Finding My Strength

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This past weekend Michael and I had the privilege of going back to our home church and sharing about what God is doing in our business. My dad asked us if we would be a part of their recent series about living for Christ outside the walls of the church and of course we said yes! What an honor! Our home church is where we and grew up, where we spent our early dating years, where he proposed and where we got married! There are so many sweet memories at that church.

It felt surreal to share about our story about becoming a husband/wife team and how that has dramatically shifted the way we serve our couples.  It was a powerful morning and I just loved getting to tell our friends and family about what our life looks like and how our ministry has expanded beyond the walls of our church.  Our good friends Katie and Tyler led worship and it was beautiful. I don’t know what it was about that morning but I left feeling like God was really doing something in my heart.

Afterwards we headed down to Powhatan for an All Songs and Daughters concert with some family and friends. I’m obsessed with their lyrics and as I listened to them sing, there was a line that really stuck out to me in one of their songs….

“In Your Presence I Find My Strength”…..

Maybe it’s just me but those 7 words really made an impact last night.  Sometimes I fall into seasons of weakness and tiredness and I become even MORE tired trying to “fix” myself. The truth is that I need to make time to be in His presence because it is only THERE that I find my strength.  And when I say “strength”, I’m not just talking about physical energy… I’m talking about EVERY area of strength of my life…. my creative side, my confidence level, my ability to handle criticism, my battle with comparison, my drive to love and serve friends, family and clients… etc etc. EVERYTHING is strengthened in His presence because He is the keeper of my PURPOSE.

This isn’t a normal Monday post and I realize that…. but maybe there should be more Monday posts like this. Maybe we should start our weeks with a reminder that we can’t do this on our own. There is so much freedom in realizing that!!!

I hope this was an encouraging and uplifting way to start your Monday! And if you need a beautiful soundtrack for your day, listen below!

Thanks for the photo Anna!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Corry frazier reply

    Awesome post Katelyn! I need to remember those words as well….when we are weak or weary, our strength is found in The Lord. Our family is in a time of transition professionally…and we are leaning heavily on His understanding and not our own. Thanks for this Monday reminder!

  2. Christin reply

    Yes to more Monday post like this! This is just what I needed to here this morning, thank you

  3. Maggie Richard reply

    I read that Kara Tippetts had passed away this morning on the Gospel Coalition. Your words echoed hers. I cried. Sometimes this world gets me so weary. Then I remember that that’s okay, that there is grace, and that I was never meant to do it alone. Jesus must be trying to remind us all of that.

  4. Stacey reply

    Thanks for sharing this post this morning, Katelyn! It’s just what I needed to hear today.

  5. Susan Fowler reply

    LOVE this! I’ve had “In Your Presence” stuck in my head all morning!

  6. Elizabeth Atkinson reply

    Wonderful post, Katelyn. I so needed this reminder this morning.

  7. Cinnamon reply

    agreed and I was also reminded of this very thing this weekend. Its not ME, its HIM. I can stop worrying/trying so hard/wondering if I will ever live up because HE is what it is all about. Just keep my eyes where they need to be, enjoy his presence and the rest will work itself out! Thanks Katelyn for the reminder and encouragement!

  8. Lisa Parrish reply

    I love this post!!! Its so good to hear such open and honest words from a photographer that’s “made it” (as much as any of us ever can say that in this industry ;)
    I struggle with much the same things only from a “not-even-making-a-side-income-yet” stage in the business and struggling sometimes to get the motivation and creative “umph” to keep going. Thank you so much for reminding me that I need to keep so immersed and plugged in to His presence.
    And yes, you both are total inspirations for kingdom transformation outside the walls of the church. You are leaders who ARE impacting our industry and bringing Heaven’s ways into the arts and entertainment world. Keep going!!! God has so much more for you :)

  9. Sydni Jackson reply

    So encouraging, thanks for sharing!

  10. Sami Orndorff reply

    Thanks for sharing this music video!!! I’d heard of them before…but never listened!! Love this :) So thankful for how you use your business to glorify God!!!

  11. Kristen reply

    Katelyn: Thanks for sharing at Salem yesterday. What a blessing! It was so neat to hear your stories and see how God is working in your lives. I have really been thinking about so much of what was shared yesterday and last week at church. For someone who hasn’t had a paid job in 13 years…living your faith in the 9 to 5 has a bit of a different spin…but hearing you and Michael share was neat, b/c it’s not about the money….even if you don’t get paid for all the work you do…it’s about relationships and being willing to be used by God through everything small or big in wherever you are in life and in whatever you are doing. My “job” is 24/7 and I pray that each moment I will live for God alone and be aware of how I can serve Him. Thanks again for sharing your amazing story with our “little” church in the middle of nowhere. :) May God continue to bless you and Michael in your work for the Kingdom!

  12. Sabrina reply

    Without even reading your post until after 5pm, He reminded me of this very thing this morning. With a needy newborn, the inability to take a “real” maternity leave since I own my own business, and it taking 2+ hours to get out the door this morning for some errands, I heard Him say in the midst of my tears that I can’t do this alone… that’s what HIS strength is for. I fully support more Monday posts like this :-) Thanks, Katelyn!

  13. ashley reply

    amen, sista friend! :) love this and you! monday motivations! :)

  14. Lacey Morefield reply

    SO beautiful and such a wonderful (and refreshing) truth! Thank you for using your platform to speak truth, speak encouragement, speak life to me. God is working something beautiful in & through you (to me)…and we haven’t even met! Love how our God works! Continually blessed by you…

  15. Katie and Tyler reply

    YES!!! Love this. We have been talking about this very thing all weekend and today as well :)

  16. Stacey Blizzard reply

    That is one of my favorite All Sons & Daughters songs! I had no idea they were performing so close by. Sad I missed it!

  17. Brenda James reply

    Love this post, and love YOU and MICHAEL! Thank you so much for sharing yesterday from your heart. Your testimonies touched my heart as your mother and as a believer. Your Daddy and I are so blessed to see how God is using the two of you to share His love as you invest in the lives of so many people. I echo the sentiments of many others . . . more Monday posts like this one would be well received, appreciated, and a blessing to others who need to hear a word of encouragement.

  18. Mylah Renae reply

    Great way to start the week! I’d love to have been able to listen in on y’all’s talk at your home church!

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