• The Secret to Consistency!

I would say that easily 75% of the editing concerns that come up in our workshops and coaching sessions stem from one of two common issues. Either the photographer doesn’t know how to create “pop” in their images or they struggle with a lack of liveliness and warmth! It’s SO HARD to look at your own work and realize what is missing and causing an issue!! After I show them how they can WARM an image without over-doing it, and how I ALWAYS make sure that we avoid grey/blue skin tones in our images, it’s like I showed them a WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!! It’s simple and yet this secret is overlooked, because it requires using a less-popular slider in Lightroom!!

Want to know this editing secret?! The good news is that our SKIN TONES WEBINAR is coming back TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! Thursday night at 8pm EST we’ll be hosting this FREE online class for anyone who’s struggling in this area!! The thing is…. you may not even REALIZE that you’re struggling with this. It’s VERY likely that what you’re unhappy with in your images has everything to do with your color tones on the skin, highlights and shadows! Want to learn how I fix this in my images?!

JOIN US TOMORROW NIGHT!!! Why not?! It’s FREE and it’s one of the BEST SECRETS we’ve ever shared! If you’ve already tuned into this webinar before and you need a little refresher, this is your chance!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Jennifer reply

    Wanting to learn to master skin tones without paying a fortune

    • Katelyn James reply

      Then watch the webinar, it’s FREE and there is 40mins of demonstration about what you just said you wanted to learn. :) You don’t need the entire course. :)

  2. Rebecca reply

    Please send a replay!! I have to watch the Cubs game!!

    • Katelyn James reply

      We will try to send a replay to everyone who is registered to attend the webinar live, however that is all dependent on technology working correctly! :)

  3. Mariann reply

    I am glad and thank you for offering it again. I watched it before and it is great, but a refresh course will be awesome, because I am sure, I missed something in the first time. I hope you will able to send the replay, because most likely, I can’t join you at the real time, but certainly, I wouldn’t want to miss it.

  4. Erika Dotson reply

    I’m very interested in the webinar, just seeing this so I completely missed it!…..Sad face!

  5. Robin reply

    I am also interested in seeing a replay. I just discovered your site yesterday—too bad I didn’t land here a few days earlier!

  6. Chelsey Petrishen reply

    Hi there! I was wondering if you will be hosting another editing webinar in the future? I just found your website and your work is amazing. Thank you so much

  7. Marlo reply

    I just discovered your website & I’m reading through all your “educational” blog posts. Would have LOVED to have been a part of this webinar. Do you have a replay link by any chance or is there a way I can be notified if you do this one again? Thank you!

  8. company search reply

    Thank you for sharing about the webinars. This is very necessary.

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