• David + Rochelle | Engaged | Part II

If you enjoyed David and Rochelle’s “Part I” …. you’re going to LOVE Part II! I don’t know if it was a combination of good light, great locations or a gorgeous couple, but something made this session spectacular! Instead of rambling, I’ll let you get to the pictures!


David and Rochelle, I cannot wait for June! Thanks for sharing  your love for each other with me and allowing me to capture it! Enjoy!

Look at those eyes!

Can’t go wrong with willow trees.


Oooooh. If I only had this one image from my 24mm, it would have been worth the investment! Love that lens!

Everything about this next one makes me happy!

Oh man! These last few are some of my favorites from the whole day! I almost didn’t ask them to sit down in the field because we had been shooting for SO LONG… but I’m so glad I did! It was worth it!

If you enjoyed these, leave a comment!! Next time you see this amazing couple, they’ll be husband and wife! Get excited!

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  1. caroline reply

    ohhh the countryyyyyy!!! love it love it love it!!
    i bet you loved that she was wearing a teal undershirt :)
    gosh. yep. these are my favorites :)

  2. Heidi reply

    Katelyn, I love the lighting in these photos- it looks wonderful coming through the tall grass and willow tree. Makes for some nice little lens flares :) For what it’s worth, I think your last three posts are your strongest photographs yet. Keep up the good work!

  3. Elise reply

    SO GOOD! beautiful couple, beautiful lighting, beautiful scenery… can’t wait to see their wedding portraits!

  4. Kimy reply

    I love this soo much. Beautiful day and awesome looking couple

  5. Michael reply

    Yep these two have been my favorites. I’m going to their wedding with you. The last four are AMAZING!!!! Glad you culled them.

  6. Catie reply

    incredible beyond belief!!!! thats all i can say. you did an amazing job. beautiful couple

  7. j gar reply

    first commment, no big deal. had to after i saw that sweet picture with the sun and hay bale and the flannel. good work. mandy hasn’t even commented yet, not a true blog fan. i was gonna try and make this a novel like she does, but i don’t know what else to say. you culled well kid, you culled well.

  8. Cati reply

    GAH! These are the BEST ones yet!!!!!!!!!

  9. Momma reply

    KK, Part I was really good, but Part II is most definitely my favorite. Luv the setting, colors, lighting, everything! You do beautiful work and I’m glad you’re having fun!

  10. Julia F reply

    Love the ones with the willow and especially the ones in the field! You captured the light so well in these!

  11. Amanda reply

    ok. i follow your blog daily :) AND love it! i was so excited on this last entry bc i noticed it’s where I’ve been shooting. I was all like, “Oh, my barn!!” not my barn though,lol. It’s the battlefields. BUT, it also right across the street from my house. I can’t believe you were over there shooting and I was probably in my house looking at your blog, how dreadful. Would have been nice to meet you! Hopefully, I will make it to a workshop!! awesome pics as always :)

  12. Lauren W reply

    Katelyn, I think you get more and more talented each session! you have the most beautiful couples too :) these are absolutely stunning.

  13. Mandy reply

    Dang it…I can’t believe I forgot to check for these until today and that JR beat me! KK these are soooo great! Part 2 is even better than Part 1! I just LOVE the settings, the outfits, and the bright light! (Also, I noticed the curvy dirt path beside them…great use of curve lines haha) I just love the country! You are such an awesome photographer! I am INSPIRED! :)

  14. Amanda Rae reply

    What a beautiful session! Such a cute couple! I think I love the second to last one the most, the composition is perfect! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some love ;)

  15. katie g reply

    wow! what a perfect time of day!
    beautiful setting! looks like a ralph lauren add or something
    great work kk!

  16. courtney bowlden reply

    OMG! I love these! what a cute couple. i loved the unique angles you used!

  17. Sara Touchet reply

    Oh my goodness!!! With every shoot you do, I am more an more convinved that no on will do my wedding photos but you! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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