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This announcement is a little premature… but we wanted to give you a heads up! The ENTIRE STORE will be ON SALE, ON BLACK FRIDAY! Every DOWNLOADABLE educational resource will be discounted heavily! This INCLUDES the popular KJ Bridal Guide! This guide is how we train and educate our brides on how to have a stress-free and photography-friendly wedding day! It’s a game changer that transformed how our wedding days run! Once we saw the impact it was having on our clients, we made it available to ANY PHOTOGRAPHER! It took me over two years to make…. and let me tell you …. that is NOT the way to go.

You can’t wait two YEARS to improve your client experience. Don’t try to do this on your own. You can use my words, my design… all you have to do is insert your own images!!
This is our MOST POPULAR product in our entire store! The response we receive about the Bridal Guide and what it’s doing for other photographer’s businesses just amazes us!

“My experience after purchasing the Bridal Guide a few months ago… I sent it out to all of my 2016 and 2017 brides and every single one of them has come back and said it’s the MOST AMAZING thing they have ever had! I even had 5 of them come back and say they want to do a First Look now! And they were the ones who were vehemently against seeing each other before the ceremony! And while it’s super exciting that brides are changing to do a First Look, I think the BEST part is that I have been able to educate my clients better so that they have an even more incredible experience on their wedding day! And that is my ultimate goal: to be able to give them peace of mind on their wedding day so they can enjoy it rather than stressing about everything.” -Aislinn

“I got an email from one of my brides today and I’m SO THANKFUL for the bridal guide!!! Thank you Katelyn for the template – I am beyond thankful I will be able to have more time for golden hour portraits because of this bride reading the guide. It’s SO WORTH IT!” -Anna

So get excited because we just had a team meeting, and I think I convinced everyone that we needed to bump up our discount another 5%! YAY FOR YOU!!!!!! We’re excited for all of you who have been waiting ALL YEAR for our educational products to be discounted! This is your week!!! Take advantage of this!!!! The ENTIRE STORE of downloadable products will be 30% OFF starting Friday!!!! CLICK HERE to take a look at our products before the Sale starts! 

Ps. For those waiting on Workshop Registration to open for 2017, we actually already sold out of our first date in April! We sold out in 2 hours just from the waiting list!! It was CRAZY and completely unexpected!! So, we’re working hard to get registration ready to release seats for our JUNE DATE on Black Friday as well!! Learn more about the Workshop Experience HERE! xoxoxo

** Courses are currently closed, but you can join the waiting list for the KJ Consistency Course HERE and the KJ Posing Course HERE!!! **

xoxo, Katelyn
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