• Chris + Lisa

Lisa opened the door for me and she was just glowing.  She was running on a low amount of sleep but her excitement level was through the roof!  She was getting ready to marry the love of her life! Lisa and Chris are the perfect picture of what it means to be marrying your best friend, your companion. They are crazy about each other and they love each other so freely.

I loved seeing Chris’s face as he watched his bride walking towards him down the aisle.  It was as if He was shocked by her beauty but yet not surprised at all by how gorgeous she looked. He loves her. She loves him. and now they are husband and wife! It’s a beautiful thing and as I watched Chris and Lisa start their new life together, it was such a privilege. I seriously thank the good Lord for clients like Chris and Lisa.  They took such good care of me and made me feel like just another member of the family.

Chris and Lisa, you are truly an amazing couple. I loved capturing the happiness and joy of your wedding day and I wish you the VERY BEST!

I just liked all the shoe shots!

Lisa’s grandma had her pearls re-strung for her to wear on her wedding day.

It was SUPER bright but their awesome bridal party made it work!

Oh I love all of the circles and lines in the next few!

Slideshow coming soon!

Lisa, I used Whitney for your slideshow music, just for you!

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  1. Catie reply

    amazing job KK!!! what a cute couple too!

  2. Karynne reply

    I was really close to getting married at the Lesner Inn but then at the last minute I changed my mine because I didn’t think I would get very good pictures…but you proved me wrong! They are awesome!

  3. Tira J reply

    Beautiful work Katelyn! I love how you made an open area with bright sun look so amazing!

  4. Cati reply

    Gah! Beautiful pictures!!!! :) And Lisa’s dress is gorgeous!

  5. michael reply

    I love them…the one on the stairs is sweet and I am liking seeing more from the receptions

  6. Julianna reply

    i’m looking at u right now!

  7. emy reply

    YAYAY! KK these are great! p.s. you are in blacksburg RIGHT NOW… and i love it!!!

  8. Lisa Figs reply

    OMG, KATELYN! I love the pictures! I can’t wait to see all of them!! hahahhaa, thanks for the slideshow with Whitney! You know I love her!!! Thank you, thank you!

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  10. caroline reply

    the details pics are awesome and I love the ones from the reception – way to include those!
    yeah….you’re legit

  11. Jennifer Crawford reply

    Katelyn, the pictures that were listed are beautifully done. I like how you incorporated elements of their personality and moments of candidness while maintaining the sophistication of the couple. I really like the combination of classic and artistic framing of your shots. Your work has great style. My brother and Lisa were fortunate to have you as their photographer.

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