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is an EXCITING day! I get to announcing a little something new AND I get to give away a free set of templates from tuesday’s post!  So, first things first! Drum roll pleaseeeeee!!! The recipient of the FREE T4P Album Templates is…… AMANDA GERLING!! Woohoo!! I’ll be emailing ya girl!  And now on to more exciting news…. I have been pondering this idea for a WHILE… like MONTHS… maybe even a year!  I wish that I could host workshops every month and connect with all of the awesome photographers than email me with questions but that’s just impossible. Workshops are only offered twice a year during my off season and that’s how

it’s going to stay, at least for a while.  Workshops are awesome because we cover SO MUCH information in such a short amount of time. It’s tough sometimes to squeeze it all in but what I offer workshop attendees is my knowledge that I have spent almost 4 years gaining.  I’ve attended workshops of my own over the last four years and I’ve shot over 80 weddings and so workshops are my chance to allow other photographers to get a HEADSTART.  By sharing information that took me 4 years to learn, these attendees are making HUGE strides in their businesses at a rapid pace. Workshops are WORTH IT…. and I’m going to continue to offer them. However, there are somethings that just cannot happen at a 8 hour workshop with 18 attendees… and that’s one on one time with each photographer.  I’m so busy making the WORKSHOP happen, I can’t sit down with everyone and coach them on their next steps and give them individual advice.  That’s not what a workshop is for….and I realize that some photographers would benefit MORE from a more intimate setting where I can  critique and coach….so..without further adue….I’m introducing COACHING SESSIONS!  What is this you say? Well let me explain….


I know several photographers that offer mentoring sessions and while my COACHING SESSIONS are going to be very similar, I don’t think the name “Mentoring” is the best description for what I’m offering.  I dont’ want other photographers to be mini “Katelyn James”s or even approach business EXACTLY the same way I do….. I want to help COACH other photographers to be the BEST version of themselves!  Something that I have really LOVED helping people with in the past is what I enjoy most about MY business… and that’s BRANDING, MARKETING and creating a STYLE of my own. So whether you’re a photographer that’s struggling with your image style/quality, or your branding… or your online presence… a coaching session may be ideal for you! Now, instead of meeting one-on-one…. I’ve added a little spin to this. I will actually be meeting with two photographers at a time….. and there is a good reason for this…. 1. It breaks down the cost, 2. I will be able to teach and shoot head shots simultaneously and 3. You’ll be able to learn from one another’s strengths and weaknesses.  Here’s the break down of a coaching session:

What I love MOST about hosting workshops and TEACHING are the relationships I get to build with other photographers in the industry. Coaching sessions will allow me to get to know two individuals on a personal level once a month and I’m SO EXCITED about this!!  If you’re thinking about investing in this, here are somethings to consider! :


–  This will be FUN…. but it’s not a hangout sesh… we’re going to WORK… HARD!! You’re investing money and time into this and so I want you to walk away with as many proactive steps as possible!!


–  You’ll need to take time to prepare before hand. Gather branding materials you already have or ideas of what you are dreaming of.  This is NOT a design session. I won’t be re-branding your business and designing logos:)… but I will be helping you cast a VISION for your business and what the next steps should be to get to the next level.


– Those interested in a coaching session are most likely going to be the go-getters… the photographers that REALLY want to see a change happen in their business…. so if you’re sitting on the fence, decide to jump off:)



Coaching dates for JUNE, JULY and AUGUST are now up for grabs! I have no idea how quickly these will book. It could take a few days.. or WEEKS! Who knows!


If you’re interested in 6/6, 7/11, or 8/1, CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR DATE!



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  1. Amanda Gerling reply

    OHHH MY GOODNESS!! You cannot even imagine how excited I was to read my name!! (did I even really see my name or did I just imagine it?! If so, this comment is about to be really embarrassing…haha) I cannot thank you enough Katelyn!! :) I am so excited to start playing around with them!

  2. molly reply

    this is SUCH a cool idea, katelyn! it’s so awesome to see all that you are doing and how much you love to love on other photographers and help people grow! it’s super inspiring! :)

  3. Sarah reply

    SUCH exciting news! I’m gonna have to save up and think about signing up! What a privilege it would be to be coached by you!!

  4. Katie Nesbitt reply

    Awesome idea!!! I love it!!! I don’t know if it’s something that’s in the cards for me or not right now, but this sounds like such a great opportunity!!

  5. Elizabeth reply

    ahhh!!!! this is so awesome!!!! i’m so excited and i really hope i get to do it :D

  6. Jill Powers reply

    Katelyn! This is such a great idea!! …But you should have added Bokeh in there somewhere, like, “In addition, each participant will get one 5 minute walk and a 15 minute play sesh with Bokeh”…now that’s what I call value add! :) xo

  7. Jarnae Hall reply

    Hey Ms. James,
    My name is Jarnae. i think you are a fantastic photographer. I would love for you to give my friend Jessica Hunt an opportunity to view you at work. You are her inspiration. I believe she can learn a lot from you. I also believe you can learn a little something from her. She is an amazing photographer as well as person. Thanks for reading my comment. Have a bless day!

  8. Kristina W. reply

    This is going to be so great for so many people! So glad you’re sharing more of your wonderful talent, Katelyn!

  9. Carmaleta Ann reply

    Wow Katelyn!! This is such a great idea! After these twins arrive I will definitely be taking advantage of this!!

  10. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This is such an amazing idea! I love it…I’ll start thinking/praying about doing this!!

  11. katie yuen reply

    Katelyn!!! This is such an amazing idea, especially having just experienced a taste of your awesome advice at the workshop. I think Jill has the right idea, Bokeh time is a necessity for a coaching session!!!!

  12. Sarah reply

    they are all out of stock-dog gone it I wanted one!. good for you though, congrats!

  13. Danielle reply

    Oh no! I just saw this post and everything is out of stock! Any chance there will be another release! I saw that there was a session on June 6th and was like IT’S A SIGN! DOOOOOO ITTT!

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