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on this blog post and listening to CHRISTMAS music!! Is it too early for that?? ha! I seriously love this time of year…. especially in Virginia. The colors around here are amazing… even after a hurricane!! Michael and I met Travis and Amy at her parent’s home on Fawn Lake in Fredericksburg for their eshoot last week and we were pleasantly surprised that Sandy’s wrath didn’t make a huge impact on the backyard!  It was a great location for their engagement shoot!! It was almost surreal being there because Amy is one of our sweet CNU friends and I remember being a little college freshman

and going to christmas parties at her parent’s house with all of our friends!  Oh those were the good ol’ days!! Travis and Amy are obviously gorgeous people… I mean, it’s hard to find more photogenic people than these two!! However, what makes them amazing is that they are just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside… is that cheesy? Yep, definitely cheesy… but it’s so true.  Their genuine personalities made Michael and I feel right at home as soon as we walked in the front door. It’s so much fun for me to get a chance to see old friends and be a part of this super fun phase of their life! Amy and Travis are just as busy as we are and so it had been forever since I had actually had a chance to catch up with Amy! It was so wonderful to hear about their story and all that they’re envisioning for their big day! Amy and Travis, you two are such a joy to be around!! Michael and I got in the car after your shoot and both said “Aw, they’re so great!!”  Thank you for allowing me to capture this fun phase of your relationship!!  Enjoy my favorites!!


 I sure hope all of you blog stalkers out there are going to love their shoot as much as I do because I’m slightly obsessed!

Oh Amy! Just stop it!! 

So cute:)


REALLY love!

Seriously? wow.

Love her ring!


Love this one! Weeds will never get old to me!

Love these next two and just couldn’t decide!!! 

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  1. Carrie Logan reply

    obsessed. oh my gosh, katelyn. a) can i please be as pretty as her when i grow up?! and b) their wedding can’t come soon enough!! this blog stalker is EXCITED. ;)

  2. Emily K reply

    OH.MY.WORD. Katelyn!!! My all time favorite engagement session. The back drop and the couple….to die for! Stunning.

  3. Laura C reply

    Love that little lace dress!!

  4. Jill Powers reply

    Ammmmy!! I love these! You and Travis look so joyful!!! I’m so happy for you two!! Great job Katelyn!! Xo

  5. Donna Huesgen reply

    Wow Katelyn!!! Momma is very happy!! You did an amazing job-even post-hurricane! Thank you!

  6. Heather Forestiere reply

    These are amazing!! Great pictures!!! Amy and Travis you both look Gorgeous and so in LOVE!!! There is not a bad picture!! Love you guys!!!

  7. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    uhm… holy moly!

  8. Ali Lovegrove reply

    SO beautiful Katelyn, everything about this engagement shoot is just absolutely gorgeous. Great way to spend my lunch, may have to look through again now! LOVING the autumn shoots :) xx

  9. Holly reply

    are you sure you didn’t hire models?!?!?!?!??!!?!!!! ;) gorgeous, GORGEOUS session!! congrats to them! :D

  10. Alison Mish reply

    I love that you referenced us “blog stalkers!” So true…this session is to die for! You are amazing!

  11. katie yuen reply

    WOW! So so so so incredibly gorgeous! Love this session Katelyn!

  12. molly reply

    YESSSSSSS!!! i have been looking forward to this for so long!! amy you look HAWT!!!!!!! katelyn you did a great job capturing a GORGEOUS couple!

  13. Kate reply

    Simply gorgeous photos!

  14. Tara Peddicord reply

    these are ridiculous- such a beautiful session! (and can we just talk about her arm muscles?!? are you kidding me??) :)

  15. Brittany Claud reply

    Oh goodness Katelyn! LOVE all of these! My favorites are the photos where he’s picking her up! Beautiful location!!

  16. ashley barnett reply

    SO awesome!!! I have almost that exact outfit picked out for a session with Jeremy later this week haha! :) She is GORGEOUS.

  17. Meredith Sledge reply

    Whhhhhatttt? These are so good I can’t even handle it. Wow.

  18. Katie Nesbitt reply

    They are so cute and southern, I love it! Plus, I need to know where she got her green dress!!!!

  19. Katie Nesbitt reply

    Okay…footnote to my previous comment…Amy’s arm muscles are on point in that last picture!! I’m so jealous!

  20. Jen reply

    WOWW amazing!! and this is a RIDICULOUSLY good looking couple!

  21. Melissa Kate reply

    These are AMAZING!!

  22. Abby Grace W reply

    WOWSERS!!!!!!! Is she gorgeous or what??? I love love love it!!!!!!!! God bless!!!!

  23. jamie reply

    I LOVE the ring shot Katelyn! so creative.

  24. Kathryn Grace reply

    GORGEOUS! Talk about a beautiful couple! LOVE these!

  25. Annamarie reply

    Are they really real people that you know? haha..They look like they just walked out of a magazine advertisement…SO GORGEOUS.You did such an amazing job with these and I already can’t wait to see their wedding!

  26. Alicia reply

    Oh my! These are stunning!! And her arm muscles-WOW!!

  27. Kesha reply

    In love….just beautiful work Katelyn

  28. amanda tonagel reply

    Holy cow! They are all fabulous!!!!!! Great job!

  29. Dennis Bullock reply

    So gorgeous Katelyn….love it!

  30. Tiffany Farley reply

    One of my favorite sessions of yours girl! Gorgeous couple, Gorgeous portraits. Love.

  31. Megan Garrison reply

    Katelyn…girl these are GORGEOUS!!! As are all of your pictures..but these– whew!! Fabulous!!

  32. Evelyn reply

    I’ve been waiting to see these since I got the text from Amy that she got engaged! Sooooooo beautiful!

  33. Janie reply

    So beautiful! And fun!!!

  34. Amanda reply

    WOW. Beautiful couples and amazing photos! I can not WAIT to see their wedding post!

  35. Leslie reply

    EVERYTHING about this session is fabulous! The posing, styling – and her arms! ;) Absolutely Gorge!!!!

  36. Cary reply

    So beautiful! It think it should be required that photographers ask such classy beautiful people to share where they got their great outfits from!

  37. Sara reply

    Will you pleased ask her where or what brand that lace dress Is? It’s gorgeous! And so is she!

  38. Nicole reply

    Beautiful! I would love to know where her lace dress is from and those boots! Is there a way to find out?

  39. Blaire Morris reply

    love the shoot and LOVE the boots!! what brand are they!?!?

  40. Madison reply

    First and foremost, this shoot is stunning. I love everything about it. And Nicole, I am almost positive the dress is from H&M. I have the same one that I purchased recently (they might still have it!!) It might not be what she is wearing, but it looks identical! :) I have no idea where the boots are from though. I want them!!

  41. TA reply

    Would love to know where she gets her dresses, they are so beautiful!

  42. Jill reply

    These photos are stunning! They should share these with everyone by sending out photo save the dates. I think these photos would go great with this layout:

  43. Crystal reply

    Beautiful pictures! Gorgeous couple! My friend got a white lace dress just like hers from H&M! :)

  44. Kathy kelsey reply

    Very beautiful pics. Love ur boots, where r they from?

  45. Erin reply

    Where did you or she get that lace dress from? My friend would like that exact dress for her special day this year!

  46. kathy reply

    i am in love with these boots!!!! does anyone know where they are from???

  47. Danielle reply

    where did you get that dress?! :)

  48. Stephanie reply

    Came across one of these pics on pinterest and let me just say – GORGEOUS!! Can you please ask Amy where she bough her White Lace dress? I am looking for a similar one for a photo shoot. Wish you were located in NC to take my pictures!

  49. Stephanie brown reply

    So beautil! Congratulations. …

  50. Alaina reply

    Your pictures are stunning!

  51. Leslie reply

    Would love to know where she got the lace dress for my pictures next week?

  52. judy reply

    I too would love to know where she got the dress! Looking every where and haven’t come close. Thanks!

  53. ciara reply

    Love the lace dress where is it from also where were these pictures taken ? Beautiful …great job

  54. ciara reply

    Love the lace dress where is it from ..also pictures are beautiful amazing Job where were they taken at ??

  55. Nicki reply

    Where did she get those boots? I am in love!! And the dress

  56. Nicki reply

    Where did she get those boots?

  57. Mindy reply

    Please tell me where to find that dress and those boots.

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  59. Stephanie reply

    I would love to know where you got the lace/crochet dress. I am looking for one to wear in my wedding. Thank you!!

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  61. Ashley Jock reply

    These are amazing!!!

  62. Allison reply

    Your photos are stunning! Where did you get your lace dress and boots? I am in Love!!!

  63. JERICKA reply

    I love the dress, but where did she get those boots?!? Does anyone know what brand they are? GREAT SHOTS BY THE WAY! SUCH a beautiful COUPLE!!

  64. JERICKA reply

    I love the dress, but does anyone know where she got the boots??? Or even what brand they are? Great shots. such a beautiful couple!

  65. Kayla reply

    Came across your blog looking for a dress for our engagement shoot. These photos are stunning! There isn’t enough compliments to give them! I would love to know where she got her lace dress; it would be perfect for ours!!!

  66. Chapin reply

    I have the same dress – it’s from H&M a couple of summer ago! :-)

  67. Michele reply

    I absolutely adore this dress, and your photos come up all over Pintrest! I have to know; where did you get your lace dress?! congrats!

  68. Rachel W. reply


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  70. Brittany reply

    These pictures are gorgeous! I would love to know where the lace dress is from, so beautiful!

  71. Love her hair and what a cute pose – Wedding Mo reply

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  72. Lydia Matthes reply

    These are so beautiful! Where is Amy’s crème lace dress from? I would love to wear that in my own engagement shoot. :)

  73. Kurti reply

    Amy and Travis look so joyful. I love these! engagment shoot in lace dress of amy is perfect. i would love to use this lace work in my designs. thanks for sharing best photos of perfect couple.

  74. R. Payne reply

    Where can I get that lace dress!!!!

  75. Olive reply

    I love the couple’s picture they are so precious and beautiful :) I hope they are happily married and that they have an amazing and adventurous life.

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