Crate and Barrel Contest!

  • Crate and Barrel Contest!

Vote for us on Crate and Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest!

We LOVE Crate and Barrel! Can we afford anything in there? No. (Hence the contest!)  But we do love to dream and so we are definitely registering there for a few things.  We’ll attend their registry party in February and it’s going to be so much fun!   Did you ever play grocery store growing up and act like you had a fake scanner as you swiped your mom’s canned goods across the kitchen counter? That’s what Michael and I get to do at the registry party!  We will walk around and literally scan everything we want on our registry.  It’s going to be amazing!

Because we love Crate and Barrel, we decided to enter their wedding contest just to see what would happen.  Michael found the link and we decided to enter tonight.  It’s almost sad how long it took us to write our three, 100 word paragraphs!! ha! How in the world are we supposed to summarize 7 and a 1/2 YEARS of dating into 100 words?!  Not to mention all of the years before we actually became an “Official” couple! Well, we tried! Be sure to read our little mini-story that we slaved over!

Just another random thought: The picture we chose is actually a fake-engagement picture taken 3 years ago! But we LOVE it! We did a mock engagement session for my dear friend Jessie Smith at the start of her business and this has got to be one of my all time favorites of us! Thanks Jess! It’ll never get old to me!

Check it out by clicking the picture or just click HERE! Yay! Thank you in advance! I know you blog stalkers, you LOVE contests! Let’s totally rock this one:)

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  1. Michael reply

    ***As of 7:53 am We are in 19th Place with 43 votes…the person in 1st place has 179! Can we catch them??? I think so!

  2. Jessica Beale reply

    Everyone knows that Michael Alsop does not lose…at anything. He is only a winner. Consider the contest as good as gone…cause it’s all yours!

  3. Christy Payton reply

    I voted!! Hah, I like the “I put a ring on it,” bit. I hope you guys win!!

  4. britney reply

    i voted! it was easy! I wonder is we can vote twice under different email accounts… hehehe…

  5. Sabrina reply

    Done. And um… SO excited for you that J* is coming to the east coast to shoot your wedding! If she needs a 3rd shooter (since obviously JD is her 2nd) I can be available :) Just sayin’. Good luck with the contest!!

  6. em reply

    i voted with both my emails!!!! YAYAYAY!!!!!

  7. Nancy Balogh reply

    I voted! Good Luck!!

  8. Angela reply

    You guys are definitely up there! Want to help us out and vote for us too? We are struggling. :-)

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