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mentioned in an email that she and Britt were thinking about doing a day-after session. They wanted to get in the water and take some shots in the boat and I thought “Oh that would be fun!”…. And then I read this line: “I really want to water ski  in my wedding dress.”  Wait WHAT?! This is amazing. I’ve had some people talk about doing crazy things like this but most couples don’t follow through because after the wedding, LIFE starts and things get busy. However, Katie and Britt were determined to make this happen and they got up early and met me at the lake. I was tired after their wedding and I know they had to be exhausted


but you can’t tell from these pictures! These two blew me away. They were up for anything and I heard one of them mention “We have been looking forward to THIS almost more than the wedding!!!!” Ha! True water skiers. They love this stuff! They love the water and this is their “happy place”. So of course this was something that they had been looking forward to!  After I heard that comment I said something like “Ohhh gosh, no pressure!!!”. I’m NOT a sports photographer and will probably never be one. So I’ll admit, I was a little nervous! Having a bride and groom that are about to jump off a dock in their wedding attire doesn’t happen everyday and they needed awesome pictures of this!! Well, I’m happy to announce that we have several shots in focus and not over exposed. (thank goodness!) I’m thrilled that Katie and Britt have these images to remember their awesome weekend by! I hope you all enjoy them and just to let you know, dresses do come clean! I’ve seen it done SO many times! So no worries there!

Love it.


Canvas? I think yes.

Katie you couldn’t be cuter. This is perfect.

How awesome are these boots Britt gave her?!

Are you ready for this?!! Emy thank you for grabbing this shot from the dock!!!

Yup, this really happened and it was awesome!

This NEEDS to be in their home somewhere HUGE!

Now I am not by ANY means a SPORTS photographer. No way! Not even close! So don’t judge these next few!

A Favorite! Impressive Britt! I know nothing about “good form” or anything sports related actually… but this made for an awesome shot! Thanks for doing something crazy the day after your wedding!!!:)

And we’ll end with the “Hooray We’re MARRIED!” shot! Katie and Britt and ALL of your family, I hope you enjoyed these!! What an amazing weekend you had!



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  1. Brendan reply

    Uh… AWESOME!

  2. Jen reply

    AH! I love these! You did such a great job, and what a fun couple. Love love love…

  3. Brendan reply


  4. Ashley Terry reply

    Wow, this is amazing! More couples should do this after the wedding; you can tell they were having a blast! And what a great way to relieve some post wedding stress.

  5. Jenna reply

    How fun!!! I wish I had had the guts to do something crazy like that after my wedding!

  6. Graham reply

    This might be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! Sooooooo amazing!!!!

  7. Stephanie reply

    awesome!!! so fun!

  8. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Your Awesome Katelyn!! Great shots & memories for a lifetime!!! What a lucky couple ;)

  9. Sarah Heinle reply

    So fun!! Amazing (photography & water skiing). ;)

  10. Hollie reply

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!! AWESOME!!

  11. Kendra Jean reply

    Wow!! What a FUN session!! Awesome shots!

  12. Kristie Bradley reply

    Katelyn you did an amazing job! What a unique idea! Congrats on another fabulous set of images!

  13. Beth T. reply

    Katelyn these are amazing! What a fun fun shoot! I am jealous – and the one of them kissing on the skis – perfection!

  14. Karen reply

    Holy cow, how amazingly awesome are these?! Great job Katelyn!

  15. Cecilia Flaming reply

    WOW! Amazing day after session! The groom pulls off some great stunts in his tux!

  16. Anna Burke reply


  17. Susan Evans reply

    They are SO cool for doing this!! And you did an awesome job at capturing those moves Katelyn! WOW

  18. Lynda reply

    These are awesome!! Love this couple!!!! WOW!!

  19. McCall reply

    Ok…if you’re not a sports photographer then I’d be AMAZED to see what they could do! You got clear, colorful shots with fantastic composition and captured every daring, fun expression on their faces. You rock! :)

  20. Lauren Wakefield reply

    So freakin cute! How awesome is that couple!

  21. ashley barnett reply

    I am smiling from ear to ear!! These are SO COOL!!! :)

  22. nkki reply

    these are so flippin’ awesome! HOW FUN. also – the one that you said “LOVE IT” about – the black and white on the boat where he’s wearing the sunglasses…SO old school hollywood. awesome!!

  23. molly buckley reply

    OMYGAH AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  24. SvetlanaHillKovich reply

    AMAZING once again! ;)

  25. ashley reply

    LOVE these! You thought you did great with the action shots!

  26. Annia reply

    How is this not mandatory for every wedding in the history of the world?? Great stuff!

  27. Sydni reply

    this is the coolest thing! they are awesome, you are awesome, and they have some amazing shots to put up in their house!

  28. Nicole reply

    Katelyn, this is fabulous! I love the “day after” idea A LOT and these pictures came out awesomely! LOVEEEE the boat shots! You are great with action shots!

  29. LeolaK reply

    Awesomeness!! Great job Katelyn!!!

  30. Meredith Sledge reply

    OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSHHHHHH. I am in loveeeee with these pictures.

  31. karin reply

    KATELYN! These are epic.

  32. Amy Stumpf reply

    These are amazing! They look like they are having soooo much fun. I agree on the canvas B&W shot…hang it big and bold in the house =D

  33. Carie Magee reply

    Katelyn, you did such a great job on these! What a fun couple and you are so right, they need more than just one of those really big in their home! Fun, fun, fun!

  34. Victoria Shirley reply

    WOW! They seem like the best couple EVER! Gorgeous photos Katelyn!

  35. Julianna reply

    Hey Britt- you’re crazy. And a woman after my own heart. Katelyn- I would have been more impressed if you were water skiing with them and taking their pictures at the same time… but even though most people forget- you are only human.

  36. Lexi reply

    holy cow!!!! this is the coolest thing EVER!!!!!! you did an amazing job Katelyn. wow!

  37. Abby Grace Photography reply

    this. is. awesome. seriously, so cool!

  38. Kristina N. reply

    The black and white water skiiing kiss one is amazing… These are so good! Katelyn you could be any sort of photographer you want, you’re amazing! But I think your blog readers would be sad if you didn’t so as many weddings!

  39. Danesha Langley reply

    These are awesome shots Katelyn!!!

  40. Sara reply

    COOLEST. PICTURES. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Lana Tyler reply

    That is by far the coolest Day After Session ever! What a fun and exciting couple. Great work!!!

  42. Lesley reply

    what a FUN idea!! makes me want to do something crazy in my wedding dress!

  43. Katie Jordan reply

    This is incredible! They are going to treasure these photos forever. I can’t wait to see what blog/magazine picks this up!

  44. Lee reply

    Remember Katelyn if your friends get to VA there is a waterski lake across the road from your parents!!!

  45. Heather Horn reply

    These pictures are great!!!! Great idea. Very memorable pictures.

  46. Elizabeth and Ryan | Elizabeth Ryan Photography reply

    This is AWESOME!!! So amazing!!

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