Construction House Tour!

  • With Two Surprises!

You’re probably thinking… “Why are you posting a blog post on a SUNDAY?!!!” Well, call me crazy but I didn’t blog last week and I’ve been wanting to share this house tour video ever since we filmed it!!! We wanted to give you a little sneak peek of our floor plan for the FIRST TIME!!!! I think you’re going to be a little surprised once you walk inside and see what we decided to do!! So enjoy this little tour and get excited because we have two surprises waiting inside!!!!


Thank you Tyler Herrinton and Bobbi Alsop for their help with this!!!!!! :):):) Ahhhh!!!!! More to come! :):):)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Mandy reply

    YESSSSSS! Such an amazing video and can’t wait for February!!!! :) :) love you guys!!!

  2. Jan Beale reply

    So excited for y’all!!!

  3. Paige kane reply


  4. Betty Mudd reply

    Congratulations!!! I guess that old wives tale is true…”New House, New BABY”!

  5. Leah Baggett reply

    So cute! What a sweet surprise!!! Congratulations!!!

  6. Katie reply

    Ahhhh, congratulations!!! So excited for you guys!!

  7. Delanae Lindstrom reply


    I was watching the video and thinking, “I think I spy a baby bump!” (Birth photographer here… You can’t get that past me!) :P

    Awesome home and so happy for you two!!! (Or three) Well, with puppy that makes four! :D

  8. Misty reply

    Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Congrats you guys!!! This seriously made me tear up. So cute. Being a momma is the best thing ever! So happy for you guys! :)

  9. Katie reply


  10. Bella Johnson reply

    been following u for years… not gonna lie that whole video i was thinking BABY. and then i was like.. yea she looks pregnant nah im going insane and then yep u said it lol congrats!

  11. Karen Stott reply

    Love this.. the video is perfect!

  12. Elizabeth Friske Bargy reply

    AHH!!! the tears!!! So excited for you guys!! Congratulations!!!

  13. Laura Hernandez reply

    OMGOSH!!!!! I’m nearly in tears! Congratulations!!! You guys are going to be the BESET parents EVER!

  14. Dawn reply

    AHHHHHH!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy for y’all! Celebrating with you from San Antonio!!!

  15. Jasmine reply

    AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!! I’m so happy for you both! :)

  16. Elizabeth Langford reply

    Congratulations!!! We are so excited for you!!!

  17. Emily Ley reply

    THIS IS THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! I am so happy for you guys!!!!

  18. Sara reply

    You guys!!! Congrats on your NEW adventure!!! So excited for you!

  19. Didi reply

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL 3 OF YOU – FROM JT & DIDI!! We are so very happy for you. You are going to be the very bestest parents ever and Bokeh is going to be a great sibling!!! Love you guys!!

  20. Melody reply

    I have been waiting did this for ever!!!! Lol like half of the wedding industry!!!I knew from that little baby bump I saw ! . Congratulations you two! This is gonna be your best adventure yet!!!

  21. Taylor reply

    OMG I’M CRYING!!!!!

  22. Laura Archer reply

    Oh my goodness!!!! You two are going to make the most amazing momma and daddy.. much love to you all xoxo CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  23. Nicole reply

    OMG! Congratulations!!

  24. Amy Demos reply

    THE BEST!! Love you guys!!!!!!!

  25. Aimee reply

    Congratulations!!!!! I guessed within the first 3 seconds because you are glowing! You look absolutely radiant!!!!

  26. Nicole Salter reply


  27. Feuza reply

    Ah guys congrats that was awsome , thought you all had just moved to a new house but time flies and I need to stop by this blog more often, excited for your new journey

  28. Catie reply


  29. Retha reply

    Congrats, this is amazing!

  30. Jessica morrisy reply

    That is wonderful news!!!!! Congratulations!!!

  31. Jess Bulloss reply

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. candi reply

    So incredibly excited!! I thought you might be!!! I can’t wait to see what is to come for you guys and how your lives and business change with this new adventure. Congrats!!!!

  33. Krista reply

    This is so exciting!!! You two are going to be amazing and the house looks awesome. Scott and I are so happy for you! Welcome to parenthood!

  34. Callie Lindsey reply

    SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! (Well, after they install it!!!) SO excited for you!!! You will be the best parents ever!

  35. Meredith reply

    I am so excited for you and all the blessings a sweet baby will bring to your lives!

  36. Katie Thompson reply

    I GASPED AT THE END! I haven’t even met you two in person but feel I know so much about you. I cried happy tears for you both when I heard Michael say nursery!!!!! HOW EXCITING!! Congratulations!! All the best!

  37. Rachel reply


  38. Brooke Tyson reply

    Oh my goodness, congratulations!!!!! I just saw your blog post and had Justin come over so we could both watch your house tour and when you got to surprise two we both gasped!! We are so happy for you both!! YAY!! And, we love your house!! This house tour will be so fun for you two to look back on years from now too :) Congratulations!! Love you both!!

  39. Robyn reply

    Blessings to you both on your wonderful news!

  40. Anastasia reply

    OMG this is the best news EVER!!! Congratulations you guys! Don’t mind me… I’m just gonna go cry like a baby, all the tears of joy. <3 <3 <3

  41. Laura reply

    Y’all made me cry. Many blessings.

  42. Erika Mills reply

    Oh my gosh I am just thrilled for you!! After Pursuit, this has been such a specific prayer of mine for you to feel this love that comes with parenthood!! Love you!!!

  43. Megan reply

    Congrats! You guys will make the best parents!!

  44. Lindy reply

    STOP!!!! I literally teared up when you said that!!! I’m SO excited for you two! You are going to be the absolute best parents!! And you and your sister TOGETHER!
    I’m so used to every surprise post saying, “… & no, we’re not pregnant..” That I was definitely not thinking this!! Congratulations!!

  45. Michele reply

    So exciting!!! Congrats guys!! Can’t wait to follow this new journey of yours!

  46. Meredith Sledge reply

    YAYYYYYYYYYY! Congrats you guys!!!!

  47. Kat reply

    YAY!!!!!! So happy it’s “blog official” hahah!!! We love you both and are SO excited for y’all!!!!!!! Yayayyaya!!!!!!!

  48. Jessica horton reply

    Omg!!!!!! So awesome, you two!! Congrats!!

  49. Karen Allen reply

    Ah!!! Congratulations you guys!! BEST adventure of your lives!! In so excited for y’all!!!!

  50. Victoria Greer reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!! As this video began I thought “Wow, these guys need to have a baby soon! They will be such great parents and now they will have this beautiful house and a big yard for lots of children to play in!” Then what a surprise when he mentioned this room will be used as a nursery!! You guys are entering the happiest time of your lives! Enjoy every minute because it all goes by way too fast! My son is now 30 and I would love to go back and do it all again! Thanks for doing this video announcement! I am so excited for you!!

  51. Amanda reply

    YAY!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!

  52. Mylah reply

    Yay!!! That’s great news!!! Congratulations!!!

  53. Terri Baskin reply

    Awwwwwwww, congratulations you guys!!!! So darn happy for you!! :)

  54. Liz reply

    So so so thrilled for you guys! What an Amazon gift from God!! And love your house too-tons of planning going on in your lives right now!!

  55. Ashley Herrinton reply

    YAYYY!!! I’m so excited this is public knowledge now ;] We can’t wait to spoil baby Alsop!!! You guys are gonna be the best parents!!!! <3

  56. Chelsea reply

    Yay!! I had my fingers crossed for the second surprise! Beautiful home, congratulations!! :)

  57. Elizabeth Gelineau reply

    Congratulations!!! So exciting!!! Your family is so blessed! <3

  58. Shakyra reply

    OMG I called it as soon as I clicked play!!!!! This made me cry of happiness for you guys!!! <3 Being a parent is the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced in my life. Best wishes!!! <3

  59. Shuva Rahim reply

    Wonderful video, very creative and much congrats!!! Continued happiness to you and all your family!!

  60. Johane reply

    So so so happy for you!!!!! 2 sis prego at the same time!!!

  61. Amanda Elkins reply

    OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Congrats you all!!!! We love you and we absolutely can’t wait to see that little bundle of joy!

  62. Vinny and Nereida Provenzano reply

    WOW … congratulations … can’t think of two people that would be more amazing parents … so very happy for you guys!

  63. Paulina Johnson reply

    congratulations katelyn!!!!! so happy for you guys!!!!

  64. Kate Robinson reply

    Ahhhhh!!! So excited for you guys!! What a wonderful blessing! Yay!!!! Xxxx

  65. Katelynn Dow reply

    Congratulations, Katelyn! I’m so excited for you and Michael! :)

  66. Traci Kinney reply

    Congratulations! This little person will give you more love and joy than you could ever imagine!

  67. Brenda James reply

    Awww KK and Michael, this was fun to watch! I smiled the whole time :) Katelyn, your Daddy and I love both of you, and the baby sooooo much! God is so good :)

  68. Elizabeth Ladean reply

    Yes I’m totally commenting on your blogpost, FB and IG, but I just can’t help myself!! Katelyn I am SO happy for you!! You and Michael are going to make wonderful parents!! That baby is already so incredibly blessed, and holy wow will he/she ever be too cute! :)
    Makes me so excited knowing you were totally pregnant when I met you just a few weeks ago! You did a great job keeping it under wraps!! ;)
    Congratulations sweet lady!!

  69. Sheri Berke reply

    such magnificent exciting news!! And the house tour is wonderful! so happy for you!

  70. Quianna Marie reply

    Ahhhhhh! I’M CRYING!! Tears of joy just ran down my face! So incredibly happy for you guys!!!!!!

  71. Kalina Duck reply

    OMG how excited!!
    Congratulations on the baby. May God keep blessing you and your family always!!!

  72. Tierney reply

    I have to say that I NEVER guess surprises but I totally had a feeling the nursery going to be a surprise!!! When you walked upstairs I thought, “They’re going to say they’re building a nursery! Kayelyn is pregnant!” Congratulations!!! :)

  73. Morgan Anderson reply

    CONGRATS!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  74. Ashley Ziegler reply

    Ohhhh my gosh Katelyn!!!! Congratulations that is so exciting!!!! :)

  75. Morgan reply

    What?!?! I am so excited for you! Call me crazy but I literally started crying!!

  76. Kristina W. reply

    I had a sneaking suspicion because you normally write, “we’re not pregnant!” before you announce surprises. How wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!

  77. ashley reply

    EEEEE!!!!! What a joy!!! Even though I already knew, I still almost cried watching this!!! haha. So happy for y’all!!! <3

  78. Jessica Green reply

    OMGGGGG!!!! Congratulations you two lovebirds!!! I am SO excited for the two of you!!! You’re going to be amazing parents!!!

  79. Mariann Kovats reply

    I really enjoyed the tour in your house, especially the second surprise! Huge Congratulations!!! I can’t wait for February 2017 to come. :)



  81. Megan Kelsey reply

    Ohhh I have a feeling God is about to blow you away with how much love + fullness + joy you’re going to experience next year… and for the rest of your lives!!! How amazing is that to think about?! So excited for you two in this next chapter and you know this baby is going to be so loved and cared for and completely spoiled! He or she is going to have such an amazing life because it will be spent with you and Michael, growing up in the light and love of Jesus. There’s nothing more precious!

  82. Allison Keel reply

    Aww congrats you two!!!! :)

  83. Lisa Provencal reply

    Wow, congratulations to you both!!!!! Can’t wait to see you new home & little bundle of joy

  84. Michelle & Sara reply

    Awe! We are so excited for you both! That is going to be one beautiful and blessed baby to have you both as parents! With much love, Sara and Michelle xo

  85. Rici reply

    OH YOU guys!!! This is soooo cool!!! I loved this!! Many many blessings to you soon-to-be parents! WOW! <3 <3

  86. Amy Owen reply

    Being a Mom and Dad will be one of the most fulfilling things you will ever be! Blessings to you guys and enjoy the journey!!!!!

  87. Rachel Saunders reply

    AHHHH!!!! I am so so happy for you both!!!!!

  88. Brittany D reply

    You’re going to be an aunt, your brother is getting married AND you’re building your dream house?? Wow! God is good. Congratulations, Katelyn and Michael!

  89. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    So many tears of joy for you!!

  90. Debbie Woodcock reply

    I wasn’t on social media yesterday and I missed this! God is so good and his timing is even better! I’m so excited to hear about this wonderful time in your lives! Congratulations & Best Wishes!!

  91. Monica Smith reply

    CONGRATULATIONS and God bless you! Been following you both for years and love how God has shown up and shown off in your lives. Awesome news!

  92. Katie Spencer reply

    Congratulations Katelyn & Michael! I have watched your journey since your marriage (when i was engaged) and have loved following you both!

  93. Ryan & Rach reply


  94. Naomi Smith reply

    Awww, congratulations you guys!!! How exciting, I’m so very happy for you!! What an AWESOME way to suprise everyone with your good news =) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful time getting ready for your bundle of joy!!! <3

  95. Shelley Hohe reply

    Even though I already commented on your Facebook post, I felt led by God to post again here on your blog. I am so happy for you and Michael!! Now being a mom to 16 year old boy/girl twins. I must share one piece of advice….take lots of pictures…..hehehe! Seriously though it really does go by fast! In each stage of life with having kids there was joy but there were also a challenges even with my difficult pregnancy. I always couldn’ wait for the next season….like wanting to get over 24hr a day morning sickness the entire pregnancy, nursing twins round the clock, dirty diapers, potty training, etc. One important thing I learned is how I wasted so much precious time thinking about how I wanted those seasons in life to go by quickly in which now I would do anything to get that time back!! Even the 24 hour a day morning sickness! I do remember how precious it was being able to carry them in me and feel them move… was the most exciting time in my life. So just enjoy every moment and season you are in…even the challenging ones, because before you know it they will be teenagers like ours! I know you will be great parents, you also have an amazing support system of loving family and friends to help you in time of need! Congratulations and Blessings to you both!!!!! So so happy for you!!!!!!!!

  96. Laura Lederman reply

    Oh wow congrats! I have no idea how I even found this exact post! I’m in a very similar boat as both of you. My husband and I are moving into a new home in just a few months and we also just found out we’re pregnant! We think we’re due sometime in April (we literally just found out). But congratulations you guys!! And your announcement was spectacular!

  97. Elizabeth reply

    Eek!!! SO THRILLED for you two…I mean, three!!! I was a little sad I accidentally saw the instagram comment feed before watching the video…but it’s still SO EXCITING!! Many blessings!!! {also, your home looks ah-mazing!!}

  98. Sarah Kane reply

    Ahh!!! So excited and happy for you guys!! You all have had so many wonderful and amazing adventures together, but I do believe this will be the greatest of them all!! Much love and happiness to your family!! Xoxo Sarah

  99. Laura reply

    Ahhhhh!!! This totally took me by surprise when watching and I got goosebumps! That is amazing! Congratulations you guys!!!!

  100. Annetta reply

    Yay!!!! Congratulations you two!!!! Hope everything goes well in the months ahead.

  101. Tonya reply

    Congratulations!!!! Your blog post brought a wave of tears as I’ve followed your story for the last few years. Wishing you both a world of happiness as you enter this new chapter. So exciting!!

  102. Courtney reply

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you both!! What a fun way to share the news!

  103. Melissa Jill reply

    CUTEST VIDEO EVER!!!! Couldn’t be more excited for you guys! You are going to make incredible parents! xo

  104. Laura W reply

    AHHH!!!! I’m so excited for you two!!! I can only imagine all that God has in store for you!

  105. Melissa reply

    Omg!!! So excited for you guys!!!!

  106. Nicki reply

    So sweet! As soon as I saw 105 comments, I had an inkling. ;-)))
    Congratulations and best of all wishes!

  107. Shawon reply

    Yay!!! So excited for you and Michael!!

  108. Jennifer Pratt reply

    Congratulations!! So excited for you. Babies are so special.

  109. Mallory Devine reply

    {happy tears}!!! We have never met, but I have so enjoyed following y’alls photography business for the last little while….and this announcement just tickled my heart! Praise be to God! What a tremendous gift and trasure– and how awesome that God let you know this little was coming while you are still at this stage of the house build! Wahoo! Praying for y’all from over here in the Pacific Northwest!

  110. Judy Kae reply

    How exciting is this!!! You two are darling, and I’m not only happy for you… I’m happy for your little one. He/she must feel like lottery winners, getting you for parents!! Oh happy days… Congratulations, in an extreme way!
    BTW, Loooove the lot that you are building on. Amazing. I bet your house feels like a lottery winner, as well! :)

  111. Jen Jensen reply

    SO SO excited for you both!!! Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world of parenting! God’s blessings on you for a wonderful pregnancy and smooth delivery and happy baby!

  112. Annie Dash reply

    Ahhh!!! Call it mother’s intuition, but I had a feeling!!!!!! Congratulations and God bless you and your family!!!!

  113. Nikki reply

    You guys are seriously just the cutest! I loved this video. Congratulations!!! Being a mom is the best thing in the world.

  114. Mary reply

    Congrats you guys. so so happy for you

  115. Brienna Waybrant reply

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you and all of the exciting things happening in your lives right now! You will be amazing parents!

  116. Amber reply

    Congrats!!! The house looks amazing and so excited for you two!!!

  117. Nilo Burke reply

    Okay I am seriously crying with joy!!! You two are going to make amazing parents. And what a lucky little baby!!

  118. Meaghan Elliott reply

    You guys are the cutest!!!! HUGE congratulations to you on this new chapter in your lives! You will be amazing parents!!!! xoxoxo

  119. Jenn Sechrest reply

    A big congratulations to you both! Even though I don’t know you guys personally, I’ve been a fan for a long time & this is a such exciting news! I got tears watching….can’t wait to see that little face! Prayers & best wishes for a healthy & easy pregnancy Katelyn.

  120. Chelsy Renee reply

    Aww!! Coolest announcement ever! SOOO happy for you guys-CONGRATULATIONS!

  121. Trina reply

    AHHHH! So cute! and SOOO exciting! You two will be amazing parents! That will be one loved little baby!! Best wishes for a healthy, wonderful pregnancy! You will understand JOY like you never have before when you get to snuggle your little one and know they truly are the sweetest little gift from Heaven!

  122. Cyndi V H reply

    See…this is what happens when you step away from social media and the internet for a few days…ALL THE COOL NEWS HAPPENS AND YOU DON’T KNOW A THING! Congrats to you both! You guys have some SUPER excited g-parents!!! Congrats to Kevin & Brenda, Bobbi and Mike and both of you too!!!

  123. Cynthia Whiteside reply

    Ah I just cried… I am so happy for you guys! It is so wonderful being a parent and if anyone can do it, it’s you guys! Best of luck and God Bless!

  124. Darian reply

    This is the cutest thing ever Congratulations to both of you!!

  125. Lara reply

    I knew and I still cried watching this! I love y’all so much. And I’m pulling for a little redhead : )

  126. Megan reply

    Congratulations guys! What an amazing blessing! Enjoy the journey and God bless!

  127. Ashley Devoe reply

    I LOVE THIS! we are currently building our forever home on 100 year old family farm <3 I am getting ready to blog about the process too. we are halfway finished! Hope to be in by October!
    love this

  128. Anna Kerns reply

    Congratulations Katelyn and Michael! I just randomly came across your very good news on Instagram, and I am just praising the Lord!! And now that I watched this video, I’m crying happy tears for you guys! So excited for all that God has in store for you this wonderful year ahead! And apparently my little Logan on the way is excited for y’all too because he’s kicking as I’m writing this! Cheering y’all on and sending lots of prayers and love your way!! :)

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