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… been married a month, actually one month tomorrow to be exact!! Wow!…. and so I know I have a ton to learn. I’m still in the honeymoon phase where doing his laundry seems fun and loading the dishwasher together doesn’t seem like a chore. We’re still putting together our many many shelves from Ikea and trying to figure out exactly where to hang our bath towels! … Someone PLEASE tell Michael to use the towel rack… NOT the bedroom door:) Anway…I love being married and I really love being able to relate to my brides. They are planning and preparing and doing everything that I JUST finished doing and so it’s great to be able to tell them

that it’s worth it!! All of the planning and the details are WORTH the time and energy! Promise!


Walking around beautiful downtown Richmond with Gardner and Lauren and talking about their wedding plans was different than previous engagement sessions because this time, I was MARRIED!  I love it! I know and understand their excitement and that makes it so much easier for me to capture their personalities! I hadn’t met either of them before their session but after 5 minutes of talking to them and seeing Lauren’s boots, I knew we would be friends! I seriously don’t know how I luck out with my couples… ALL of them are awesome and not to mention, GORGEOUS!


The three of us walked up and down Grace Street in downtown Richmond where Lauren is living and where they will start their life together next October! We made our way over the Monument Avenue where it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to not find great portrait locations and we had a blast. Gardner and Lauren are both Dental students and I loved hearing about they future dreams of opening a practice together in a small town. I also loved learning that Lauren is very much a details girl…. which is my kind of girl.  Like I said… we’re going to be great friends! I just know it! After meeting these two and getting to know them, I’m a little bummed that I have to wait a whole YEAR for their wedding!!! Gardner and Lauren, you guys are awesome and I am so honored to be a part of this HUGE part of your lives! Thank you!!! Enjoy my favorites!!

I LOVE Lauren’s front porch swing! … and that her boots matched it perfectly!

This was probably one of the first 25 shots I took…. really? They’re THAT good at being in front of the camera!… Their wedding is going to be AWESOME!

Oh my GOSH Lauren you’re gorgeous!


I’m kinda a big fan of that garage door… can you tell!?

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  1. Spring reply

    love, love, love. The colors in these image are fantastic!

  2. Jo Ann Hinchee reply

    STUNNING! The poses are so natural and what a handsome couple!

  3. Courtney Hinchee reply

    YOU ALL ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I truly love all of them!!!! Katelyn you did an amazing job!

    I can’t wait for the wedding day! I love you both!!!!

  4. Aimee reply

    so funny he hangs his towel on the bedroom does daniel! it’s a newly married man trait that is proving to be a hard one to break!

  5. Charlotte reply

    Great pictures. Love the one where Lauren is on Gardners back and love those boots!!!

  6. Tira J reply

    great images Katelyn! Oh, and eventually, the husbands figure out that the wife is the more logical half in the marriage and when it comes to making decisions about towels, they just say okay. Give it a few years. xoxo

  7. Dave Hinchee reply

    Outstanding work Katelyn! And two great subjects to work with!! What a great start to this next amazing year!

  8. Robin Zack reply

    Oh my gosh….these are fantastic picture of a wonderful couple. I just love them!!! Thanks for sharing…hope you had fun with all the engagement pics and party!

  9. Cathy Martin reply

    The pictures are great and the subjects are naturals for sure. I love the one where they are sitting on the ground with the Fall leaves in front of them. Great locations!

  10. Hilda reply

    What fantastic photos of such a beautiful couple! Your love for each other and your happiness together was captured in such a lovely way! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ms. Carroll and Mr. Billy reply

    Lauren the pictures are wonderful. It has been our pleasure to see you grow into such an incredible and beautiful women. Wish you all the happiness in the world.

  12. ashley barnett reply

    Ah! Great set! I did a session in Richmond back in May when it was 105 degrees and we used that exact same garage door and the area in front of that big church. Monument avenue is a gorgeous spot. I’m glad you got to use it when it was a bit cooler :)

  13. Ali Miller reply

    INCREDIBLE PICTURES!!!! They look like they are straight out of a high fashion ad! :)
    -Courtney’s roommate from New York..

    Truly amazing.. good luck picking your favorites, I had 25!!

  14. Pati Minnigh reply

    Oh what a beautiful couple!! All the pictures are fabulous! So glad I got to see them. Just Awesome!

  15. Girish reply

    Great shots. Love some of them really.

    One thing – I use Google reader for the blogs. For this post I saw the heading as I have only….which comes out as a personal post rather than a official engagement shoot you did. Has anyone else mentioned this or it’s just me. Have a look as well, cause I was actually going to postpone reading this post thinking it was a personal post.

  16. Brenda Gargiulo reply

    Absolutely gorgeous. I am with you Katelyn, I can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! Congratulations, Lauren and Gardner! From Highgate Greens neighbors!

  17. Richard (Rick) S. Brittingham reply

    Lauen, being a Family member, I am obviously prejudiced to her beauty and the choice of her future mate. The engagement album is so extraordinary; your technigue and the results are without one of the best I have ever seen, but having two good kids like the beloved Grandaughter, of Helen and Bill and Susan and Billy, and Gardner never hurts as your subject. It appears the chosen Photographer is one of the first gifts of their life and the right person to record in pictures their wonderful wedding. Congratulations to them and also to you for your incredible talent!!!!

  18. Jackie Lovell reply

    Wow! Those are so wonderful photos, brought tears to my eyes. These photos show the love, fun and excitement in their eyes. They are an amazing couple, love them!!!

  19. Erol reply

    Terrific pictures. Oh how I miss living in the fan! You’re right, you have to work real hard not to find great locations for photography. Esp like the images in front of FBC. Well done.

  20. Frankie Engelking reply

    Perfection !!! Two beautiful people in beautiful settings.
    Loved every single picture. Could never pick a favorite.
    25 years has gone by VERY quickly. Little Lauren Hinchee is all grown up and she has found her prince! Bravo.

  21. carolilne reply

    SO cute! I love pics in the fall…and his argyle socks :)

  22. Rebecca reply

    What a great shoot! I loved her outfit! You have a great eye for locations! I loved where you had them sitting against the rain with leaves around them, so cute!

  23. catherine porter reply

    i LOVE how happy she looks in these photographs, beautiful smile!

  24. lyn davis reply

    Lovely pictures of my friend Joanne’s beautiful daughter and future son-in-law.

  25. Lori Webber reply

    I had so much fun looking at the pictures! Almost felt like I was there. How easy it must have been to photograph these two beautiful people. What a wonderful beginning of a fabulous story.

  26. britney reply

    Love the boots and his socks! what a fun fall photo shoot!

  27. Betsy Jones reply

    These pictures are awesome! Lauren and Gardner are a gorgeous couple. Looks like the photo shoot was fun – kudos to Katelyn! Now, how do you choose?

  28. Cassie Todd reply

    How beautiful and happy our Lauren looks.Her cousins in Georgia can tell she has selected well .Gardner appears to be a fine young man who is very much in love with Lauren. The photographer captured the happiness and love of the couple.

  29. Kathy Yocke reply

    What an amazing collection!! It’s too difficult to comment on just one picture! They are all so beautiful. How can you expect anything less with such a fantastic couple?!

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