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Hard to believe that I’ve almost been offering coaching session for a full year!! Wow time flies! I remember thinking about this and wondering if anyone would be interested and I’m continually shocked that photographers from ALL OVER sign up to be a part of this. Coaching sessions are awesome because we get to talk about the photographer’s specific struggles and where they are in their businesses. I’ve had some photographers that have been in business for 17 years and some that haven’t even opened their doors yet!

It’s wonderful! It also pushes ME to become a better photographer because I want to offer them information and knowledge that isn’t stale and boring. I really think it’s important to continue to learn and grow, even when you feel like you’ve already got your ducks in a row. I feel like I know how to run a business these days….but that doesn’t mean I can stop growing and pushing myself.

I’ll tell you one way to push yourself. Try shooting a session with your OLD camera body and OLD lenses. Yea. That’ll really throw you a curveball! This past coaching session, I had sent my 85mm, my 50mm and my Mark III to CPS for cleaning and checkups. I didn’t have my normal shooting gear and I didn’t realize how ATTACHED I was to those babies!!!!  Shooting with the Mark II is something I did for over 2 years! …. So I didn’t think it would be hard to switch back… but it was!

So for these portraits, I wanted them to have a similar look to the 85mm and so I used my 135 2.0 for some. During coaching sessions, we shoot at mid-day… it’s not ideal but as wedding photographers, sometimes we don’t ideal situations and we have to learn how to make it WORK. So we shot in bright daylight and inside a parking garage! And this was the outcome:

Love these of Renee!!


These two are amazing! Renee is ready to follow her photography dream and make her business come to life THIS year! We have so many goals for her!! And Daytona is 17 and about to graduate high school…. and is in the beginning stages of her business. So excited for them both!!!

I’m telling you, parking garage light can be amazing!!

** Coaching dates for May-Aug will be released in the next couple of weeks. They will be announced first through the newsletter and then through the blog. If you want first dibs on dates, you can signup for the newsletter here! **

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  1. Sarah Adams reply

    You never cease to amaze, Katelyn! Such beautiful girls! Daytona has an awesome Model face! And I love Renee’s colors in her outfit!

  2. Annetta reply

    I would’t want to go back to my old camera, it’s so different then the one I use now.

  3. Hannah Reedy reply

    I love Daytona’s camera strap.
    Know where she got it?

  4. caroline reply

    role model

  5. Katie Yuen reply

    That black and white image is incredible and the parking garage light is somehow more amazing than it was before! Love the look of the 135mm!

  6. Annamarie reply

    Yayy! Daytona you are adorable!! So excited for you and your business!!!

  7. datyona reply

    i LOVE those pictures! seriously! i am sooooo excited to put to work everything i learned last tuesday; i can’t thank you enough for everything!

  8. Abby Grace reply

    Shooting with your “non go-to” equipment is SO hard, especially when it comes to portraits! These look just as awesome as your” usual” work though, so awesome job, miss Katelyn :)

  9. molly stillman reply

    they are both so beautiful!!

  10. Ashlyn reply

    OhMy… You have no clue how much I want to go:) I adore your work (eg I’ve read almost every single archived post) and I’ve fallen in love :) maybe sometime within the next year!! :)

  11. ashley link reply

    I would LOVE to do a coaching session! after the workshop, i’m ready for more one on one time and figuring out what my business needs! hopefully one day! :) these are so lovely! you could work a disposable camera and be fine! ;)

  12. Brooke reply

    I am terrified at the idea of having to shoot during mid day!! How do you do it?! Do you have a blog post where you go more into detail about it? Love your post! Thanks!

  13. tricia reply

    Looking forward to the release of the new dates! These photos are beautiful! Loving Daytona’s camera strap :o)

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