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met them at Gravelly Point, a park outside of DC right next to the airport! This was a perfect location for them because they spend many summer afternoons at this place on the water. Michael and I headed up to meet Adam and Sarah last Friday and we loved getting to know these two! Michael doesn’t always get to accompany me on engagement shoots but when he does, it’s a lot of fun. I love that Michael had a chance to meet yet another amazing 2014 couple!! Adam and Sarah are awesome. Their smiles and their joy is so evident in their images and if they were this happy on their

engagement session day, imagine the joy we’ll get to capture on their WEDDING DAY!  I loved hearing about how they met, fell in love and what they’re envisioning for the future!  Adam admitted that he has a deep love for airplanes and he wanted some shots with some in the background! These turned out to be some of my favorites! They ended the evening in Georgetown and just as we wrapped up the session, Sarah told me they had a little surprise for us. We walked over to Georgetown Cupcakes where she had preorderd and had pumpkin spice cupcakes waiting for us! YUMMM!! Michael had never been there before and so this was truly icing on the cake after a wonderful evening together! (pun intended!:)

Adam and Sarah thank you for being such great sports and walking half a mile to find shade and for dodging the wind gusts! You two are so much fun and we are so excited to celebrate alongside of you next year!!

Love this!! 

Ohhh you two… you make this look so easy! :) 

If you only knew the amount of times I was almost hit by bikers to take this shot! It was worth it:)

You two have beautiful smiles!! You make my job easyyyy! 

Oh ok!! Get it girl! I told you your model face was amazing!

And these are for Adam and his future man cave! 

We ended the evening in Georgetown!

I’ll never get tired of this location!

Those smiles!!

He kisses her nose on a regular basis…. :) 

Love this!

This ring!! wow!

Georgetown at twilight….

oh this is one of my favorites!!

Last but not least, one last THANK  YOU to Adam and Sarah for our delicious cupcake surprise! You two are the best!!

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  1. Amanda reply

    Some serious usage of bokeh girl, and I LOVE it!!! Especially the first ones :) They are so cute!

  2. Lindsey LaRue reply

    LOVE! One of my favorite shoots I’ve seen of yours recently! So genuine and her model face is, indeed, gorgeous!

  3. katie reply

    GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Love the first few in the leaves and.. well I love most of them :)

  4. Julia reply

    I think if I was ever lucky enough to be a KJ Bride I would be faced with the impossible task of having soooo many photos i love that i wouldn’t know what to do! just from the engagement shoot i would need to change my profile photo on facebook 20 times a day and when it came to the wedding portraits… there is just not enough wall space in a home to blow up every photo i would want on them!

    haha! great job as always, katelyn :)

  5. Samantha L reply

    Beautiful!!! Love!

  6. Kathryn Grace reply

    Love these locations!

  7. Kristina W. reply

    These are beautiful! I always get excited when I recognize the areas the photos are taken in. And what a sweet couple to order cupcakes for you two!

  8. Cecilia reply

    My, the pics and the couple are so beautiful!! I found myself plotting how I’m going to get you to my island of birth in the Caribbean some day in the future, to photograph us when my time comes ;-)!

  9. Abby Grace reply

    She ROCKED that mini dress- love her style! And you rocked this session, Katelyn- awesome job, girl!

  10. Anna Liz reply

    Love the last twilight ones!

  11. ashley barnett reply

    Ohhhh the bikers at Gravelly hahaha – they are so intense!!!! :)

  12. Becky Taylor reply

    Absolutely LOVE these! I can’t get over how genuine every single smile is! And love the airplanes! Amazing session!!

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