Gayton Baptist Church

  • The Jazz Nativity 2011

wish I wasn’t running out the door for a lunch meeting!! I wanted to have time to explain just how amazing Jazz Nativity was this year at our church! Jazz Nativity is a large scale Jazz concert and it’s literally one of my new favorite Christmas traditions! This was year two that I was able to be a part of the production and guess who else sang with me…. MY HUSBAND. Bet you didn’t know he could sing did ya?!! Well, that’s because he HIDES it! I’ll be posting a video later on when I return home and actually have some time to finish up this post. But for now, I just want to leave you with some fun images

that will give you a little peak of last weekend’s FOUR performances! We performed for over 1,300 people and we raised over $15,000 to support global missions and it was a blast! We have such amazingly talented musicians in our church family, it blows me away!! So enjoy these images and get excited for a quick video later tonight!! (Fingers crossed that I have time to get it done!:)

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