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to make this happen since before I graduated college. The words “go visit emy!” have been on my to-do list for months but things have just been crazy! We would make plans, then I would have to change them… we set a few dates and then something would come up and we would have to reschedule them. It wasn’t happening and I felt awful. I wanted to go and hangout with her awesome roommates and friends but I felt like every single week, I had commitments. So this past Monday Emy called me and told me to come… THIS WEEK.  I started to explain”Um, no! I can’t! I have meetings and an engagement session at 9am

on friday and my wedding won’t be edited in time and.. and.. and….”…. I have a million things that are undone…. and the truth is… I will always have a million things undone.  If I didn’t make this happen this week, may have never happened!  So I worked my butt off Tuesday and edited the whole wedding from last weekend and blogged it so that it was ready for thursday. I felt like superwoman. Wednesday morning I hopped in my car and drove to Tech to spend a couple days with my sister and it was absolutely wonderful. I was thankful for two days away and two days to just hangout with Emy…. she’s pretty cool:).  I love her to death and I’m so thankful I have a sister like her. It feels like I’m visiting a best friend when I go to see her and I wouldn’t have traded the last two days for anything!!! Love you Emy!


So while I was at tech I got to meet some amazing girls that love the blog! What?! SO COOL! I forget people actually read this stuff (maybe I should start spell checking things!).  Two girls in particular made me this HEADBAND!!!! They MADE it! And it has TEAL on it! And I LOVE it! The back side reads “Always be joyful” 1 Thessalonians 5:16….. such an awesome reminder….especially on a day like today when I’m lacking sleep and will have spent a total of 7 hours on the road by the time tonight gets here!  LONG DAY…. but I’m joyful! I’m joyful because this week has been full of beautiful things and I made some great memories. Thank you Emy and the rest of house for letting me live with you the last two days! And thanks to Christie and Lauren for my amazing new hairpiece!! Can’t WAIT to wear it!!!!

And here are some instagrams from our weekend! (I love my iphone!)

(Julianna who picked out that cute outfit? Girl you lookin good!!)

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  1. Carrie L reply

    I love this post! I would have loved to have met you this week (I’m in the same bible study as Emily :), but unfortunately life sometimes has other plans. Hopefully you can come back to visit again!

    p.s. I’m another one of those girls who loves your blog :)

  2. Emy reply

    hey you’re awesome! :) thanks for being wonderful… im so blessed to have you as my big sister and one of my best friends! I’s Loves yous. p.s. it was fun letting you meet all the blog stalkers in cru. aren’t they great?! :) :)

  3. Julianna reply

    Katelyn! Thank you soooo much for coming to see us! You are such a joy to have around. And thank you for picking out my outfit with Emy! Please come back soon! And your new headband is super cute! Love you!

  4. Elise reply

    YAY!!!!! We had so much fun with you here and i want you to come back. You are so fun!!!!! And yay for cute headbands and Lauren and Christie :)

  5. Lauren B reply

    Katelyn, you are so awesome! :) Christie and I admire you SO much! :)

  6. Holly reply

    you are SO fun!! it was great to hang out with you :) we love you!!!!!

  7. sasha reply

    Remember in all things- family comes first. I am a nurse and in the last 4 months I have seen and been a part of more sickness- families coming together at the end of their loved ones lives… you never know when your last day here on earth will be… Take the time to enjoy the moments you share with those you love the most.

  8. Elizabeth reply

    looks like you had an amazing time!!! i love the headband!!!! :)

  9. caroline reply

    i absolutely LOVE this…for so many reasons :)

  10. Britne reply

    SO glad you came to visit!!! Had a blast…..oh and you looked so great in that headband! Hopefully will see you soon!

  11. Lesley reply

    Okay… this is crazy. I follow your blog CONSTANTLY and I have met Lauren and I follow her blog as well…. and I go to Tech! SMALL WORLD! loveeeeeee your blog <3

  12. Nancy Mitchell reply

    I wish my sisters lived closer! I would have to hop on a plane to see them…….OH—->AZ isn’t a small road trip:)

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