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You may remember that I was a part of a team of college students that went on a mission trip to Newark, NJ this past spring.  Well, in order to raise funds, we always hold an auction and people offer services ranging from back rubs to portrait sessions! Obviously I was the one donating the portrait session and I’m so glad I did. I got to spend some quality time with these 5 amazing ladies in Hilton Village the other day because they won the bid! I always feel so honored when people actually WANT me to take their pics and it’s not everyday that I get to see a portrait session auctioned off! It was quite amusing!:)


Girls, you are fabulous! Just look at you! Matching shoes, classy dresses, pearls. Your session was nothing short of perfection and I LOVED hanging out with each one of you! Happy summer!!

Hat = LOVE!

I love this! It looks like a Pantene ad!

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  1. Michael reply

    These are a lot of fun!!! Good old Hilton Village! I like how you split up the portrait shots. They look great!

  2. Evie Perez reply

    What a fun idea!!! You are such an awesome person with a BIG heart and a BIG vision!!

  3. Lauren Tignor reply

    Wow Katelyn James. You are AMAZING! I’m sooo grateful you auctioned off this session for us–what a blessing! And I def win the pastey white legs award. haha. Next time I know not to sit beside Sarah!

  4. Cati reply

    The shoes in this post are fabulous, so much so that I might just shoot down to Virginia and raid some closets! Futhermore, Katelyn, I just wanted to say thank you for photographer REAL girls… none of that fake, model stuff. You’re photographing REAL, GENUINE beauty here… which is what more of the world needs to see! :) Praise the Lord for this gift and for your obedience to His calling upon your life!

  5. Girish reply

    Nice. Always good to see your photographs.
    Great portraits.

  6. Kristina N. reply

    I know Mary from leadership class! She and all the other girls look great! Great job Katelyn!

  7. Britne reply

    This reminds me of our shoot. I love it. And these girls are so pretty! I love the bench pictures! :)

  8. caroline reply

    love love looooove!!

  9. renee reply

    Katelyn, great job of course! Love these beautiful pictures and LOVE these beautiful sisters of mine! Gorgeous! :)

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