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week/weekend! Between the earthquake that shook all of virginia and most of the northern east coast and Hurricane Irene making her presence known this weekend, I think mother nature should be exhausted at this point! I mean really!! A lot has been happening over here on the east coast! I shot a wedding this past Friday and I can’t tell you how many times I said a little “Thank you JESUS this wasn’t a Saturday wedding” prayer! We got lucky, so lucky. Shooting a Friday wedding was a lot of fun because I felt like a normal human being and had the whole Saturday OFF! Can you believe it?! I didn’t WORK on a WEEKEND!!

WOOPWOOP!  Michael and I were hosting some CNU Refugees all weekend while Irene swept through and I was so glad that I got to be home for that. It was QUITE entertaining!

So after an exciting weekend, here I am, on Sunday night, trying desperately to pre-blog because Michael and I will be leaving on a short little vacation Mon-Thurs. Our plans had to change since Irene forced our flights to New England to be canceled but we’re still able to get away for a few days and we’re thankful for that. So thankful. It’s a much needed break and we’re ready for it!


So I’m guessing you’re wondering about this cute couple and how I met them and why they’re on the blog, etc, etc. Well! Here ya go: Sarah is a Photographer, Mike is a Youth Pastor, therefore, I think they are pretty awesome. Actually, they’re REALLY awesome because I know how hard it is for a wife to work all day Saturday and a husband to work all day Sunday. Whew! It’s  a crazy lifestyle but we love it. I love my job/business just like Sarah loves hers and Michael loves loving teenagers for the Lord just like Mike. I’d say we have a few things in common and so when I met these two for their session in Charleston, SC, I loved hearing about their life. We talked about the hard parts of ministry and also the amazing kids that are apart of our lives.  Then we also talked about photography and all that goes into running a business…. we talked a lot.:) It was such an honor to do this session for such a fun, energetic couple. Mike won’t admit it, but he’s got a GREAT serious face. The issue is getting him to be SERIOUS! And Sarah… well you saw how photogenic Sarah is in last friday’s post!!


Enjoy my favorites and have a fabulous Monday!!

Sarah you’re adorable.

oh you two stop ittttttttt! So cute.

Charleston I love you.


A favorite for sure!


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  1. Girish reply

    Always like to see your posts. Great going. Brilliant set of pictures. Very nicely done, they look so eased out in the front of the camera. Good job on that too.

  2. sherri lynn reply

    This shoot captures everything I love about Charleston! And what a cute couple they are – love these images!

  3. ali reply

    my favorite city. you totally did it justice; the couple is adorbs as well :)

  4. Abby Grace reply

    oohh man, these are so adorable. I need to go to Charleston- I never knew it held such picturesque buildings! Again with the being/peach wall- so Italy. gorgeous images. I’ve said it a thousand times, but I adore how colorful and bright your images are. These are adorable!!

  5. Shefali Lindsey reply

    SO happy to hear you guys are safe and sound. And, as always, gorgeous photos of a very sweet couple.

  6. allie reply

    After seeing all of your a-m-a-z-i-n-g pictures of Charleston I cannot wait to visit it someday!

  7. Elizabeth reply

    beautiful pictures katelyn!!!

  8. Beth T. reply

    These are super cute!! I LOVE the B&W you marked as a favorite – such genuine emotion. I definitely want you to take pics of my husband and I one day – I just love your work!

  9. Sabrina reply

    Isn’t Charleston the best?!? I love all the sessions you did while you were there! I wish I could shoot down there all the time. We’re headed down soon to hang out with my brother (who is a chef and is catering my wedding!) so maybe I can talk him into some pictures :-) Great job, Katelyn!

  10. Sara reply

    These are amazing! How cool to photograph a couple who shares your passions :) And these are totally making me want to visit Charleston now…

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