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  • A Country Anniversary Shoot

This was Matt and Kat’s THIRD time in front of my camera! How do I get so lucky with these things?! These two are truly a power couple. Kat’s a big dreamer and Matt is a doer. They are literally just like us. Michael keeps our entire life straight while I run a business and keep adding projects to my plate! ha! We all spent the day talking about the future of Kat’s business and it’s so exciting to think about everything that is going to be happening in the DSE world in months and years to come!

I loved every minute of our time together with these two. It’s a LONG day but it’s such a sweet time together and we accomplished so much!! After our coaching time, we headed out the door for a little anniversary session! It was hot, but these two are used to that.. I shot their wedding in July!! Michael and I loved getting to know Matt and Kat better and hearing all about their new home. This is such an exciting season for these two and I can’t wait to see what God does through them next!! I’ll just put it this way, Dear Sweetheart Events and Creative @ Heart are in very TALENTED hands!!!

Enjoy this countryside anniversary shoot!!!

They are seriously the cutest!

I have to shoot through something at least once! :)


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amanda Veronee reply

    love these!!! love that pink dress, kat!! xo

  2. Natalie reply

    Kat looks absolutely STUNNING! Ahhh! I love these two! So cute!

  3. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    I remember this couple’s wedding! Beautiful photos and what a sweet-looking couple!

  4. Kat reply

    We love you both!!!!! We had so much fun dreaming big with you two, and spending the day together!! I can’t wait to hang some of these in our new home!!!!:) xo!!!!

  5. Ashley Powell reply

    KAT!!! You are GORGEOUS, girlfriend!! That pink dress is just stunning!! And you & Matt are just precious!! Katelyn- amazing job as always!! You can tell how much joy and love they share from these images!! Love love love!! <3

  6. Katie reply

    So cute!! Matt and Kat are adorable!! Love that you’re doing these husband and wife coaching sessions, Katelyn!! I might have to sign up!

  7. ashley reply

    EEEE!!! All of these are so perfect!!! <3

  8. Sarah Anne Hayes reply

    Kat!!! You look sooo gorgeous!! Katelyn, you did such an amazing job capturing these two!! Beautiful, as always!! :)

  9. elizabeth. reply

    Awesome job, Katelyn! (As always – man, talk about gorgeous!) And love how the color of her pink dress “pops” against the green in these pictures !:)

  10. Tatyana reply

    She has such a naturally infectious smile!

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