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Tony + Bryana

  • A Morais Vineyard Wedding | Bealeton Virginia Wedding Photographer

an excitement that photographers experience when shooting at new venues for the first time! This past weekend we got to shoot at TWO new venues that we have never shot at before and it was so much fun! These locations were GORGEOUS! The first wedding was Tony and Bryana’s at Morais Vineyards in Bealeton, Virginia! We have passed this venue on the way to other weddings and I have always made a comment about how it looks like it could be located in Tuscany or Spain! This venue is awesome! It’s TOTALLY different from any other venue in the state. The style and architecture is gorgeous and I just loved having a chance to photograph something NEW! New getting ready location, new portrait locations, new ceremony location… it’s exciting to change it up every now and then! The more venues I shoot at in Virginia, the more I appreciate our state! We have so many awesome locations for WEDDINGS in Virginia!!

Zach + Britta

  • A Rustic Pacific North West Wedding | Seattle Wedding Photographer

dad spoke up during toast time at the reception and started sharing that it wasn’t strange at all to be welcoming Zach into the family because really, he had already been a part of the family for quite some time. 8 years to be exact! He told the story of how Zach road his dirt bike through the snow to come see Britta one winter and how he had been on almost every family vacation. This story sounded so familiar to us because that’s exactly what it felt like when Michael and I got married. Everyone was celebrating and they had been looking forward to this day for years! Britta’s Maid of Honor mentioned that Zach and Britta’s relationship was what she looked to as her examply of true love and I don’t think there is any higher compliment than that!! These two were truly made of one another. I am friends with my brides on Facebook and I have LOVED watching the countdown to this wedding.

Hector + Kathryn

  • A Dominion Club Wedding | Richmond Wedding Photographer

is a wedding that we have been looking forward to for YEARS… literally!! When we were in school at CNU, I remember Kathryn and Hector starting to talk and then date. It was exciting!! They have always been one of those couples that everyone is cheering on!! I think that’s because everyone can tell that these two were made for one another! They are both driven, passionate, loyal, hard working, brilliant and incredibly genuine! After 6 years of dating, Hector and Kathryn finally tied the knot this past Sunday!! It was QUITE a celebration!! We always knew that the first Fitzgerald wedding was going to be amazing… not because of the gorgeous venue or beautiful decor, but because they are just an awesome family! You can’t find another family as enthusiastic as theirs!! Their excitement and joy for this wedding was so evident!!

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