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  • The Jazz Nativity 2011

wish I wasn’t running out the door for a lunch meeting!! I wanted to have time to explain just how amazing Jazz Nativity was this year at our church! Jazz Nativity is a large scale Jazz concert and it’s literally one of my new favorite Christmas traditions! This was year two that I was able to be a part of the production and guess who else sang with me…. MY HUSBAND. Bet you didn’t know he could sing did ya?!! Well, that’s because he HIDES it! I’ll be posting a video later on when I return home and actually have some time to finish up this post. But for now, I just want to leave you with some fun images

that will give you a little peak of last weekend’s FOUR performances! We performed for over 1,300 people and we raised over $15,000 to support global missions and it was a blast! We have such amazingly talented musicians in our church family, it blows me away!! So enjoy these images and get excited for a quick video later tonight!! (Fingers crossed that I have time to get it done!:)

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  1. Abby Grace reply

    That hand bell dude looks inTENSE. This sounds like it was so much fun! I wish our church would do something big like this!

  2. J.T. reply

    The thing I love most about your photos is that they capture so much emotion. Something that is key to jazz music is the emotion that is transmitted from the composer to the page, from the page to participants, and from participants to audience. Katelyn, your photos do just the thing right here. AMAZING.

  3. michael reply

    this is so great!!! cant wait for the video!

  4. katie s reply

    great pics, i remember the little boy last year on the piano! Can’t wait to see the video!

  5. stephanie g reply

    looks like so much fun!!

  6. caroline reply


  7. Sydni Jackson reply

    these pictures are awesome!! so glad i got to go…and see you there! :)

  8. Emily reply

    Great photos! I was there the last night and heard you on the radio! You sounded awesome both times! Enjoyed your duet with Michael! :)

  9. Rebekah Nougaret reply

    This year was Hubby and I’s second year going to the Jazz Nativity show and we enjoyed the music, jokes, and watching the joy of Christmas played through instruments. Everyone is so talented!!! Great photos and Katelyn, Micheal and your duet was amazing.. you guys are so cute together and talented!!! Can’t wait for the 2012 show!!!

  10. Becca reply

    Girl watch out!! Brides are gonna have you doubling as a wedding singer slash photographer!!! Awesome job! So fun that you & Michael sang together =)

  11. Elizabeth reply

    Great job!!! Is there any way to put some up of the bells being played? Ever since New Girl (the tv show), I have been wanted to see bells…hahaha Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :-)

  12. Brooke Summer Photography reply

    Oh how neat, I wish we had something like this at our church! My husband plays trombone and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for worship with that instrument!

  13. brittnie worley reply

    omg loved the video and love you and your husbands voices!!! i want to come see this next year it looks soooo fun!! my mom loved it too :)

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