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It really feels like Christmas now.  The Middle House is decorated (which will be posted sometime in the future!) and now the Gamberdella’s have their Christmas card pictures!


Eric and Beth have been my Intervarsity staff workers for the last 4 years (crazy!) and they are dear dear friends.  It has been such a privilege to serve along side of them at CNU.  It’s crazy to think that I’m getting ready to head into my last semester of serving on the IV Worship Team.  It seems like yesterday that I was a freshman, trying to decide if applying for Worship Team was what the Lord wanted for me.  Looking back, I can’t imagine College without that part of my life.  Leading and serving on IV’s worship team is a huge time commitment and all the band members joke that we don’t know what we will do when we graduate and have Wed. and Thur. nights free! It’s going to be sweet to have some extra free time but I have a strong feeling that I’m going to miss this ministry terribly. Being able to sing my heart out for the Lord every Thursday and lead others in worship is such an honor.  It’s an honor that I don’t take for granted but isn’t always the easiest job in the world. Both Beth and Eric have been incredible encouragers and cheerleaders for me and this ministry as a whole (Yes Eric, I called you a cheerleader!). They are an awesome couple and I love being able to give them a little something back this time of year!


Gamby’s, you guys look good!! Thanks for all that you do!


Ps. Can I just say, I took these THIS MORNING! Yea…my efficiency today is overwhelming…why can’t this be everyday!?? and just to make it even better, it was rainy and we shot their session in about 23.5 minutes!

haha love it.

Look at this little furry friend that surprised us! Cute!

I love these next few because it reminds me of a little coffee shop and coffee reminds me of Beth and Eric sitting at Einsteins cafe meeting with people… ALL DAY LONG.

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  1. britney reply

    those look great! i like the hilton village ones.. and the random dog haha

  2. lauren w reply

    beautiful :)
    beth you are so skinny!

  3. Laura McG reply

    I love that they are in love. =)!!

  4. caroline reply

    you make rain look good kk, heck you can even make that green trash can look good. thats talent!!

  5. Beth G reply

    Thanks SO much Katelyn! They get better every year!

  6. Catie reply

    so so so cute! <3

  7. katie reply

    i love these! Gambi is sooo happy :)
    and she has beautiful eyes! wow

  8. Mandy reply

    Aww KK these are so sweet! You are so efficient and talented! You really make muggy rainy days look beautiful! :)

  9. Rachel reply

    Hottest couple in town. Hands down. And good call KK with the little coffee-shop-like pictures. I immediately said “that’s so Gambys!” and then saw that you said the same thing. Perfect.

  10. Megen F. reply

    i’m taking a break at work to stalk your blog..katelyn, these are beautiful and make me miss NN and IV so much!

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