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He brings a sense of “calm” to her when they are in each other’s presence. I noticed it during their engagement session and it was ever so present on their wedding day. Dustin is Brittani’s best friend and soul mate! As the girls got ready, Britt sat in the stylist’s chair and with her hair up in pins and her makeup half done, she says “I just want to see him”.  That was her main concern. Not the dress, not her hair, not the million little details that she was sprinting around doing that morning… just him. It’s easy to understand why she loves him so much. Dustin is the sweetest country boy you could ever meet. He’s polite, gentle, patient and I’m pretty sure he could get away with anything with that smile of his!! As he turned around to see his bride


for the first time, his jaw dropped and her tears started flowing.  He loved everything… the dress, the hair, the makeup…. he loved it all! Brittani and Dustin celebrated with their family and friends at the Pavillion at Pepper Plantation near Charleston, SC. The moss covered trees and the warm sun made me wish that I didn’t live so far away from this beautiful place!! Can you imagine being a Charleston Wedding Photographer?! Gosh! It’s just a beautiful place!  Annamarie and I drove down on Friday just in time to see the sunset. Then we prepped and then spent the whole next day celebrating with Britt and Dustin and their families. It was wonderful and SO worth the many hours on the road. I walked away from their wedding feeling so blessed to have these new friends in my life. Brittani is a photographer herself and so that’s another reason I felt honored to be there! No pressure right?! :) I love shooting other photographer’s weddings because they already know how the day is going to go! However, I think Britt will agree that it feels MUCH different being on the other side of the camera! The two of them were amazing and I’m so excited to show you my many favorites! I can’t blog them ALL or else the blog would shut down but here are a few!!! Enjoy!!


Dustin and Brittani, thank you SO much for allowing Anna and I to be a part of your day!! I wish you years and years of happiness!!!!!! xoxo and Ps. A HUGE thanks to Annamarie for dealing with me for two days AND driving me home at 5am!!



Love the moss in the trees!  Perfect for details!

Even the dogs helped out! 

and while we were getting ready, Annamarie was with Dustin and his son Landon… who is probably the cutest kid on the planet!


It kinda becomes real when you’re about to have your first look :)


Love this one!

YAY for Charleston trees!!!

Britt you’re beautiful!! Love that shot of you on the left!!

work it!!!

Love this shot that Anna took!

ha! The flower girls crack me up! 

The whole family!

How cute are these florals?!

I love that Britt danced with her brother!!

More portraits!! yess!

She’s got moves ya’ll!!

Dustin and Brittani’s mom:)

 Venue | The Pavilion at Pepper Plantation
Dress | Casablanca from Ellie’s Bridal Boutique in Alexandria, VA
Florals | Wildflowers Inc
Hair & Makeup | Bellezza Salon and Spa
Cake |  Publix
Bridesmaids | Jcrew
Groomsmen | Ties:
Favors | DIY’ed luggage tags – plastic slips ordered from The Sewphisticated Stitcher
DJ | RJ Roy Palmgren
Catering | Crazy Dutchman Catering

Simply Samantha Designs:

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Stephanie Fox reply

    Gorgeous, as always! I love all the details!

  2. Anna K. reply

    Brittani you are absolutely STUNNING! Your day was perfect, everything I envisioned through our chats and so much more! I am so happy for you and Dustin! Katelyn the images are GORGEOUS!

  3. Lena reply

    So love these! You definitely captured the love between the two of them. And you’re right, definitely felt goofy during the walking shot but they both turned out great!

  4. karen reply

    Those DOGS! Those TREES! The way he looks at her! Wow, loooove everything about this wedding! Gorgeous.

  5. Andrea Daniels reply

    Just beautiful! Every thing looked perfect down to the very last detail and you caught it all on film. That and the memories will last a lifetime, I’m sure.

  6. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Beautiful wedding! The first think i said when I saw the collage of pictures at the beginning was, “AHH!!! I have those boots!” It was very exciting. :) I’ve looked forward to this wedding ever since their engagement session and the pictures are beyond spectacular. Great job!

  7. Kathryn Grace reply

    Beeeautiful! LOVE the ring shots in the moss, and the first pics of the dress!

  8. Alexandra {Heart Love Weddings} reply

    There are no words to describe how much I love everything about this! I’ve been waiting to see images of Britt and Dustin’s wedding from the moment she and I e-met and the moment I learned you would be shooting it, Katelyn. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Those trees are beautiful. The pups are adorable. Britt was stunning!!! The photos of Dustin and Landon make my heart just melt. And together, Britt and Dustin are one gorgeous and beyond sweet couple. Love them! Love this! All of it. xoxoxo

  9. Gemma Smith reply

    Britt & Dustin’s wedding was gorgeous in person, but I pretty much almost died looking at these photos! Absolutely amazing :-)

  10. Emilee Fuss reply

    Love, love, love these photos! I knew Britt would have a gorgeous wedding! I love the mossy trees, and the dogs, of course. Excellent work! :)

  11. Meredith Sledge reply

    What a perfect, beautiful wedding!!! Well, at least that’s how it looks. :)

  12. Tiffany Sigmon reply

    Yay! They were totally worth the wait. It looks like you had so much fun! Absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Beth reply

    I always enjoy seeing the photos from the weddings of photographers! Brittani and Dustin planned a beautiful wedding and you captured it perfectly!

  14. Brittany Claud reply

    Gosh Katelyn!!! Everything about this wedding is SO amazing! I love all the Southern details!! You always, always, always amaze me with your work :)

  15. Melissa reply

    I absolutely love following your blog. You are truly an amazing photographer and writer. You really seem down to earth and speak from the heart. I am becoming “Creaper Status”—LOL—JK but I really do love your style, your talent and your humor. Speaking of humor, take a look at the picture I think it is a B&W that you posted of the bridesmaids surrounding the bride and the two dogs to the viewers left of the bride. It looks like one dog is licking the other dogs goods. LMAO. Then the following set shows one of the bridesmaids (what appears) going to kiss or get affection from one of the dogs. Hopefully it wasn’t the licker. Again, LOL!!! I just thought that was way too funny and had to share. I think those Charleston, SC trees are absolutely amazing. Can you send some to CT? I have a question for you, I am new to photography and the whole manual mode aspect. Any hints to nailing focus (I am currently invested in my 50mm)–I can’t seem to nail my focus—Where should I be putting my focal points with both single and/or multiple subjects? Should I be back button focusing? Any tips would be great. I shoot Canon as well. I have a 7D that I just purchased less than a month ago and OMG do I want a Mark III (Can we say Jealous)!!! Just a tad! I just saw that they came out with a 6D (Full Frame) now—-doesn’t that just get me—Less than a month after I bought this one cause I couldn’t afford the Mark III yet. Grrrrrrrrr….. Anyhow, keep up the amazing work. You are truly inspiring.

  16. Kelli Boling reply

    Congrats Britt!!! Looks like it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  18. Allie reply

    Absolutely beautiful, Katelyn! Love the details!!!

  19. Caitlin Sullivan reply

    Love you S’more…Cute : )

  20. Annetta reply

    What a beautiful wedding! Love her bouquet! You did a wonderful job again Katelyn. I like how you used the moss in the detail shots. Awesome.

  21. Renee reply

    Britt was a client of mine, and ever since we re-branded her for the name change, I’ve been giddy to see what her wedding would look like! You captured everything so amazingly! Their love, the details, the dogs & fam! I’m so in love with each image!!! So giddy these were up so fast, I could hardly wait!!!

  22. Annamarie reply

    Brittani! You were such an incredibly gorgeous bride! Everything about your wedding was absolutely beautiful and I feel so honored to have been there! Your details were adorable and the day could not have been more perfect! And oh Katelyn, I just love you. The pictures are incredible:)

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  24. Rici reply

    I really looove the pictures where you see the family interact! Him with his son, her with her brother and him with her Mom! The last one touched me so much!!! Beautful! ~ Saluti.

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