A Firehouse Engagement Shoot

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shooting, I mentioned how Rita was the one who convinced me to tryout for Volleyball in Middle School…. and then I quickly added that it became painfully obvious that volleyball was not “my thing” after a few games. That’s when I thought my friendship with Rita started but she reminded me that we actually went to PRESCHOOL together!! We first met at the “Little School at the Grove”  as toddlers! Who would have thought that we would grow up and I would be photographing her wedding?! It’s such a small, wonderful world and I loved every minute of my time with these two.

Blake and Rita met me at the firehouse and it was the perfect place to start their shoot! Blake is a fire fighter and I love that they decided to shoot on locations that really represent who they are. To say these two are fun would be an understatement. I’m so thrilled to be a part of their wedding day and I’m excited to share their engagement shoot today!! So happy Black Friday and to all of you crazies out there trying to make it through the crowds, I wish you patience and great sales. :) Congrats to Rita and Blake!! Thanks for being AWESOME!!! Enjoy your post!!

Could she be cuter? 

wow!! Nice!!

Cutest picture ever? Yes.

Rita you’re gorgeous! Look at those eyes!

A favorite!!

Tractor time!!

Love this…


Meet Ginger….. she looks scared to death of me! …. But she’s a sweety!

Blake wanted pictures with his girls… so sweet.

Love it:)

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Katie reply

    Katelyn, i can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Fire and country! I love it! :)

  2. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Amazing pictures!! I love the firehouse pics…so unique and so perfect!!

  3. Annetta reply

    Wonderful job Katelyn!! Looking at these after having done your workshop, I’m seeing your photos with a new set of eyes. I now know how you got what you did and can almost hear you telling them what to do. Awesome!!

  4. Ginny reply

    I don’t usually leave comments on your posts, but the pictures with Ginger = absolutely adorable. I just pray my dogs will be that cute in my pictures :)

  5. Kathryn Grace reply

    Oh wow, do I ever love this shoot!! Amazing!

  6. Jamie reply

    Very fun Katelyn! Great variety… I love it!

  7. ashley link reply

    another beautiful shoot! i must say, as soon as i saw the firetruck, i sent the link to my boyfriend (since he’s a firefighter). hehe. and of course, he loved them! great job! :)

  8. Lydia reply

    Oh, I just love those two last pictures! So cute!

  9. Jeremy reply

    Gorgeous couple and a gorgeous session! Great job as always Katelyn!

  10. Jennifer Gulley reply

    LOVE! The last one is so perfect and a great ending to a great post!

  11. Caitlin Sullivan reply

    Such adorable shots. My favorite is the shot of them cuddling against the wall of the firemen’s gear. Cute pup, too!

  12. Kristin reply

    So cute!!!

  13. Esther reply

    Is it just me or did she look a little like Taylor Swift in some of these photos…? Regardless, what a fun session! That dog is precious!

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