Wedding Wednesday

DIY Pumpkin Craft

This is

the FASTEST wedding wednesday I’ve ever posted in my LIFE. I am literally in the middle of blow drying my hair and finishing a presentation! I’m taking 4 of our girls to visit CNU and then I have the opportunity to speak and answer questions for CNU’s digital photography class!  I’m excited!!!… But running out of time! And if you’re a fall bride that is excited and running out of time… this pumpkin monogrom DIY project is a GREAT way to decorate an entry way, the top of the bar, centerpieces, etc! It’s easy, crafty, and CHEAP. It costs me $4 for the pumpkin and $1.25 for a set of silver thumbtacks! Simply draw your

monogram, initial, wedding date, etc. onto the pumpkin and then stick the thumbtacks over the outline! DONE! When I was younger I used to DREAM of the day when I could have a house of my own and DECORATE the front porch during the fall!!! I used to judge other houses with a tiny single pumpkin or one little fall flag... welp, now that I'm in the real world, I realize that not everyone has time to be Martha Stewart... including myself!! I need crafts that take 5 minutes MAX!! So please don't look too closely at my DEAD mums and enjoy this little DIY fall inspiration!!!

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  1. Elizabeth: ( )

    i love it!!! such a cute idea!!!

  2. Sarah: ( )

    I love this. Very crafty! Would have never guessed it only took five minutes. :)

  3. Lauryn: ( )

    Looks great Katelyn! And don’t feel too bad, this is the first year we’ve been able to decorate our front porch. Makes me appreciate it more though!!

  4. Emy: ( )

    Seriously?! KK, you always make everything look so classy. I would never think of this… if I decided to do something other then carving, I’d probably just write on it with a sharpie. hahah you’re great!

  5. sherri: ( )

    I don’t really like carving pumpkins so this idea is perfect! I love it!

  6. Karin: ( )

    Very cool! Love simple & quick!!

  7. Renee: ( )

    i love this! and I SAW YOU TODAY!!!!! so great :) if i hadn’t deactivated my fb account last night, i would’ve updated my status about you…just so ya know! haha

  8. Jodi: ( )

    You’re so cute…what a FABULOUS idea to do with pumpkins…might need to do that this year considering I have no time to carve them…thanks for sharing

  9. Abby Grace: ( )

    If I had a porch, it’s be decked out in thumbtacked pumpkins. But we live on the 4th floor of an apartment building, so no one really sees out balcony. I always buy pumpkins for their guts! I bake the seeds with butter and Lowry’s season salt- sooooo delicious! Btdubs, this post is pretty good for only having spent 5 minutes on it!

  10. Lydia: ( )

    Love it! And I so know what you mean. Haven’t even gotten out my official fall decorations this year. :-S

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