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Let’s be honest. Blogging EVERY WEEKDAY is hard work. REALLY hard work! It takes time, creativity, spell checking (which I’m horrible at!) and consistency! It’s not something that just happens… I have to PLAN it out and MAKE it happen. Some days I roll out of bed and the LAST thing I want to do is write up a blog post. But I do it anyway. Why? Because CONSISTENCY matters. In my opinion, consistency makes it or breaks it in the blogging world! Now do I think that EVERYONE needs to blog EVERY day? No,….. but it is helpful.  The two top blogs that I check DAILY are Justin and Mary and Jasmine’s.  Why do I check them first EVERYDAY?

Because I KNOW there will be something there waiting for me!! No matter what… there is always something there that is new! They are consistent and that consistency is serving them well! When I graduated college 2 years ago (what?! TWO YEARS?! Omgoodness life is passing me by!!) I started blogging daily.  I made a commitment to just make it happen and I did. Everyday…even on the days when there was NOTHING to blog about… I blogged. When I first began I was immediately ready to quit. I wasn’t seeing any response. No one seemed to appreciate the fact that I wrote 3 paragraphs about my favorite lipgloss! Hmph. But I kept going.

Slowly but surely, blog readers started to get attached.  People started to realize that this girls wasn’t giving up and she wasn’t going anywhere! I started blogging like a mad woman!!! ….. And my business began to change… for the better!

During one of my Coaching sessions, a photographer asked me this “Is it better to have QUALITY over QUANTITY when blogging?”.  At first, I was stumped.  Hmmm… which is better? I don’t want to tell a photographer to just throw anything up on their blog! …. But I also don’t want them to ONLY blog when they have an amazing post because consistency is KEY! I decided to go with Quantity OVER Quality. That doesn’t mean that Quality isn’t important… but I think it takes a backseat to consistency. Sometimes my posts are GREAT and then other days, they’re not.  Sometimes I post about Lipgloss and sometimes I blog beautiful weddings in California.  The trick is… I’m always blogging. It never stops. Not ALL of Jasmine and J&M’s posts are absolutely jaw dropping… but I still LOVE them.. and ALWAYS check them.  There are photographer’s that I really love but their blog links are hidden at the bottom of my list.  They don’t blog consistently and I forget about them.  Every now and then I’ll remember and I love seeing their work but because they aren’t consistent, I don’t feel connected with them. Some photographers aren’t marketing the same way that Jasmine, J&M and I are and so this blogging approach wouldn’t be a great fit for them.  But for those of you that are doing this whole blogging thing, CONSISTENCY is KEY!!!

Here are some ways to improve your blogging consistency! :

– Make a BLOGGING CALENDAR!  Plan a month in advance and you’ll never wake up thinking “Oh gosh, what am going to blog today?!

– Create a “Series”. Wedding Wednesday always there for me!! I never have to worry about my Wednesday posts! My good friend Tori started a “Wardrobe Wednesday” series and I LOVE it!!!

– Start your workday with either EMAILS or BLOGGING.  Make it a part of your routine! 

Happy Monday!!! xoxo

xoxo, Katelyn
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