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are very secretive about their “Look” for the big day. No one but mom and sisters see the dress before hand and they NEVER try it on except for a fitting. Welp, this wasn’t the case for me. I came home with my dress, ran to the bathroom and threw it on as soon as I walked in the door! I showed Daddy immediately!! Now I didn’t try it on for friends but my family saw it on  before hand because I was PUMPED! I didn’t even ask daddy if he didn’t want to see it before the wedding day, I just walked into the kitchen and exclaimed “DADDY LOOK!!!! THIS IS IT!!“.  He smiled and hugged me and

told me I was beautiful.  I wish I could say that was the only time I tried it on before the big day but it wasn’t! I tried my dress on whenever I got excited…. and that was quite often! If I had a free 30 minutes with no where to go, I’d throw my dress on!


It was fun and I still try to fit into my dress when I go home every now and then!:) However, parts of me wish that I had waited to show daddy until the big day so that he could have been shocked! …. But really, we didn’t need any EXTRA emotions on 101010.  Between Michael and my dad, we could have gone through 3 boxes of kleenexes during the ceremony!!  It was wonderful! If you haven’t seen our wedding, you can view it here! 


I’ve had several brides ask if they could not only share a “First Look” with their almost-husband….. but also with their Dad. I love this. If we can budget in the time for it, I say GO FOR IT because it’s a beautiful moment to capture!!  A lot of the time, the bride is running a little behind schedule and she’ll see her dad quick and will give him a kiss and then run on her way to the next thing on her list.  Dad is PAYING for this grand affair and you’re his little girl…. who he is about to give away….I don’t care HOW tough your dad may seem, this isn’t an easy day for him. It’s a monumental day in the life of a parent and so I think it’s super sweet to make sure that dad has some time with his girl before he walks her down the aisle. Now I’m not talking 20 minutes….. but setting aside a few minutes to make sure your daddy gets a good look at you and can give ya a big hug is a great idea! Here are some examples of some SWEET Daddy/Daughter First Looks!


Love this so much!

I was in tears…. and so was everyone else!

Sweetest dad… love their relationship!

Again, everyone watching needed a tissue or two.

And for those of you waiting to hear who won the Starbucks giveaway…. dun,dun,dunnnn…. It’s Becky! (be looking for a starbucks egift girl!)  She was the first to mention SWEETENED Passion Fruit Tea Lemonade! You have to have ALL the parts! If it’s not sweetened, it’s not as good… if you don’t have the Lemonade part.. it’s not as tasty! This drink has become my new obsession! Love it!! Thanks to everyone who entered!! 
xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Clare reply

    I already have the Daddy/Daughter First look in my wedding schedule. I think it is such a great moment!

  2. Katie Beale reply

    Woo!! I made the blog!! :) And that Passion tea lemonade… Good stuff! Love you KK!

  3. Abby Grace reply

    Thank you, Katelyn, for making me cry before 11 am. But seriously- these are all so precious! Definitely something I’m going to start asking my brides about. And amen to the “I try my dress on every now and then” thing. I totally do that too. Lol

  4. Katinka sweet reply

    Ok this plus pregnancy hormones do not mix! Balling! So sweet. Love your blog.

  5. Holly reply

    ahhhhh katelyn… you have me in tears. what heartwrenching and beautiful moments you captured. well done. :)

  6. Mary Jane reply

    Inspiring as always, Katelyn! I love that you blogged this in B&W because it gives it that timeless, classy feel that Fathers & Daughters share together. My favorite is the father with the glasses covering his mouth. He looks so sweet and genuine.

  7. Katie Yuen reply

    tears. they’re falling all over my face! so many beautiful moments.. I can’t even.. gah!

  8. Jillian Tree reply

    AWW, those moments are sooo precious. Love when that happens & you get to capture it perfectly & beautifully.

  9. molly stillman reply

    ahhh thank you so much for including the pics of me and my dad and our first look. it was SO important to me – especially since my dad and i got so close after my mom passed. it is honestly a moment i will NEVER forget and just meant SO much to both of us. thank you for capturing it so perfectly! xoxo

  10. sharon elizabeth reply

    Such a special moment for me Katelyn! xoxo

  11. Elizabeth Price reply

    Your pictures tell a beautiful story. The last picture is amazing. You capture the best of moments for these people and your work stands out. Beautiful inspirational photo’s. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Jessie reply

    if i remember correctly you tried on your dress for at least ONE friend… :) and next time i go to starbucks i’m gonna have to try that new drink of yours :) love you!

  13. Mariia Berezina reply

    This is a great idea! I never thought about bride and dad first look before! Great post! Thanks!

  14. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    This is now one of my favorite posts! The pictures are beautiful and speak volumes. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Kathleen Clipper reply

    Being a Daddy’s Girl myself, these images made my cry. Love the idea of Daddy/Daughter First Looks! I’m going to have to pass along the idea to my brides :-)

  16. Faye Bernoulli reply

    Gah, blubbering mess over here!

  17. caroline reply

    awww this one made me cry!! im so emotional haha. Who’s the “S” now??

  18. Ashley Link reply

    awww such a sweet post! also, that drink looks super delicious and i will have to try one the next time i go to starbucks. another tasty drink is the vanilla frap with a shot of the cinnamon dolce! mmm mmmm. absolutely divine! :)

  19. Christy reply

    This post made me tear up! I wish I had a photo of my dad seeing me for the first time in my dress before the wedding. I remember his expression and what he said but it isn’t the same. I lost my daddy 2 1/2 years ago and those memories are something a bride will cherish for a lifetime! Thank you for reminding everyone, photographers and brides not to forget about the dads.

  20. Amanda Truth reply

    I love this!! Both as a photographer and as a bride who’s crazy about her dad, this is fabulous. I got the idea to do a first look with my dad after I bought my dress. I had shown him pictures of dresses that I liked, but when I told him I bought one, I asked if he wanted to see and he thought and he said “Nope, I want to be surprised.” Way to educate your brides lady!! Love it!!

  21. Leslie reply

    you tried your dress on for us….

  22. Lily Hernandez reply

    I love this! SO SWEET! I love your blog Katelyn! Thank you for sharing ;)

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