• Ephesus, Turkey Sneak Peek

Who knew Turkey could be so beautiful! I have NEVER desired to see Turkey but let me tell you… it’s by far one of the prettiest locations we’ve seen on this trip! Can’t wait to show more!

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  1. Karynne reply

    You have gotten the prettiest skies on your honeymoon!!!! I can’t wait to see more. I am so happy you are having a wonderful time!

  2. Kevin reply


  3. gail reply

    Awesome beauty!!

  4. Aunt Susan reply

    Wait until you walk down the marble streets in Ephesus on the Arcadian Way that Paul walked down and stand in the theatre where he preached to 25,000!! Awesome!! Enjoy your time together!!

  5. Kristina N. reply

    Beautiful! I hope you and Michael get to go to Istanbul, it’s spectacular!

  6. Mandy reply

    AH! I am totally living vicariously through you! :) This is breath-taking!!!

  7. Jessica Beale reply

    KK! Everywhere you travel is the prettiest place in the world!!! :) You’re so funny! It’s kind of weird that you all are traveling the world without the rest of the gang. Can’t wait for you to be home and hear all about it! Love you!!!

  8. Sabrina reply

    Some of the pastors from my church were just there about 2 weeks ago… GORGEOUS and so surreal to walk in that place! One day I’ll make it over there :) Thanks for all the updates and pictures… keep having the time of your lives!

  9. caroline reply

    well this is GORGEOUS!! yes, I like Turkey. I just might go there one day

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