Melissa's Bridals

A Fall Bridal Shoot


this shoot was CHILLY!!! But you would never know because Melissa’s beauty is the first thing that captures attention! … No one notices the goosebumps! :) It was a chilly October morning when we shot these portraits and I was so impressed with Melissa’s ability to shiver AND look natural all at the same time!! She’s just stunning… absolutely gorgeous…. and she was my roomie in college!!! You’re all probably thinking “Katelyn, your friends are so photogenic” and my response to that is “Yes, I know”. haha They are! Whenever I shoot a friend’s wedding I think to myself  “Self, you are surrounded by gorgeous people in your life!”…

and not only are their exteriors beautiful, they are INCREDIBLE  people with genuine hearts. I’m so thankful for my sweet friends and I’m even MORE thankful that I’m able to be a part of their wedding day!! Gosh I could go on and on about this! But I’ll refrain and I’ll allow you to see some of her bridals that were my favorites! As you look through these, be sure to realize that it was only in the high 40’s while we were shooting these. Melissa is TOUGH!! I would have taken a few shots and then opted for a fire and hot coco!!

girl… just stop! Could this be more perfect?! 

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  1. Abby Grace: ( )

    Ah! I love these! I wish I had more brides asking for bridal shoots, because they may be my favorite thing to shoot these days.

  2. Kathryn Grace: ( )

    Just lovely! The colors are so perfect!

  3. Jen: ( )

    WOW stunning. colors, her sweater, HER, the dress, everything!!

  4. Kristina W.: ( )

    Melissa is SO gorgeous!!!!

  5. Laura: ( )

    These are gorgeous!! Her dress is beautiful as well!!

  6. ashley barnett: ( )

    PRETTY! PS- your “self” comment made me laugh so hard.

  7. kaitlyn phipps: ( )

    these are gorgeous katelyn!

  8. Melissa Kate: ( )

    These are amazing!!

  9. Mallory: ( )

    These pictures are just so “WOW!!”

  10. Jamie: ( )

    I loveeee the leaves! Such a pretty backdrop for a stunning bride!

  11. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    I love the way you shoot bridals! Beautiful colors, light, and bride!!!

  12. Susan P: ( )

    absolutely breathtaking shoot all around! such special images for her and her family to have and always cherish :)

  13. Melissa: ( )

    LOVE your work! Came here from Zach and Jody’s blog

  14. Rebekah C: ( )

    She is so beautiful & I love that cardigan w/ her dress. Since I didn’t get to have bridal pics before I got married, I just did a Trash the Dress session in similar weather: windy, raining off & on, & temp in the low 40’s. But it was worth it & I can’t wait to see my images. If they’re half as good as these, I’ll be in love.

  15. ashley link: ( )

    what a rockstar! she looks fabulous! great job! :)

  16. Stacey: ( )

    Gahhhhh!!! La-La-Love! Katelyn your work makes my heart happy!

  17. Tiffany Farley: ( )

    LOVE these! I love the sweater too, it’s perfect!

  18. Lindsey: ( )

    These are stunning! SO WARM so playful! You’re very inspiring Katelyn!

  19. mary kring: ( )

    wow! stunning pics amazing colours! , do you know what dress this is?

  20. Laura Gordon: ( )

    The colors!! Ah! So so pretty :)

  21. Michelle Stoker: ( )

    Love those beautiful fall colors!!! That yellow cardigan makes the colors pop! Lovely photos!!

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