February 2013 | Jordan, Amanda & Roxanne

I really

hate that the blog has been down all week! Posts were planned and they didn’t happen because my hosting company upgraded servers and switching my IP addresses took 48 hours. UGH. But I’m BACK! And I have so much to share. Michael and I have been in Santa Barbara this week for UNITED and it has been wonderful… absolutely wonderful! We are so blessed by this community of photographers and friends! I can’t wait to share more! That will be coming next week! For now, meet some of my newest photog friends! Roxanne and Jordan + Amanda shared a coaching session last week and they were so amazing!!

Seriously, even in the RAIN they had GREAT attitudes and were so eager to learn! ┬áMy hotspot is about to disappear and so I’m going to leave you with that but please know that I just adore these new friends! They traveled from South Carolina and Alabama! Crazy right?! I’m SO excited to watch their businesses grow!!!!

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  1. molly stillman: ( )

    ahhh love these and love her teal blazer! glad y’all are having a great time in SB!

  2. Tiffany: ( )

    I have been wondering where you went! Hope you got to relax in Cali. :) you deserve it! xo

  3. Ashlyn: ( )

    They are gorgeous. And I want the second lady’s outfit… Like now. :) great shots!

  4. Angela: ( )

    I seriously thought I had done something wrong when there was nothing posted haha. Glad everything is back up and running!

  5. Caracita: ( )

    They are so cute!! Great shots; is that another parking garage? The lighting is excellent! Loving the bright blue jeans and the teal blazers; these ladies have some great style!

  6. Hannah: ( )

    do you happen to know what lens roxanne had on her nikon?

  7. ashley link: ( )

    these are awesome!!! fabulous once again! i missed all of your blog posts this week! can’t wait to hear about all you’ve learned!! :)

  8. Amanda: ( )

    Katelyn!! We had the BEST time and learned SO much from you! And i LOVE these photos!!

  9. caroline: ( )

    so fun!!

  10. jenn: ( )

    i have been praying to attend one of your coachings, katelyn. now that michael is joining you in this business journey, i have told my husband that we need to make this happened in the next 12 months! seeing jordan+amanda made me itch to sign up soon!

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