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in Charleston, I had the honor of shooting some head shots for the fabulous Sarah D’Attoma. Sarah is a photographer based in South Carolina and she randomly asked me several months ago if I was ever going to be in the south… like the South Carolina part of the south. Welp! It just so happened that I was planning a little trip for Ryan and Rebekah’s session  and I was coming to Charleston! Perfect!! Sarah is wonderful. When I met her, she jumped out of the car with arms out, ready for a hug. (my kinda girl). Her energy is contagious and her smile is absolutely stunning.

We shot some head shots for her business and then finished the session with some shots with her husband. I am supposed to be blogging ALL of those images today but because I have a Friday wedding and they have SO many fun shots… today’s post is ALL about Sarah and the rest are coming soon!! (Sorry Sarah, I’ll only make you wait 2 more days, promise!).  So enjoy these few shots of this gorgeous south carolina photographer and get excited to meet her other half on Monday!! Sarah, you’re beautiful and it was an honor to shoot your new head shots! Can’t wait to see your business continue to grow!!


Why can’t my model-face look that good?! Seriously! So beautiful!

 Ps. I should have written this on the previous post… but my sweet friend Steph helped me SO much during these Charleston sessions!!! Kudos to her for standing in the heat with us the WHOLE time!!!

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  1. priscillajoy reply

    Love these Katelyn!!! And how perfect that you found a teal window–though I’m not surprised! :) I’ll just throw it out there now that you should of course know you have a long standing invitation to the very exciting Columbus, Ohio. :)

  2. Meredith Sledge reply

    THESE ARE AMAZING. I love the colors!!!

  3. Whew! What a | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Katelyn James Photography reply

    […] So I’m guessing you’re wondering about this cute couple and how I met them and why they’re on the blog, etc, etc. Well! Here ya go: Sarah is a Photographer, Mike is a Youth Pastor, therefore, I think they are pretty awesome. Actually, they’re REALLY awesome because I know how hard it is for a wife to work all day Saturday and a husband to work all day Sunday. Whew! It’s  a crazy lifestyle but we love it. I love my job/business just like Sarah loves hers and Michael loves loving teenagers for the Lord just like Mike. I’d say we have a few things in common and so when I met these two for their session in Charleston, SC, I loved hearing about their life. We talked about the hard parts of ministry and also the amazing kids that are apart of our lives.  Then we also talked about photography and all that goes into running a business…. we talked a lot.:) It was such an honor to do this session for such a fun, energetic couple. Mike won’t admit it, but he’s got a GREAT serious face. The issue is getting him to be SERIOUS! And Sarah… well you saw how photogenic Sarah is in last friday’s post!! […]

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