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week has kind of been a blur to us! We had an out of state wedding, hosted sweet friends of ours from Arizona, spoke in DC, gave our friends a tour of the most beautiful parts of the valley, then a Showiteer event, Coaching, trip to visit my nanny, engagement shoot and now we’re hanging out with my sister and her husband before tonight’s eshoot and wedding tomorrow. Whew. This is what October always looks like for us. Just plain CRAZY. After sleeping in this morning and not worrying about getting my post up at the crack of dawn, I feel refreshed.

We run at a fast pace and while sometimes it gets to points of being overwhelmed, I know that it’s “Just October”. That is becoming a common phrase…. this is “Just a Season”. Sure, we’re always going or doing something but we are wired to live a life like that. Michael and I wold go CRAZY if we had 4 days at home in a row without anything to do! When we hit walls and feel exhausted, we remind ourselves that we have a “stay at home” day right around the corner to regroup and catch up on sleep. We also remind ourselves that one day we won’t be running around like this because we’ll have more important priorities in our life. So we’re riding the wave while we have it and we’re constantly making sure that this is what God has for us.

Sometimes we’re asked to participate in events and I just know that it’s too much. And then sometimes we’re asked and I know it’s something we should say yes to. Speaking at the CAPITAL Photographers meetup this past Monday night was one of those things! My friend Julie asked me a while back if I could come a speak to this amazing group of photographers in the DC area and I was pumped! We had such a great turn out and I consider it a privilege that I was able to share the heart behind our business with so many new friends in the industry!! Here are some pictures of the evening from Michael!! Ps. I don’t know about you, but I’m SO NOT PHOTOGENIC when I’m speaking!! It’s literally impossible to get a good picture of me mid-sentence and so I’m thankful for these!! :) I know Michael had to work hard to get them! haha

I think I may be asleep in the left one… whoops.

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  1. Sophia reply

    Are those the red pants you blogged about that you are now fitting into?? YAY!!! congrats!!!

  2. Brett reply

    Yay! I had a great time listening to you speak! So much insight that sparks thoughts into my head on things I can implement into my business! Thank you for sharing katelyn! Your heart is so big! Xo!

  3. Mary Marantz reply

    LOVE this!!! xo

  4. Megan Kelsey reply

    I SO would have been there if I wasn’t in my entrepreneurship + business law lectures…. yikes. I think I probably would have learned more about business from you!! And glad to hear you got to SLEEP IN this morning! :) #answeredprayers

  5. Sarah Beth Tapanes reply

    Can’t thank you enough for your heart and sharing your wisdom- you speak such TRUTH- and Monday was soooo good for the heart and soul. Thank you for making time to bless others- I don’t know how you do it all, but I do know that you are making a huge difference!

  6. Sarah Bradshaw reply

    LOOOOOOOVED having you there!!! Thanks for coming!

  7. Melodie reply

    Katelyn, I loved getting to see you and Michael again! Your talk was amazing and I’m so glad you said yes to speaking at the CAP meet up! I always learn something new from you. You guys are such a blessing and I am so glad that you are motivated to press on even during the craziest and busiest of times!

  8. Anna reply

    I am sad I missed this but I had to be at work at 4:30am the next day and seeing that I don’t do weddings or shoots anymore I couldn’t really not justify being a zombie at work lol. Regardless, I know I would have learned SO much from you! PS My prom was at that venue ;) totally random LOL

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