Happy Fathers Day

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Well Daddy, here we are! It seems like yesterday I was going on daddy-daughter dates with you and I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world.  We would go camping and you would push me on ALL day long on my bike if I asked you too. Before you knew it, I was a teenager and was mad at you for ALWAYS chaperoning middle school dances when none of my other friends had parents there. Then I became a driver. I’ll never forget my very first driving experience with you in the Jetta, learning stick shift!  Talk about a scary experience! Then I graduated, moved away to college and for some reason, my car seemed to have problems every single week.  I would call you and you would be on your way… every time.  Daddy, it has never been about you.  You have always put us first.  You put everybody above yourself, not just your family.  I know you’re not perfect and that you make mistakes but Daddy, you have set the bar high.  I love you so much and I think the world of you.  Thank you for teaching me and showing me how to love the Lord, how to love His people and how to be selfless.  I hope you have a wonderful Fathers day:) I love you! Love KK


** Let me just say that I’m a little emotional these days. My life is changing and I’m transitioning into a totally different phase of life and so some days, I just cry at everything! So yesterday at Anna and Justin’s wedding, I tried dancing with my daddy and I honestly couldn’t do it! We made it for about 25 seconds but I was sobbing.  I’m going to have to get my act together before 101010!!! **

And here’s Daddy with his other girl.  It was good to have my sister Emy home from camp!

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  1. Karlin :) reply

    oh my goodness, Katelyn, I couldn’t read that without crying…Annddd…I’m still crying actually haha. I can only image what it was like for you to write that. Beautiful, girl..just beautiful <3

  2. Ella reply

    Such sweet words to a proud daddy!

  3. Britne reply

    This is sooo sweet! And its good to see a pic of Em since I haven’t seen her in so long! :)

  4. Kristina N. reply

    Dad’s are THE BEST!!! :) I love mine soooo much.

  5. lauryn reply

    ahhhh you are making me cry!! so sweet :-)

  6. Brittany reply

    Add me to the crying club. So sweet. We went to a wedding yesterday where the bride was an only child on top of being a miracle baby. I was sobbing as she danced with her dad. I will be a WRECK on 1.22.11!!! I think it’s allowed though, ESPECIALLY when you’re a daddy’s girl like us :)

  7. Holly reply

    This is beautiful.

  8. Jacqueline Griffin reply

    The pic of you and your daddy almost brought me to precious! I lost my dad three years ago and I would give ANYTHING to have a picture like this with him. <3

  9. Melody reply

    Made me tear up a bit…and miss my daddy!

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