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even know where to begin with these two! Let’s start with Melissa… or Moe. Our friendship started on the floor of my freshman dorm at our very first Hall Meeting in York River East.  This bubbly girl sat beside me and said “is that a promise ring?! I have one of those!!!” and we’ve been friends ever since. Melissa and I stayed friends through our college years and even though we didn’t hangout all the time, it was NEVER awkward to be together. I just loved this girl! She was fun and spunky and genuinely just a sweet person to have in my life! Fast forward to senior year. I’ve known Joe from a distance but know we’re both on V-Team for Intervarsity…

… which means we’re the students leading the chapter for that year. I was in charge of the worship team and he was in charge of everything else. Just kidding…. but he really did have a lot of responsibility that year.  Melissa was ALSO on V-Team and we all became really close.  It’s hard NOT to be close when you’re constantly meeting and going on retreats and planning events and making large group happen every Thursday night!! The funny thing about V-Team is that I was serving in that leadership role when my business was entering its’ second year.  My second year I shot over 20 weddings while I was still in school and still had all of my “school” responsibilites. So, this V-Team was VERY patient with me when I didn’t have any sleep and when I was showing up to retreats a day late!!


So we were all on V-team together and at some point or another…. everyone would say things like “Oh, KK you’re shooting my wedding right?!”. And I would laugh say  “yea! sure!”.  The funny thing is, I was telling Joe and Melissa and the rest of the team “Yea! I’ll shoot your weddings” and never once thought about who they would be marrying!! Turns out, a year after college, Joe and Melissa start dating!! Once it was FB official and everyone knew… we were all like “What?! Why didn’t we think of this SOONER?!! They make a GREAT pair!”.   We went through all of college with these two and I NEVER realized how cute of a couple they would be until they actually started dating!!


I love Joe and Moe! It was so much fun shooting their engagement sessions in downtown RVA and I’m thankful they made the drive up to meet me!! I’m so excited for them as they get ready to spend the rest of their life together!! God has perfect timing and I’m so excited that these two found each other!! It just makes me happy!!!! So enjoy these favorites and get pumped for their winter wedding!!!

You know I love those doors!

So cute!

Have I shot in this alley a bazillion times? Yes… but this is why! That light is awesome!!

Melissa you’re beautiful. I have such beautiful friends!!!

Love this!


Yesssssss. They’re so happy! Love this!

WOWZERS! So impressed!

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  1. Colleen reply

    ummm I could not be a bigger fan of this couple or these pictures!!! love it!!!! :)

  2. Kristin Greenwald reply

    ohmigosh. Seriously with the doors! Gah! I’m in love. And the lighting in the image when them overlooking the city and rim of light near sunset is to DIE for. Gorgeous work, as always. Congrats to the bride && groom! kg

  3. Amanda Miller reply

    I love that your clients always look so happy and comfortable!

  4. molly reply

    SO MUCH AWESOME! gorgeous!

  5. Sara W reply

    MOJO I LOVE YOU TWO!!!! Seriously every photo is incredible!!!! Katelyn, you did such an amazing job capturing how much FUN this couple is!!!! Seriously can’t wait for this wedding!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jackie Jones reply

    Great pictures, absolutely stunning! Best of luck throughout ya’lls many years of marriage & CONGRATULATIONS :)

  7. Rachel Cutherell reply

    Oh my goodness!!! Momo you’re GORGEOUS!!!!!! Seriously my best friend is stunning. Joe, you’re a stud. For real. And Katelyn your talent doesn’t cease to amaze me. I love my three fellow V-teamers so much and I CAN. NOT. WAIT. until December to celebrate MoJoe’s marriage!! Get excited!!!!

  8. Shannon S reply

    I just knew this would be super bright and colorful! Mo loves her bright colors :) And ahem, Mo you rocked the model face! I love you two and can’t wait to celebrate the gift of marriage with both of you! LOVE all of these KK!

  9. Ashley Eaker reply

    LOVE THEM!!! They look so great!! Glad to see you guys so happy! And love knowing I was there for y’alls first date :)

  10. Kim T reply

    You two are soo cute!! Moe you are gorgeous girl!!!

  11. Torrie reply

    MELISSA!!!! You are engaged???!!!! I am so excited for you! Congratulations!!!!!

  12. Currie reply

    Ahh YESS!!! I love love love this for so many reasons!! So beautiful Katelyn, and congrats Joe and Melissa!!! :-)

  13. Mary reply

    GAHHHH!! Love them all!!!

  14. Caitlin Sullivan reply

    Love that fuschia dress!

  15. Tiffany Goodhart reply

    I am overwhelmed with joy for this couple. Katelyn, you did a great job capturing their beauty!!

  16. ashley link reply

    gah! all the colors are so crisp and pretty. such a beautiful couple! congrats to them! and great job, girl!

  17. Kristina W. reply

    Joe lived in the room next to mine in York River West freshman year and I am SOOOOOO excited to see him get married to Melissa!!! You two look fabulous in your engagement photos, Katelyn did an amazing job, as usual, and I am just so happy for you two!

  18. Erin C reply

    You are both so beautiful! Great shots! So excited for you two to get married!

  19. Lauren Tapscott reply

    So sweet! Mo, you look beautiful!!:)

  20. Rici reply

    Very beautiful Katelyn! May I say I am kinda jealous of all these super cool doors! WOW.

  21. britney reply

    that 3d pic! that’s how I’ll always remember moe :) you two look stunning in these.

  22. Every year | Virginia Wedding Photographer | Katelyn James Photography reply

    […] I have a winter wedding that I book and I think “Man! That’s so far away!”.  When Joe and Melissa booked back in the summer, December seemed so far off…. like it would never get here! Then fall came and that wasn’t the case anymore. Before I knew it, we were 2 weeks away and I was wondering where the month of December had gone!! Joe and Melissa tied the knot in Hampton, VA this past Saturday at Liberty Baptist Church. This is a random fact but my grandparents are members at Liberty and my mom and dad were actually married there many moons ago! It was good to be in a familiar area with familiar people that I love! If you remember from their engagement shoot,  […]

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