’m just in awe. Jose Villa has absolutely mastered his “look”. I can see an image of his from a mile away and know that it is his! It’s amazing.  (and yes, I’m blogging Wedding Wednesday during a seminar…I’m a crazy girl) When it comes to my style and my “look”, I’m still developing it but I’m starting to really see what I want my images to look like.  I can look at a bride and groom and really SEE an image that I want.  This is really true with engagement sessions.  I’m inspired by who my couples are,

Wedding Wednesday

  • Ties and Procrastination

worse than getting a bad case of “Procrastination” when you’re planning a wedding! There were some things about our wedding that I was on top of! …. For example, Michael proposed to me on a Monday Night and I emailed Jasmine Star on Tuesday morning. Actually…. I’m pretty sure I emailed her a year before I was engaged but that’s just embarrassing and I won’t tell that story. I had my priorities and finding Michael a tie wasn’t one of them. The reason I procrastinated shopping for a tie was because our suits were a strange brown color and I had NO IDEA what was going to match!

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