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WAY too many pictures this time. I really have a problem with narrowing down images for the blog. I thought it would get better with time. You know, after posting HUGE blog posts for two years, I thought I would get tired of all the work and would start selecting less images to post.  Well, that day still hasn’t come. I’m still posting a BAZILLION images because I love showing them! My couples are amazing and we work hard at their e-sessions to create great images… so why not share them!? Right!?  Well, I don’t really even know where to begin about these two. Rebekah is a wonderful

photographer and when she emailed me about shooting her wedding I was thrilled and nervous at the same time!! It’s such an honor to shoot another photographer’s wedding but it can also be intimating… these pics have to be AWESOME! Rebekah and Matt are two incredible people and I feel beyond blessed to be working with them! They met last October…. as in, a few weeks after I got MARRIED…and they will be married exactly a year from when they started dating…AH! I can’t even imagine!  I just couldn’t believe it! Of course that seems crazy to me… the girl who dated her husband for 8 YEARS! I love that they just KNOW.  They have no doubt that they are meant to be together forever. Matt said that he started saving for the ring a month after they started dating. How awesome is that?!


These two are so excited and in LOVE! It’s beautiful. You’ll be able to see that throughout their WHOLE post. They interact in a way that is so natural and they are so comfortable with one another! We shot in Georgetown and I must say… I’m in love with that place! I have driven through a few times but I had NEVER shot a session there until Monday! I was working with the most amazing couple, a gorgeous location and amazing light. The afternoon was perfect!…. Except for a little rain and me falling UP THE STAIRS… yea, that just happens to me periodically, I blame my size TEN feet! It’s ok, everyone needs to be humbled every now and then right?! haha


Matt and Rebekah, spending the afternoon with you reminded me of why I am in love with what I do.  I left feeling inspired and wanting to go home and hug my husband!! I love capturing your love! Enjoy!!!!

Love these two!!

Michael saw these while I was editing and said “Whoa! That looks like somewhere in Europe!” I agree. I’m a new fan of Georgetown:).


Really?! How are so guys so cute? Love this one.

And this was right as the rain started…

Whoever’s garage this is… I thank you! And to make this picture even funnier… they were getting rained on!

But they didn’t care!

Bling! bling!

I’m loving the ivy!

Don’t you love Rebekah’s SHOES?! If I could walk in those… I would buy a pair!


So gorgeous.

Couples that will lay down and KISS in the middle of the sidewalk make me happy.

Love it!!

Gosh….Matt and Rebekah interact SO well for the camera! Who’s excited for their wedding?!! I AM!!!

Ok… while they were changing, I just had to stop an pay Georgetown Cupcake a visit!


ah!!! I could have shot them all day!

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  1. Rebekah reply

    OH MY GOSH I AM IN LOVE!!! You are beyond amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you :)

  2. Sarah Danaher reply

    I ADORE her shoes!!!

  3. ali reply

    Rebekah. YES. I love you girl! Katelyn.. I am also so excited for their wedding! So much joy :)

  4. Kimber W. reply

    Please, Mrs. Alsop, don’t limit your photos! Post as MANY as you want – I love looking at them!!! By the way, I think it’s great that you wear size 10 shoes!! It makes me feel like my own feet aren’t so big! ;)

  5. Cati reply

    Talk about the cutest couple EVER! Just looking at this post inspired me. Keep the long blog posts coming!

  6. Kristina Neighbour reply

    New. Favorite. Engagement. Session. AMAZING! These are so so so so good! Probably had a little bit of an advantage because Rebekah and Matt are so good looking! And Georgetown is awesome.

  7. Tina reply

    LOVE these – that area is amazing, I’d want to shoot there all the time! And they are SO natural in front of the camera, that’s the BEST having clients like that!!

  8. SvetlanaHillKovich reply

    AMAZING!!!! LOVE THEM ALL! Katelyn James, You ROCK! ;)

  9. Elise reply

    This couple is adorable and so are all of these pictures!!! PS I love when you post A LOT of pictures cause I never want them to end when I am looking through all of them!!!!!!! :)

  10. Maggie Fortson reply

    These are so gorgeous! Love all the colors!

  11. Dede Goldman reply

    Your photos are wonderful Katelyn! We are so happy we hired you to shoot Rebekah and Matt’s wedding. You are very talented and sweet, and we have heard such great things about you. Looking forward to meeting you.

  12. Maria reply

    OMGoodness. great shoes + great location+ plus beautiful couple + amazing photographer = AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!

  13. Deborah Zoe reply

    I LOVE Georgetown and Georgetown cupcakes. Yum! fantastic Katelyn:)

  14. Brittany Schlamp reply

    My husband and I were together only 11 months when we got married! So I know how these two feel!!! :) And I want to go to Georgetown Cupcake one day!!!

  15. Kellan reply

    Super sweet session, great variety, ADORABLE couple. Homerun!

  16. Lupe Ruiz reply

    WHOA!! These are soooo beautiful! The couple! The location! The LIGHT!!! Gorge. Gorge. Gorge.

  17. Regan Carter reply

    These are AMAZING!!! I love everything about them! Especially the locations – so gorgeous!! Very inspiring!

  18. Sindy reply

    These are sooo adorable. Can’t wait to see what their wedding will look like!

  19. Lesley reply

    please don’t EVER think that your posts are too long! most photographers don’t blog enough images and always leave me wanting to see more. if nothing else, your long blog posts have made me FALL IN LOVE with your photography because I get to see so many different examples!

  20. Debbie Dean reply

    holy. guacamole.
    i think this is HANDS DOWN my favoritefavoritefavorite engagement session of yours, kk!!! i am IN LOVE!!! i lovelovelove Georgetown (only 30 min from my house!!). i sat with my jaw DROPPED the entire time i read through this post. the location, the couple, the light….. INCREDIBLE. so beautiful!!!

  21. Clare reply

    Ahhh these are INCREDIBLE! Like seriously, I can’t take how talented you are. UUGH I wish we could lie down in the streets of NYC too! But I worry about the huge potential for sidewalk born pathogens in Manhattan hahaha. But I always say go big or go home :) I am SOO excited for Mondaaay!!

  22. katie yuen reply

    these are SO BEAUTIFUL!! the light! the backgrounds! their love! ahhhhh thank you for posting so many!!!!

  23. Julianna reply

    Ummm…. what a HOT couple! SOOOOOOO adorable! And I’m just gonna go ahead and be bold and say that this may be one of my favorite locations. Thank you for not further narrowing down the pictures. These were so great! Proud of you!

  24. Britne reply

    This couple is sooo fun! And I loved the site! the two of them on the sidewalk was the sweetest thing ever, Can’t wait to see their wedding!!!!

  25. Becca reply

    Katelyn, this may be my most favorite e-session of yours ever!

  26. Lauren Tapscott reply

    Beautiful:) I didn’t want this one to end! Btw, just curious- how do you shoot in the rain without raindrops getting on the lens? Thanks:)

  27. Girish reply

    Beautiful set of photographs. Great light and nice smiles. Like the last part a lot. Nice background walls and colors.

  28. Emy reply

    OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!! These are breathtakingly spectacular! I love every single shot, they are a gorgeous couple and it is so obvious that they are madly in love with each other! I tried to pick a favorite, but its impossible… i love them all!!!!! Great job KK! Love you!

  29. caroline reply

    GLORY. I mean SERIOUSLY??!!?!! I think this is my new favorite couple. Absolutely GORGEOUS. I tried picking a favorite buuut IMPOSSIBLE. I do like the second ring shot, though. and the cupcakes. too cute. all of it. Spectacular job KK! love you!!!!

  30. Kristin reply

    So fabulous….these two are adorable.

  31. Mandy reply

    OH MY GOODNESS! This is a beautiful engagement session! Literally such beautiful locations that I was freaking out hitting Josh to get him to look away from ESPN to see haha. KK you did a GREAT job with these! Putting them in my design book ;)

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