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a little under the weather the past 4 or 5 days but I’ve been trying to hide it pretty well. There’s nothing that can ruin the mood of a wedding or an engagement shoot than a sniffling photographer! So I’ve been downing some Airborne, sleeping in an extra 30 minutes or so and I’ve almost finished off a whole bottle of Simply Orange Mango! (That stuff is good!).  Gratefully, I’m starting to feel better! Beau and Jordan had to listen to me clear my throat and sound like a man during their engagement session but they were kind enough to say “Oh, you don’t sound bad!”… But I did.  They are just as sweet

as can be and I’m so excited that we found time to squeeze in their engagement shoot before their big day! It won’t be long before you see these two again!!! They’re getting married in mid-October and I’m THRILLED that I get to be a part of their day. Can you just imagine how ridiculously gorgeous Jourdan is going to be in her dress?! AH! It’s going to be amazing! I only had about an hour and a half with these two and I already love them. Their down-to-earth personalities make them so much fun to be around and in my opinion, downtown Fredericksburg never looked so good!!!! Enjoy some of my favorites from their session and get ready for some BRIGHT colors… I’m talking NEON!! Love it!!


Jourdan, girl you are gorgeous!


Ok, I wish I could say we planned this…. but we found it… and so whoever drew this on a random wall in Fredericksburg, Beau, Jourdan and I thank you! 


Work it girl! 


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