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We chatted months ago with our sweet friends Jordan and Amy Demos about coming to visit. We had never experienced Arizona and so this was a new trip for both of us! We booked flights and we anxiously awaited our “Demos Desert Tour”! The only problem was that I didn’t get all of my stuff done before flying down there. There’s always so much to do before WPPI and I just didn’t get it all accomplished before our trip. Thankfully, Jordan and Amy had tons to do as well

and so we had a few semi-productive work sessions which eventually led to really late nights of conversation…. which I don’t regret!

You see, taking random vacations is one of the perks of being self employed. The hard part is that when you’re self employed, the work never stops!! As annoying as it was to have work to do while visiting friends, it made our adventures during the day SO much sweeter! We would work and then we would go explore ARIZONA!!! This post is all about DAY ONE! Jordan and Amy took us to one of their favorite local wedding venues, The Four Seasons Scottsdale! It was stunning and we made time to try their infamous “Prickly Pear” tea made from a cactus! It was yummy! We loved this day! It’s so refreshing to go and see a landscape that is the total opposite of what we have at home!

Jordan and Amy were amazing hosts. We learned so much about their beautiful life in the desert… and we also learned which cacti you can and can’t get near. When i say “we”, I mean ME.  I was the one that got attacked by the first cactus I brushed past!! It was SCARY! That thing latched on and it most definitely left a mark! Overall, that painful experience was worth it. We now have a hilarious story to tell our grandkids one day and we made some one-in-a-lifetime memories throughout the process as well!

It was so sad to see this day come to an end but I’m SO thankful that we stopped working long enough to sneak out and take a Field trip!

Jordan and Amy, there is so much I could say right now but I’m going to save it until Part 2!! Thank you for showing us a piece of your life. We loved EVERY minute of it and we can’t WAIT to come back and continue our desert tour one day!! Caroline and Annamarie, we LOVED having additional travel buddies during this trip!! I will always cherish this time we had together! …. Ok so enough mushy stuff…. here are the images from our first day in the Desert!! 

 OUCH!!! Those things latch on and then HOOK in… which is why I still have a bruise! 

 No seriously though, this was beyond painful!! 

That darn plant to the right is what attacked me!! 

 Our amazing hosts in their natural habitat!!!! haha 

 Such amazing women! Love each one of you! 


My FAVORITE pic of the day! 



 Yep, no idea what he’s doing! 


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Amanda Veronee reply

    i love these!!! I also love how you managed to find some teal elements to pop in the background!:) the sunlight makes me want summer even more! That pic of you and Jordan is hilarious – and painful at the same time! Eeeek! I got a chunk of cactus on my hand one time and it took months for all the hair like needles to grow out, so I feel for ya, really!

  2. Currie reply

    AHHH Scottsdale is probably my favorite place of all time!! So jealous! Gorgeous pictures as always!

  3. Chandra Yarter reply

    Oh my gah…love these! Glad to see you guys had so much fun (minus the work part lol) This post made me want to take a road trip!

  4. Kristi reply

    Ahhh, looks like sooo much fun and those views are AMAZING!! Even though you all had to work, I am glad you all were able to get away and create some new memories that you’ll always remember!! Such an incredible group with amazing hearts!! Love you all!!

  5. Moriah Ortega reply

    I know think I need to visit the dessert one day!;)

  6. Kimber wassenberg reply

    AZ is beautiful! It looked like you all had so much fun! I’m looking forward to the next post. ☺

  7. Kristina W. reply

    Ah, you got attacked by a cholla cactus! Still glad you loved your Arizona trip! Come visit Tucson next time!

  8. Meg reply

    How fun!!

  9. Johane reply

    Look like you had a fun adventure ! Which lens did you use most in these? 50mm?

  10. elizabeth. reply

    What a dynamic group! Love the JOY captured in these images :) :)

  11. Marquette reply

    So close to here (Southern NM) and yet so far! Don’t you love southern AZ’s pink light?! Such fun photos. Makes me miss our time living in Tucson. Glad you got to experience the Southwest!

  12. Caroline Logan reply

    LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Smiled the whole way through!! Already ready for #demosdeserttourtaketwo ;)

  13. leah otten reply

    So, the question becomes, how do you “unlatch” a catcus from yourself?!

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  15. Ashley Mitchell reply

    I’m clearly catching up on blog posts since we were gone last week – again, YOUR SHOES! I need them! And you have the rolled up jeans and boots look mastered – I still haven’t figured it out yet!

  16. toviah reply

    beautiful! and a change from virginia! who is the other gal besides annemarie and amy?

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