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How many

of you have gone to a cafe or coffee shop or restaurant and have decided on a WHIM to try something NEW?!  Whenever this happens to me I feel like deep down, I’m being a rebel! A few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to try a little something NEW at STARBUCKS! What?! Breaking away from my regular order?! Yes. I cheated on my carmel iced mocha and I found something NEW that I like! It’s healthier too! I even have Michael buying “Trenta”s of this new drink!  Ps. When did “Trenta’s” become an option?! Those cups are MASSIVE!! So here’s the deal… because I realize “Featured” posts are BORING… we’re spicing it up a little bit!!


I want you all to leave your FAVORITE starbucks order in a comment… and if your fav order just so happens to MATCH my NEW favorite order… you’ll be entered to win a starbucks giftcard! I mean really, how simple is this?! Tell me what you drink at Starbucks and you put yourself in the running for some free $$$ to the most addictive coffee shop known to man! Winners will be announced on the Wedding Wednesday post this week! (Leave your email in case you WIN!)


On to other news… I just want to say a HUGE thank you to those bloggers and editors that have allowed my work to be displayed in their magazines and  on their sites. I’m HONORED. Thank you times a million!


The Wedding Planner did an article on my good friend and cinematographer Josh Gooden and used one of my images I shot during my promotional film!  And Shoot2Shoot is a NEW resource for photographers who ARE second shooters and who are looking for second shooters! I was able to do to a write up for them so check them out and leave them some LOVE!
Probably the most EXCITING blog post I’ve ever written. I was FLOORED when she asked. I still don’t really know why she would ask ME… but I’m honored… and I had my sister spell check my post like 600 times!! Thanks Jasmine for allowing me to fill in while you’re on TOUR for THE FIX!!   And thanks to United with Love for showing off Ryan and Shannon’s DC engagement!!! Woohoo! And Channel 12 highlighted Matt and Brittany’s big day from 2011!  
I’ve been working with DESIGN AGLOW to help them fill in their promotional images for their new product lines! I’m so excited to see my beautiful couples on their site! Be sure to check out ALL the amazing resources they have for photographers!! It’s unreal!! 
I absolutely LOVE the way this blog tells STORIES of their featured couples! Heart Love Weddings featured Mandy and Josh’s vintage engagement session AND Evelyn and Nathan’s rustic fall wedding! THANK YOU GIRLS!!! And thanks to Smitten Magazine for showcasing Matt and Rebekah’s beautiful day!!!! 
The Wedding Channel was so sweet to feature David and Courtney’s Elegant Winter Wedding!!!  And I was so excited to be selected as a TWO BRIGHT LIGHTS Editor’s Choice Award Recipient!  You can find the remaining features here: A LowCountry Wedding,  Wedding Photography.com , Homeketeers
Last but not least! If you’re a bride who’s freaking out about RAIN…. this post should help from Bayside Bride!! 

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  1. Kelsey: ( )

    Iced Passion Tea Lemonade!

  2. Karina: ( )

    Congrats Katelyn! The features are beautiful and you deserve it! I too have switched up my coffee order :) I ordered just a traditional latte and it was delicious…until coconut syrup comes back of course!

  3. Becky: ( )

    Sweetened passion tea lemonade! Yum <3

  4. Anna: ( )

    You go girl! :) Vanilla Bean Frapuccino :)

  5. Amanda Truth: ( )

    Spicing it up a little, I like it!! MY new favorite drink has to be an iced white chocolate mocha. I had one the day before the workshop and it rocked my world. Can’t wait to hear what your new fave is :) And congrats on all your features!!

  6. Alicia: ( )

    Mmm if you like caramel, you should try a – skinny iced caramel machhiato – yumms! if u are wanting it a bit sweeteer, put in a pump of vanilla!

  7. Samantha: ( )

    Congratulations on all of the features!! Your work is beautiful! I love a caramel macchiato! :-)

  8. Anna Montgomery: ( )

    Hi Katelyn! I love your featured posts! And how fun is it to see your work on other’s blogs?!?! Thanks for all the wisdom and insight you share on your blog! P.S. I am working at Starbucks right now and my favorite drink is a shaken black iced tea lemonade! :0)

  9. Alison: ( )

    Haha I love this. My absolutely favorite is a passion tea lemonade. Especially after a good run, and I don’t feel guilty about it at all!

  10. Resi: ( )

    My favourite? It’s the Vanilla Latte – simple and delicious. No need to put anything else in it but grab the mug and enjoy! Mmmmmh!

  11. Sarah: ( )

    The features are GORGEOUS. Congratulations :) Especially loved your guest post on Jasmine Star’s page- what a beautiful workspace! My typical order at Starbucks: iced caramel macchiato :)

  12. Paige Jones: ( )

    I’m pretty sure my favorite drink won’t match up with yours…I usually drink a 2-pump Van. Americano. BUT…can I guess yours?? Is it an iced Caramel Macchiato? And congrats on the features :-)

  13. Abby Grace: ( )

    This sounds so stupid, but I always forget to submit my work lol. So when I was working with a designer for my new workflow chart, I added a “submit” category at the very end. Now if I want me chart to be complete, I HAVE to submit! Also, favorite drink: iced caramel macchiato. Decaf, though, because otherwise I get all cracked out and super-jumpy.

  14. Christy Payton: ( )

    Congrats, Katelyn! Your work deserves every bit of recognition! And my fave drink is definitely an iced chai latte!!! Mmmm hmmm.

  15. Evanne: ( )

    I’d have to go with a Skinny Iced Caramel Latte!

  16. Miranda: ( )

    I am not a coffee lover but I do enjoy the Caramel Apple Spice! Cold or Hot!

  17. Sabrina: ( )

    Nicely done on the features!! My fall favorite at Starbucks is a lowfat chai tea latte with two pumps of pumpkin spice. But thanks to Katie and her drink at the workshop experience on Friday, my new warm weather favorite is the Passion Tea!! She said adding lemonade makes it even better :-)

  18. Karla: ( )

    I love the smell of coffee! The flavour and vitality that gives my body to start a new day.
    Coffee accompanies me in each meeting with my family and friends.
    My favorite drink: coffee of the day

  19. Christine: ( )

    Since I absolutely LOVE the iced caramel mocchiatos…she got me hooked on the Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Soy Milk…it tastes just like them and its a healthier and cheaper version! Can we say double score? : )

  20. Rebecca Ramsey: ( )

    White chocolate mocha!

  21. Rebekah Nix: ( )

    Def the passionfruit tea lemondade for spring and summer days. Love it!

  22. Becca Pettingell: ( )

    Favorite drink: Nonfat mocha, either iced or hot!
    but when I want to change it up, I either go with a Caramel Apple Spice (its like fall in a cup) or a nonfat (or full fat on craving days) coconut mocha!

  23. Alison Blunk: ( )

    I am so close to the gold level at Starbucks! ;) my fav is a soy iced chai. YUM!

  24. Hannah Wilson: ( )

    My favorite drink at Starbucks is the Green Tea Latte, with a shot of raspberry flavor. If you haven’t tried it, you should! Delicious. :)

  25. kat: ( )

    starbucks! so many options!!

    For tea – I’ve been SUPER addicted to a London Fog with skim… OH YUM!
    For coffee- Salted Carmel latte, with skim milk, hard carmel, but only 1/2 of their normal pumps!!!!

  26. Susan: ( )

    All of your features look STUNNING! My all time favorite drink is Venti Passion Tea Lemonade Sweetened! It is so DELIGHTFUL!

  27. francine: ( )

    i love the iced caramel macchiato (nonfat, upside-down) #1 and the iced white chocolate mocha (nonfat) #2. yummmmm… also, i’m really excited to see what drink you’re talking about, katelyn. here in columbus, ohio, the only thing that can be ordered in the treinta size is the iced coffee.

  28. Josh Gooden: ( )

    Congrats on all the features!! We have to talk soon! :] Hmm my favorite is a Carmel Frappuccino. Its literally the only thing I ever get there haha.

  29. Jessica G: ( )

    I heart the double chocolate chip and strawberry cream frappucinos!

  30. Rici: ( )

    Oh Katelyn! All these pages and features look amazing! Congrats! and you deserve it!
    BIG QUESTION: why is there no Starbucks in Italy?
    Greetings from Tuscany ;-)

  31. Jacqi: ( )

    I totally love my nonfat chai lattes!! Sooo good! Even if this isn’t your new drink, you should give it a try.

  32. Cassandra: ( )

    I love an iced white mocha!

  33. Tori N.: ( )

    Iced Chai Latte <3 Wow…so many fantastic features for you. Congratulations Katelyn!

  34. Jessica: ( )

    I just discovered the Awake Tea Latte from Starbucks! I LOVE it!

  35. Natalie Young: ( )

    Congratulations on all your features Katelyn!! My favourite starbucks drink is the Vanilla Latte. It’s so basic but it never gets old! :)

  36. Alyy Meza: ( )

    My favorite is a tie between the chocolate chip frappe and the whiter chocolate mocha! Both so good!! BTW, these pictures and posts are AWESOME!!

  37. Kelsey Blome: ( )

    Venit extra ice black tea.

  38. Lisa: ( )

    it depends on my mood at Starbucks, BUT I do usually always enjoy a non fat, hazelnut latte with whip and caramel drizzle…but if I’m feeling like I need Christmas in a cup, then I get an almond soy latte-its sooo tasty!!! BUT if I want something cold and totally full of fat but is soo good to the taste buds, then that would def. have to be a caramel frappuccino!!! I just caramel!!! =)

  39. Auriel Johnson: ( )

    Venti White choc mocha, 1.5 pumps white choc, 2 pumps toffee nut… It is incredibly delicious!! And summertime I like to get iced chai tea latte with 2 shots, aka dirty chai … Mmmm love me some Sbux! :) ps one of my fav things about your blog is the little intro paragraph that says “sit back, grab some coffee, and take a look at my work” hah u

  40. Debbie P: ( )

    My favorite is a Grande Iced Caramel Latte made with Skim Milk.

  41. katie: ( )

    grande peppermint mocha please!

  42. Sami B.: ( )

    Grande, soy, iced caramel macchiato with extra caramel. Ohhhh boy

  43. Ashley Armstrong: ( )

    Iced Black tea lemonade!!! Yumm!

  44. McCall Doyle: ( )

    Grande Caramel Frappuccino. I don’t even like coffee and even I like this. For winter, the creme brulee latte is a dream. :)

    And Yay for being featured so much! I got a thrill when I picked up my local Knot copy this weekend and recognized your photos before I saw the credit. :)

  45. Emily Semans: ( )

    Trenta iced green tea!!

  46. Julianna: ( )

    All of the previously mentioned drinks are great and all but if you want something to blow off your socks, try a Black and White Mocha. It’s a blend between a white chocolate mocha and a peppermint mocha and I’m pretty sure they put some addictive drugs in as well. And if you’re wanting to be more healthy, just get the tall. Even that small amount will make your day 10x better. I would say that after asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior, ordering a Black and White Mocha was the next best decision in my life.

  47. Jill Powers: ( )

    Normally I get the iced, non-fat carmel macchiato, but now that it’s warmer out I get the iced green tea lemonade, sweetened of course!

  48. Brittany M: ( )

    Venti iced vanilla latte with soy!

  49. Jen Jar: ( )

    Java Chip Frappucino :)

  50. Ali Mclaughlin: ( )

    Passion tea and vanilla lates are my fav!

  51. Rachel Dee: ( )

    Mmmm, I’ve been craving my favorite… grande white mocha. On warmer days I get it blended. :O) I’ve been staying away to be healthy, but I just might have to grab one later today!

  52. Laura Britton: ( )

    Nonfat Caramel Macchiato – sometimes hot, sometimes iced :)

  53. Charlotte John: ( )

    Iced Passion Tea-sweetened and peppermint mochas depending on the season!

  54. kaitlyn harney: ( )

    iced chai tea with vanilla and soy :]

  55. mary dougherty: ( )

    iced caramel macchiato

  56. Cati: ( )

    Chai tea latte…and my all-time favorite, pumpkin spice latte, but that’s out of season, so I know you didn’t get that!

  57. Amanda Brown: ( )

    skinny cinnamon dolce latte… if this isn’t it, you ought to try it :) yum!

  58. Meredith Sledge: ( )

    There’s no way we drink the same thing if yours is healthy. HAHA. All I drink there is unhealthy stuff. Or I think so. But I really like iced raspberry passion tea!

  59. Jessica: ( )

    skinny non-fat caramel macchiato.

  60. Patricia Carlisle: ( )

    Iced white mocha!

  61. Caitlyn McMahan: ( )

    skinny vanilla latte!

  62. Bethany Cox: ( )

    Grande Iced Coffee with Soy milk, no sugar.

  63. KristyWilson: ( )

    Cinnamon Dulce Latte Iced. Probably not healthy. But soooo good!

  64. Bethany mitchell: ( )

    Caramel apple spice :) yummy

  65. karen: ( )

    I always get a caramel apple spice! it is hot apple cider but more delicious!

  66. Bekah: ( )

    Wow, that’s a hard decision! I would say the Iced Passion Tea Lemonade is up there at the top.

  67. Ali: ( )

    So happy for you! Hmmm, my favorite low cal treat at the bucks is skinny vanilla lattes – so I’ll guess an iced skinny vanilla latte – you could even add a pump of caramel and it would still be pretty healthy – all that milk is good for you!

  68. Erika: ( )

    The Passion Tea! Sweetened of course :)

  69. Sarah Williams: ( )

    White Chocolate Mocha!

  70. Tori: ( )

    i love non-fat iced caramel lattes. :)

    also, yay for all the features! :D

  71. Kim Sobel: ( )

    Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

  72. Katie S: ( )

    I order a venti caramel mochatto and i add some sugar and cinammon to spice it up a bit, it makes my day better. I love starbucks :) So glad the keurig has the starbucks k-cups now :) :) Thanks for this oppurtunity Katelyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Harris S.: ( )

    skinny grande iced caramel macchiato

  74. katie yuen: ( )

    Even though it isn’t winter anymore…. I LOVE getting Caramel Apple Spice! Its so yummy and it makes me feel healthy because its apple juice!

  75. Vicki: ( )

    My favorite is a skinny iced Carmel Macchiato!

  76. stephanie g: ( )

    iced tazo passion tea lemonade – my favorite for the hot weather…and definitely one you can drink a trenta of! ;)

  77. Emily: ( )

    I just l.o.v.e. Starbucks! Please tell me you are enjoying the skinny iced caramel macchiato :-)

  78. Gielle: ( )

    My favorite ever is the Strawberries & Crème Frappuccino. I know it’s not coffee, but it’s delicious and you can think of it as a healthy coffee-free day!

  79. Meghan H.: ( )

    iced white mocha with skim milk! :)

  80. Stephanie B.: ( )

    My favorite and pretty much ONLY thing I order is a soy chai latte! I used to do non-fat but the soy has grown on me! Yum (and low-calorie)!

  81. Faith: ( )

    Congrats on all of the features, Katelyn! :) My favorite Starbucks drink depends on the day… but I love the Caramel & White Chocolate Mocha frappuccinos & the Passion Tea Lemonade! :)

  82. Dara S.: ( )

    I order always get a caramel macchiato! Yummmm. :)

  83. emily: ( )

    i don’t drink coffee, but when i’m in the mood for something chocolatey, i get the double chocolate chip frappachino, yum! oh, and the mini doughnuts are addictive!

  84. stephanie: ( )

    i loooovvveeee the green tea frappe! It’s such a yummy treat and…healthy? :)

  85. Wendi: ( )

    i am into their vanilla chai tea latte!
    something warm and yummy for this cold, rainy washington weather!

  86. Caitlin Gerres: ( )

    My current favorite is chai tea latte. And I didn’t even think I liked tea until I tried it!

  87. Lara Van Klompenburg: ( )

    Chai Tea Latte! Grande! :)

  88. sherri: ( )

    I love iced caramel macchiatos! so delicious!

  89. laura: ( )

    skinny caramel latte (with whip and an extra shot of espresso).. yum

  90. Jess: ( )

    Congrats on all the places you’ve been featured, that’s awesome! My newest favorite starbucks drink is a vanilla steamer. (basically just steamed milk with vanilla powder. It’s delicious!! And since I’m pregnant I need to cut down on the caffeinated drinks so this is perfect :)

  91. Stephanie: ( )

    Iced non-fat no-whip peppermint white mocha. If thats not your new drink you should give it a try

  92. Kaytlyn Williams: ( )

    Iced Caramel Macchiato! :)

  93. Mary Powell: ( )

    My go to is always the non fat iced caramel macchiato. I’m addicted!

  94. Shannon Cronin Photography: ( )

    my drink of choice is a soy chai tea latte- soooo tasty :)

  95. Lydia: ( )

    This is hard for me because I rarely order the same drink in a row at Starbucks! But one of my newest favorites is a straight up Passion ice tea with sweetener!

  96. Jen: ( )

    I actually don’t drink starbucks. I am one of the few who does not like their coffee. I *love* coffee, but not starbucks. BUT, I am commenting not to rant about the ‘bucks, instead to rave about your guest post on J*’s blog. I LOVED your post and thought it was super awesome and very inspiring.
    And now, I am really enjoying your blog too! Keep up the amazing work – and thank you for that awesome post. :)

  97. laura: ( )

    earl grey tea latte! yumm.

  98. Jackie Beale: ( )

    I LOVE the rasberry green tea frappuchino!!!

  99. Danielle: ( )

    Skinny vanilla latte!

  100. Paris: ( )

    Toffenut Latte w/Whip!

  101. Nancy Mitchell: ( )

    Skinny Caramel frappe? My favorite is the Salted Hot Chocolate Frappe. I am learning to like coffee;)

  102. Leanne Wight: ( )

    Cafe Mocha with skim milk and no whip! :)

  103. Molly: ( )

    skinny cinnamon dolche latte :)

  104. SvetlanaHilKovich: ( )

    Caramel macchiato UPSIDE DOWN :) My absolute Fav, i get it every time!

  105. Laurin: ( )

    Upside-down caramel macchiato all the way! :)

  106. Brittany: ( )

    iced sweet passion tea :)

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