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that she was always that one girl that would hang out with the boys in high school.  They all liked her.  She was awesome and beautiful and yet she never dated any of them. They all graduated and went away to college but after that phase of life…. Kenny and Misty realized that they were meant to be together.  Kenny explained their story to me as we rode through fields and old dirt roads in the back of Misty’s dad’s truck. We shot their engagement session at Misty’s childhood home.  I’m from the country and so being in the middle of nowhere is not a foreign feeling for me.  However…. we were really in the middle of NOWHERE!

We shot in everything from wheat fields to abandoned barns and then underneath flowering dogwood trees. I loved it.  As I got to know this amazing couple I became more and more excited for their October wedding! I asked Kenny how long they dated before they were engaged and he said “Not long…. I always knew that if she ever let me date her, I would marry her”. And he was right. These two will be married this fall and I can’t wait to celebrate with them! They’re gorgeous, so in love and so comfortable with one another…. it makes my job so easy and I LOVED my time with them…. and their puppies:).  Yes, there are some puppy pics in here! Get excited!!

Misty…. love this. You’re beautiful!

This session was shot in the morning so the later it got, the brighter it became and that can be hard to work with. However, these two became  pros at blocking light off of each other’s faces:)  This is a favorite!


Kenny…. you did well… this ring is amazing!

How cute are they?!

And meet the other part of their family…Brody and Jeter…(If I spelled names wrong, please don’t let them know!:)

It was a real task to get them both to smile for the camera!

Love them.

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  1. Misty reply

    Thank you so much Katelyn!!! We love the pictures and we are going to have a tough time picking out which ones we want for the Save the Date! Don’t worry… you are a great speller and Brody and Jeter will love their new pics :)

  2. Emy reply

    LOVE this engagement session! these are so good! I especially love the one in the green field. I also am completely in love with the multi-colored dog with the beautiful eyes! haha They are such a cute and stylish couple. I adore this post, great job KK!!!

  3. Gielle reply

    gorgeous pictures!! is it just me or does Kenny remind you of Ryan Reynolds?

  4. Elise reply

    These are so fun!!!!! Such a fun and cute engagement session and adorable puppies :)

  5. Ashley reply

    Katelyn, these are just beautiful! You captured the love so perfectly…amazing!

  6. Lindsay Sobota reply

    These pictures are amazing. You two are one of the cutest couples around. The pictures are all so wonderful and artistic – I wouldn’t want to be one to have to choose which ones were the best!

  7. Raelynn reply

    Love love love the photos! You guys look amazing…and so do the pups :) Anxiously awaiting the wedding – and the pics to follow!

  8. Tammynize reply

    These shots are gorgeous! Loved that they brought their doggies! And the last few ones with him behind her so cute!

  9. Susan reply

    You guys look great!

  10. Elizabeth reply

    Katelyn I love these!!!!!! The “save the date” pictures are so cute!!!

  11. Brenda reply

    KK, these are awesome! Love the colors, the settings, the lighting . . . everything! I agree with Emy . . . I like the one in the green field, but all of the pics are beautiful. Cute couple!!

  12. Kenny reply

    Thanks Katelyn for the entertaining time taking pictures. Look forward to choosing my favorites.

  13. Anita reply

    Kathelyn the pictures were great it was a great idea
    to do them on the farm where Misty grew up. Those two are perfect together.

  14. Lorna reply

    These are SO great! I LOVE them and am so jealous at how sweet the two of you look together! Great photography

  15. Stan and Joanna Beger reply

    The tractor looks great!

  16. Heidi Bensman reply

    I love the black and white photos. You are both very super cute!

  17. Brian Kitts reply

    Great pics you two.

  18. sherri lynn reply

    love the one at the beginning with them in the grass! and i love the ring shot! definitely one of your best! :)

  19. Girish reply

    Beautiful photographs. Well done.

  20. Kristina N. reply

    This looks like such a fun engagement session!

  21. Kelly Schneider reply

    These pics are amazing!!! I think we live in a small world because Misty is a good friend of mine from high school and you are also scheduled to do my sister’s wedding in July (Kim Broadhurst)! Anyways, you did an amazing job of bringing out exactly who Misty and Kenny are–fun, beautiful, live life to the fullest kind of people! Love it! Can’t wait to see more…

  22. Sara reply

    So adorable! Those puppies are precious, the ring is gorgeous, but my favorite is the one of them laughing…amazing!

  23. Sean reply

    Congrats you guys. Can’t wait for the wedding. Glad the photographer could make you look so good.

  24. Drew Currin reply

    Great pictures. The wedding should be a blast.

  25. Jadd Adams reply

    I like the pictures with dogs. Can’t wait for the big day.

  26. Josh Harber reply

    Love the serious faces…modeling in the future???

  27. Emily Ames reply

    You guys look so cute together.

  28. Henry reply

    Great pics guys. The big day will be here before you know it.

  29. Carl reply

    My favorite pics are the ones with the ring…bling bling

  30. Rashaad reply

    You guys look great!

  31. Jackie reply

    These are fabulous pics with lots of personality in them. I especially love the idea of the farm pics. I am looking forward to the wedding! Excellent pictures for such a wonderful couple!

  32. Cassie reply

    I love these country pics.

  33. Becca reply

    You guys look soooo cute together. The wedding is going to be so fun.

  34. Zach reply

    I can’t tell who looks better….brody or Kenny. Great Pics.

  35. Kelly reply

    Your photographer is so innovative. Love em.

  36. Gary reply

    Good Looks

  37. Kenneth reply

    I am so happy for you two. I like the pictures with the barns.

  38. Scott reply

    Lookin hot hot hot

  39. Kim reply

    Wow these pictures are gorgeous. Our session is coming up soon.

  40. Steven reply

    Brody and Jeter look awesome….and so do the two of you!

  41. Jackie reply

    Love, love, love the pics! These pics absolutely capture the personality in both of you. I especially love the connection with the farm!! I am looking forward to the wedding!

  42. Aunt Patty reply

    The pictures are wonderful, I especially like the B & W’s. The last set, in the dark colors are my favorites.

  43. Tori reply

    i lovee them!!!!…extra-especially the one where Kenny is looking dead into the camera and Dale is giving him “the look”!!!

  44. Jessica Rogers reply

    I love your work! Kenny and Misty look wonderful in all of the pictures!

  45. Megan reply

    I LOVE your pictures! They are adorable! I love all the colors…they turned out really well :) Love you both!

  46. Cecily reply

    Misty, these pictures are great! I’m really happy that your dad shared them with me.

  47. Brenda reply

    Congratulations, Misty & Kenny. The pictures are beautiful.

  48. jen reply

    Great pics! Beautiful couple! Wishing you all lots of laughter and joy. Sweet pups, too. : )

  49. Joanna reply

    The photos are wonderful! The setting and poses are great, and I like the addition of the dogs in a few of the shots.

  50. Jamie reply

    Awesome pictures!!!!!!

  51. Jamison reply

    Congrats Misty and Kenny!

    Kenny, its a miracle! I thought nobody could make you look good! This photographer preforms miracles!

  52. Jayme reply

    Congrats….great pics! Misty you look great!

  53. Mr. Wright reply

    Best Wishes to the both of you. One day soon I hope to have me and Jamie’s engagement pictures taken!

    Mr. Wright

  54. Thomas Garcia reply

    Who’s the hottie in black???

  55. Thomas Garcia reply

    Great pics! Looking forward to the wedding!

  56. Charles DeCarlo reply

    These pictures are awesome. Love the dogs in them too. Just took my engagement pictures not too long ago, and they were fun. It looks like the both of you had a great time, and you both look great.

  57. Adam Bradley reply

    I like the black & white pictures. It reminds me of the old pictures from the 1900s.

  58. Bubba reply

    I like the sincere smiles of love that I see from both of you in these shots.Iam not sure who the kids[dogs] take after

  59. Lisa reply

    LOVE the pics! You guys look sooo dang cute.

  60. Chi Lam reply

    Love the pictures Kenny and Misty. Hey Misty — Do you think Kenny’s “tractor’s sexy?” :)

  61. Nancy Trower reply

    Katelyn did a fabulous job. I loved all the photographs and especially liked the out door settings. I don’t know how you will ever choose. You both looked so good. Thanks for sharing.

  62. Linda Trucksess reply

    They are beautiful!! And so are the two of you together! Congratulations- We wish you all the best! Lots of Love(That’s my LOL), Aunt Linda

  63. Jo reply

    I’ve known Misty before she was even born. I have watched her grow up and mature into a fantastic person. The pics that were taken reflect total happiness. I especially love the “family pics”. Wonder what the next one will look like! I guess we’ll soon find out.

  64. Tim reply



  65. Charlotte John reply

    Katelyn, I cannot wait for their wedding this weekend! When I saw you were the photographer I knew this week was going to be an awesome one! Rereading this post totally got me pumped for their weekend!

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