Magic Cereal Bowls

and a Big Surprise!

Twas the

day after Christmas and all through the house were piles of tissue paper, giftcards and leftover ham. All the gifts are open and the excitement has turned into relaxation. We had an amazing day yesterday. We started in Richmond and Michael and I exchanged gifts. After we were done and I was using my magic cereal bowl (the cereal and the milk stays separate, it’s amazing!!!!) and Michael handed me a little package. I was somewhat confused because I thought we were done giving gifts. I opened this little package and found a little teal leash with a dog tag titled “Elley Alsop”.

I cried and Michael told me we could get a PUPPY!!!!! We’re still unsure about when we’ll get him/her AND how we’ll spell the name:)…. and yes, if we get a boy we may need to change the name:) …..but we’re starting our puppy search and we’re SO EXCITED!!! Well, I need to go eat more leftovers and find more workout routines on Pinterest. Merry Christmas and happy Monday!


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  1. Elizabeth: ( )

    awwwwww no way!!!!!!! that is so awesome!!!! puppies are the best :) merry christmas katelyn and michael!!!

  2. Lexi: ( )

    oh my goodnesss! Oh my goodness!!!! I’m freaking out excited for you!!! :D Congrats Katelyn! What an awesome surprise!!! Can’t wait to see your new puppy!

  3. Nina Delaney: ( )

    get a Teddy Bear…..they are precious, loving and more fun than any other dog! They are a cross between a Bischon and a ShihTzu….we have two. one is named Bella Boo and the other is Pippa Lou!

  4. Deborah Zoe: ( )

    YAY!!!!!!!! Good job Michael :-p

  5. KyAnn: ( )

    Awww congrats!! :) I can’t wait to see your precious new addition! What a great Christmas gift!

  6. Elizabeth: ( )

    Congrats on getting a puppy….PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE adopt and save a life so many good animals are out there waiting for a great home so please consider shelters and rescues rather than adopting from a breeder.

  7. katie s: ( )

    katelyn: Please adopt or rescue!! I don’t know what i would do without mine and the 2 out of three we have are rescues! What a gift!! Merry Christmas!!

  8. Sydni Jackson: ( )

    awww that’s so exciting!! what a perfect christmas gift! have fun choosing your new little buddy!

  9. Brittani: ( )

    As the biggest dog lover EVER and someone who is so obsessed with my two munchkins, CONGRATS! It will be the best Christmas present you ever receive :) Your dog may just have to duel my dogs for “most photographed dog. EVER.” haha! Merry Christmas!

  10. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    You’re going to have so fun with a puppy!!! Enjoy! Merry late Christmas Katelyn. :)

  11. jade: ( )

    Yay.. A puppy… So excited… Animals give the best sort of love…

  12. Hadley: ( )

    KATELYN! I GUESSED RIGHT! ahhh!! My mom wanted you to know to go to Polly’s Pups in Ashland because they have all types of breeds that you can see all at once, we got our second puppy there he is a bichon shihtzu and has a great personaliy!!

  13. katie yuen: ( )

    YAY!!! Puppies are so exciting!!! Congrats to adding to your little family! furbabies make life so much more fun!

  14. Christy: ( )

    YAY! That’s awesome! We got a little puppy in September and she is equal parts adorable and EXHAUSTING, but 100% worth it! :) Smart of you to get her during slow season! Hopefully by wedding season she’ll have calmed down some. ;-)

    (Also – agreeing with so many of the commenters… if you haven’t already gotten him/her by now – plleeeease adopt or rescue a puppy!!!)

  15. Shannon Rosan: ( )

    Congrats on the puppy! Can’t wait to see him/her. And…love the magic cereal bowl :)

  16. Brooke Summer Photography: ( )

    Oh my GOSH congratulations on becoming a dog mommy!!!

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