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  • CLIC Conference Recap

truly love this season of our life and our business. Having the opportunity to speak and share our hearts for this industry is such an honor. I don’t take it lightly. Whether it’s 5 people or 500, it’s a privilege to be asked to speak somewhere! As I was preparing my talk for the CLIC Conference that took place last Friday and Saturday, I realized just how AWESOME this was going to be. Not my talk…. the conference! That came out wrong! The CONFERENCE was going to be amazing because to my knowledge, there has never been a photography conference quite like this for women in this area. What a treat this was!

Women from all OVER the east coast drove and some flew in to gather together for two days. I spoke on the first day of the conference along with two of my past brides!! How fun is THAT?! Molly did a GREAT job kicking us in the butt with our social media and Amanda showed us that you can truly have it all… motherhood AND a business. (I still think she’s super woman:).  We also heard from Megan Huber, a business and life success coach!  I absolutely loved our time together. Michael hung out with all of us at the Angus Barn for the day and even though he was the ONLY guy…. he has a blast too. :) So enjoy some images from this super fun gathering that we were lucky enough to be a part of!!! LOVED meeting all of you southern gals!!!

Interested in coming to a future CLICL conference?! More info HERE!!!

Molly is the sweetest! Love this girl! Her joy is contagious! 

Kelly Martin, you did an amazing job coordinating!! 

Amanda, you’re such a cutie!!

Loved seeing HH Boogie on display! 

Ha! He looks bored but he was happy.. I promise:)

It’s impossible to get a good shot of me speaking… way to many faces. 

Thank you Michael for snapping these!!!

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  1. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Looks like fun!!

  2. Shannon Graham reply

    Thank you so much, Katelyn, for being a part of this and speaking. I gained so much – both professionally and personally – from what you shared with us, and I am really looking forward to seeing you again in Alexandria this August! You are such a bright, inspiring spirit to be around! :)

  3. Claudia reply

    Im glad you guys had a blast. :) xoxo

  4. Katie reply

    You are an incredible speaker no matter the venue! <3

  5. Heather Deadrick reply

    I can’t tell you how inspiring you are! Thanks for taking the time to speak at the conference! I loved every minute of it…

  6. Lory reply

    I just wanted to say that your talk was very helpful and inspiring. Several times I was moved to tears by things that you shared with us. I also want to say thank you for being so personable. I went to shake your hand when I met you and instead you gave me a hug. All my fears about being at this conference surrounded by people I didn’t know disappeared at that very moment.

  7. Kelly reply

    Thank you. thank you, thank you Katelyn! I’m overwhelmed by how well it went! It was an amazing experience and I am so ready for the next one!

  8. Kristen Driscoll reply

    I think your speaking faces are adorable!

  9. Rebecca reply

    Thank you so much for coming and speaking! LOVED finally meeting you in person! What a fantastic weekend!

  10. Nicole Moering reply

    Oh my gosh, it was such a treat to be able to hear you speak at this conference. you are such a role model in thi industry, and have the biggest heart! if anyone is contemplating going to this intimate it!!! the mateiral is priceless, the people are amazing, and you may find yourslf saying hi to your industry role model…who is a hugger :)

  11. Brooke Frost reply

    Thank you so much for your words. I have so many takeaways from your talk. It was truly an honor to meet you. You are as sweet in person as I imagined!

  12. Rebekah Carter reply

    I live in Raleigh, actually pretty close to the Angus Barn but I’ve never been to it.

  13. Brooke Frost reply

    Thanks Katelyn for your words. I have so many takeaways from your talk. Truly an honor to meet you!

  14. Tara Timpanelli reply

    Can I just say I love those antler lights? Who would’t like to shoot a neat wedding there?! :)

  15. Katie Estes reply

    I would love to go to one of these! Looks like such a fun time!

  16. Katie Estes reply

    I would love to go to one of theses! Looks like such a fun time!

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  18. Erika Mills reply

    Cannot wait for August!! So looking forward to hearing you speak!

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    […] I honestly think this is where the industry is headed when it comes to education. Sure, big conferences will probably always exist, but online education and smaller, more local conference seem to be the next big thing! They are popping up everywhere!! So why am I telling you all of this?! Because I have the honor to be speaking in Alexandria, VA on August 12th for CLIC Conference! We were just a part of the Raliegh CLIC event and we absolutely loved it! I’m so excited to be a little closer to my VA friends and I can’t wait to see who comes!! This conference is for female photographers who want to get inspired and grow in both their photography and their business knowledge! Michael and I are so pumped to share about this because we are actually giving away a FREE SEAT!!! AH!!! Somebody is going to be attending CLIC Alexandria for FREE! So enter the giveaway below!! We can’t wait to meet you there!! Ps. To read more about our last CLIC speaking event, visit THIS LINK! […]

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