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Almost 8 months ago, Ali messaged us. There was talk about our whole accountability/United conference group getting together to reconnect for the week in Charleston, SC. I mean, I LOVE Charleston and so I said ok and then I didn’t think about it. I added it to calendar and it never really crossed my mind! …. Until 2 days before we were supposed to leave! I was scrambling trying to get work done and it just didn’t happen. I threw my clothes into my suitcase and off I went… work undone and blog posts unwritten.

I’ll be honest… I was a little stressed and tense towards the morning we were leaving. I had THINGS LEFT TO DO! Getting up at 6am wasn’t ideal and I quickly felt myself thinking “Why am I even doing this?!… It’s just one more thing. It’s ANOTHER trip…. ANOTHER week that I’m GONE!

Well, the beautiful thing about this trip was that it ended up being EXACTLY what I needed. I think everyone needs a trip away with some of your best girl friends every now and then! Oh the power of REST and FRESH PERSPECTIVES! It was simply an amazing week from beginning to end. We did everything I dreamed of doing on a solid week off of work! Morning devotions, lunch in Charleston, Boone Plantation Tours, hanging out and having great convos with amazing friends, shooting just for FUN, Arts and Crafts, etc!!

Oh it was magical. As SOON as I got into the car on our drive down, I knew this was going to worth it…. SO worth it. It was just what I needed and I didn’t even realize it!! This wasn’t just a group of girls that wanted to hangout in Charleston.  This was a group of friends that God has worked through in crazy ways this past year and we just wanted to have the time and the space to be intentional.  We rented a little house and all 11 of us stayed there! I slept in a king bed with two other girls and I would do it again in a heartbeat!! It was a LIFE giving vacation for me and I’m beyond thankful for it!!!

Enjoy some of my favorites from our vacation in Charleston!

We’re HERE!!!! YAYY!

Such a cool little house at Folly Beach! And we LOVED having Katie W’s massage skills! #heaven

Absolutely LOVED these planners from Natalie and Jessica McSweeney!

And Nikki had custom cups made?! So sweet!

Shopping shopping and more shopping!

Anna you’re gorgeous!

Tori and sweet baby “L”!

Thank you to whoever owns the Jetta that we used as our tripod for this shot! :)

One night Anna hosted an “Encaustics” workshop ! Amazing! (My masterpiece is at the end of the post!)

Boone Plantation!! We loved the mansion but the driveway was insane!

 I have such gorgeous friends!


Oh my gosh! Meet Oliver… a random labradoodle we met that I loved!

The Angel Tree!!

 So cute Lauren!

Oh you know we had to take some of these!

 So gorgeous Tori!

And THEN we started photographing Charleston natives… like this awesome guy!

 Ah! The glow and that smile!

And THEN Jill stopped this sweet couple and told them that I wanted to take their portrait! ha! So I did. :) And we’re emailing these to them!!! Aren’t they adorable!


Sweet and beautiful Caroline!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Lauren Swann reply

    Ah!! Yay!!! I LOVE these!!! So pretty!! XO!

  2. Jill Powers reply

    Take me back!!!! Love these KK!!

  3. Katie reply

    Loved this precious time with all of you! Thank you for taking so many pictures sweet friend!! XOXOXOO

  4. Rachel B. reply

    This makes me want to go to Charleston even more! So glad y’all had this time together!!

  5. Ashley Durham reply

    Gosh, this sounds JUST what the doctor ordered!!! Looks so fun!

  6. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    Oh, this looks so wonderful! It really was a ton of fun watching all these pictures from you and the other fabulous ladies pop up on my IG feed over the week. It made me definitely want to visit Charleston soon!

  7. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Love this. So pretty!

  8. Tatyana reply

    So beautiful!!! I can’t wait to visit :)

  9. Noelle reply

    I wish I could hang out with you!

  10. Nikki Santerre reply

    What an amazing week! Life giving is the perfect description. Love and miss y’all already! Xoxo!

  11. Kristina W. reply

    This looks so wonderful!!! Girl time is so necessary and I’m so glad that you went and had such a great time!

  12. Shalese reply

    Oh wow, I have heard so many great things about Charleston, but no one makes it look quite as good as this group! I love that you were taking pictures of people out & about!

  13. elizabeth. reply

    Aww, so fun! Refreshing/reconnecting with like-minded like-sisters is one of the best things ever. :)

  14. Tori Watson reply

    love this so much. couldn’t have asked for a more refreshing or amazing week with you ladies. so grateful for you and your friendship! <3

  15. Mary Marantz reply

    Oh GOSH I love this!! I was smiling the whole way through! And how CUTE is that couple??? Love!

  16. Ashley Powell reply

    These are GORGEOUS!! Robert and I are heading to Charleston for our anniversary in May & this just made me SO excited!! :) Also, that couple melts my heart!! What a special moment! They’re precious! Beautiful, as always, Katelyn! xoxo <3

  17. Natalie reply

    Can we do this again… And again, and again!

  18. Rebekah reply

    Oh, wow, some lovely portraits of you & your gorgeous friends! I particularly love that you stopped to take pictures of that adorable older couple (& included them in this post). Too sweet!

  19. Johane reply

    this is gorgeous. love everything. did you carry your 50mm or 35mm in most of these pic? thanks

  20. ashley link reply

    This looks like so much fun!!! So glad you ladies were able to escape and refresh! I know it has inspired many to do the same thing! :)

  21. Alexandra {Heart Love Always} reply

    This looked like such an AMAZING girls trip!! So happy you had such a good time!! <3

  22. Caroline Logan reply

    Can’t stop looking at this :):):)

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