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  • The First Month

getting a puppy would mean big changes for us.  We were used to leaving the house whenever we wanted for as long as we wanted. No responsibility whatsoever. It was nice. When we first got married we talked about getting a puppy but luckily, we decided to wait. I’m so thankful. That year and a 1/2 without a puppy was good for us and I’m glad we didn’t immediately jump into being puppy parents right after the wedding. However, December 2011 was quickly approaching and I was secretly hoping Michael agreed that it was time to get a puppy! …. He did. I found out on Christmas morning that we were going to get a little Bich-Poo!!! AHH!!!

We found a breeder on and saw that she had one “red baby” left. So that was him…..that was our puppy! On Christmas day, we put a deposit down and waited. We waited and waited. It seemed like forever!!  Finally, it was January 21st. We got in the car and drove 5 hours to meet this new member of the family and bring im home. Now, I know some of you are thinking “Gosh! 5 hours?! aren’t there any dogs around Richmond that need a home?!”. Yes, there are so many puppies in need of a home but we have this BIG issue at our house….. ALLERGIES. Michael is the worst. He sneezes just being around my family’s Springer Spaniel! We had to find a puppy that didn’t SHED… at all. Bichon’s and Poodles are non-shedding breeds and so we thought this would be our BEST option… and it was. Bokeh may be a ball of fluff but that fluff doesn’t come out! It’s WONDERFUL!!!!



So as soon as we got him home, we loved him. He was a TON of work and our daily schedules changed drastically but we loved having a 3rd member to our little family! The sad thing is…. they change so fast! Just in the FIRST MONTH we noticed him changing almost daily!! It was crazy! So naturally, I took pictures of him…. like everyday. God bless my poor future children. Thank goodness I don’t use flash or they would end up blind. Here are some highlights of Bokeh’s first month at home with us!! Enjoy these and happy monday!!

Such a little nugget!

This bed didn’t last long… he started ripping it to shreds. Great.

A little shy on his first walk through the backyard:)

ohh my gooodnesss. That face! This was before we bought the doggy gate and we just had a little bench set up across the kitchen doorway and he was trying to get out:)

Steps used to be a BIG deal for Bokeh Boy…. he flies up them now!

First bath…. we realized that under all that hair, we really just had a hairy chihuahua! His body is TINY!

Post-bath fuzz.

haha love this. #teething.

First walk!

He’s a good walker now… but not at first. At first, we were a little concerned!

Nap time on the couch.

We quickly found out that he’s a JUMPER! We call him our little circus dog because he’ll literally stands on his hind legs forever!


Our families love him:)

Momma’s first grandbaby…. seriously. My mom AND Michael’s mom treated Bokeh like a grandchild! I mean that’s fine with us! We have constant puppy sitters!

Aunty Em!


xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. emily reply

    these are so adorable, he is too sweet!

  2. molly stillman reply i can’t handle him. TOO CUTE.

  3. Christy reply

    These are SO STINKIN CUTE! I wish I had taken this many pics with my REAL camera of Chloe when we first got her! I relied too much on my phone camera because I was “too busy.” I’m a bit jealous of all your documentation! Keep it up! :)

  4. Shefali Lindsey reply

    Katelyn, this is the exact kind of pup my husband and I are looking for right now (I also have horrible allergies). He is so darn adorable!!!

  5. Amanda Helfrick reply

    OMG, those are WAY too cute! Love his little face!

  6. Bethany Ann reply

    Oh my goodness! LOVE him!! :) Soooo sweet. And I didn’t realize that those breeds didn’t shed. AMAZING!! Happy Monday!

  7. Emily reply

    Bokeh sounds just like my puppy, Oliver! We shed more than he does, and he looks like a rodent when we give him a bath :)

  8. Stephanie Stewart reply

    I just love your little Bokeh! He is absolutely adorable!

  9. Kristina W. reply

    Cutest puppy in the world, it’s official.

  10. Heather Fordham reply

    Youve made me want one! Love love love the fluffy butt at the end with him looking over his shoulder! Model, much!?

  11. Emy reply

    Hurry up and bring this little nugget to Tech! I have friends that want to meet him!!!!!! :)

  12. Katie Yuen reply

    squeeee! so much cute! my momma treated my baby Finn like a grandbaby too! He’s gotten SO many cat toys and treats and so much lovin!! They grow up so fast *tear*

  13. Jamie Dee reply

    Oh my goodness, he is without a doubt the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen! I LOVE seeing your pics of him and hearing about your adventures. <3

  14. Gabby / En Route Photography reply

    Ahhhhhhh… Bokeh really is the cutest!!! You are lucky parents! Cannot wait to get a puppy one day either… ;)

  15. caroline reply

    awww i needed some puppy destress today. And your hair is curly!!!

  16. Elisa reply

    Oh My Goodness…there are no words to explain how cutie pattutie this puppy is. Your pictures of him are just perfect. Love your blog.

  17. Maggie Fortson reply

    Seeing photos of him is the highlight of my day :) That face! Congrats on owning the coolest dog around…

  18. Meredith Sledge reply

    He has changed! But he’s still SO cute!! Love.

  19. elizabeth robertson reply

    adorbs. in some pictures he literally looks like a little chicken nugget. bet its hard to not slather him with some honey mustard and eat him up

  20. Kathryn Grace reply

    He’s adorable! My sister recently got a red cockapoo and he looks very similar to yours. Love that you named him Bokeh… too cute!!
    Just found your blog… your work is gorgeous. I’ll definitely be back!

  21. Denise Hunt reply

    Such a cutie!! I love seeing these pictures of him :)

  22. Jen reply

    Puppies are the best! He seems like he is really living the life :) Enjoy every minute! My “puppy” will be 7 this year and he is still my baby. Can’t wait to see more great pics of Bokeh!

  23. Carmen reply

    Looks like Im going to be getting one of his half brothers this Saturday :)

  24. Nancy Mitchell reply

    He is so adorable. I am not much of a fan of dogs, but YES I do have one and totally want another because of your blog, Karen Stott’s blog, and Keary Cheney’s blog. You girls have the cutest pups ever! I have a large yellow lab that sheds like crazy, argh! But she does fit into my blonde household;)

  25. Chamonix Thurston-Rattue reply

    Oh my goodness gracious! He actually looks like a little teddy bear :) Lucky you to have him around!!! Soo cute! xoxo

  26. Alexandra Hunt reply

    What a fluffball! He reminds me of our dog, Harvey (a shih tzu – pomeranian – ewok cross) as a baby. Little teeeeeth!!

  27. Eleonora reply

    Oh my gosh!!! He’s so cute!
    Moreover I could have written these words. My life and my boyfriend’s life drastically have changed with Cora’s arrival. Plus we didn’t look for her on purpose. She was our friend’s gift for my boyfriend’s birthday. So totally unexpected!
    At first we had no idea what to do, but now we couldn’t be without her. And she changed our habits too. Every weekend we spend time with her & walk a lot and we spend less time in malls and shops (that’s good). I have more photos of Cora than of my BF! XD
    Unfortunately she changed and grew too fast! I remember those first days when she was a little bit scared and shy. Now she’s quite the opposite XD

    BTW: I love these photos of Bokeh!

  28. Mia Bjerring reply

    He is seriously Bokehlicious! He is such a cute puppy, but oh my he is getting big! I can’t really explain in words how cute he is. He must be such a good cuddle buddy! Love seeing all these beautiful images of him growing up :)

  29. Pia reply

    Aaww LOVE this post:) He is crazy cute!!!
    Wish we could have one like him!


  30. Puppy Love: Bokeh, Katelyn and Michael | The Daily Dog Tag reply

    […] He’s so cute, and reminded me of a teddy bear!  Katelyn adores Bokeh, and there are tons of great Bokeh shots on  her blog, including a first month post. […]

  31. Katherine bennett reply

    I randomly stumbled across this post and i HAD to comment. Your pup is one of the cutest I’ve seen in a while! I know it’s been a year now, but congrats! :)

  32. Caitlin Fetterman reply

    do you remember the breeder? I have been looking for one of these puppies?!

  33. Cheryl reply

    I’m literally laughing and crying while viewing these photos. I mean seriously tears are flowing. Your puppy is so stinkin adorable and of course the photos are stunning. I know they are older. I stumbled upon them while gawking for the 100th time at your office…both at the previous home and current one. Your home and photography are both a work of art.

  34. Claire reply

    I’ve just got an 8 week old poochon… It’s so lovely to see your gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing!

  35. Lita reply

    Hi Kately!

    I loved the story and all the pics. I am getting a bich-poo this weekend and of course I am excited and nervous at the same time. How are they as adults? Do they have a nice personality? Are they very active?
    Thanks again for sharing your pictures!

  36. Kathy Jones reply

    I remember reading about your puppy and I remember you getting it from a breeder. Where did you get your puppy from?

  37. Alice reply

    I have a poochon too! Polar (my poochon) is white as he looks like a polar bear and is 11 months old!! Did you know that when two poochons meet they hug!! It’s so cute!!!! That is why they are always standing on their hind legs waiting hug another poochon!! I have taught polar to wave if we hold him up in the air and tell him to wave goodbye he does!!!! Yours is so cute you are so lucky :-)

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