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2009 Inspiration Boards
Jason and Jackie

How fun are these?! Oh they’re fun! Did they take FOREVER?! YES.  But I loved designing them and piecing together colors and details of each couple’s big day! I wish I could have done ALL of the 2009 weddings but I’m coming to find out that even though there should be more than 24 hours in a day…that’s really not going to happen anytime soon so I have to stop somewhere!


This is what I wanted to do! I love reviewing the year and showing off some awesome shots that I love but I also wanted to show off  my 2009 weddings and allow them to inspire other brides! So I created inspiration boards for a few of the numerous awesome weddings from this year! I’ve realized as a bride-to-be just how important the advice of other brides can be!  My hope is that sometime in the future, the blog with host a Q&A post featuring past Inspired Designs brides that are pros at the whole planning process now!  It’s so helpful when you’re trying to figure out caterers and venues and DJ’s and florists and bridal party attire! Whew! It’s a little OVERWHELMING! (can you tell we’re in the midst of hard core planning right now?!)  But it should be fun and it shouldn’t be something that you dread.  So! Here is some inspiration from my 2009 weddings!  Notice the colors, the details, the dresses, all that fun stuff!


If you’re a bride-to-be and you’re in the middle of the planning whirlwind, take a break and just enjoy looking at some neat ideas and cool color palettes! And maybe an idea or two will catch your attention! Enjoy!


Jason and Jackie were just married December 5th! I think I’m a fan of Christmas weddings!

Jason and Jackie

Jeff and Lauren had a BEAUTIFUL fall wedding in Downtown Fredericksburg this past October!  I love the oranges and reds and yellows!

jeff and lauren

Up next is Justin and Jess from September! This wedding is a great example of how to handle the rain! You should have an umbrella on hand because they are life savers for portrait time!  Justin and Jess had such a simple and classic color scheme to their wedding party! I loved that the guys didn’t wear jackets!

justin & jess

You can never go wrong with a beach wedding. You’ll always have a theme! I love the soft color palette of Chris and Alayna’s wedding!

chris & Alayna

Brandon and Chrissy‘s March wedding was full of new ideas! Orange and Olive! Who would have thought? Those two colors looked great together!

brandon and chrissy

You gotta’ love Frank and Charity! Charity did an awesome job coordinating the colors of the wedding with the guy’s uniforms. The venue even matched! Red roof!

frank & charity

Oh how I loves the country theme of Lauryn and Jared’s big day! Beautiful! Definitely a favorite, full of tons of ideas!

jared & lauryn

The weather and location of Kenny and Christy‘s May wedding made for  beautiful portraits!

keny & christy

Erik and Brooke‘s wedding was so classy! The horse-drawn carriage was a perfect addition!

Erik & Brooke

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  1. Cati: ( )

    These are beautiful!!!!!!

  2. Lauren W: ( )

    I would be the jerk that catches the error- under Chris and Alayna’s pictures, you have the wrong couples name :(

  3. admin: ( )

    thanks Lauren!!

  4. em: ( )

    absolutely beautiful!!! what a great idea kk! LOVE IT!! these are wonderful!!!! you did a fabulous job!

  5. Momma: ( )

    Beautiful job KK! And congratulations on a wonderful year!

  6. Charity DellaCamera: ( )

    Loooove them!! Any girl looking at these is probably dying to hire you for their wedding…engaged or not LoL. You did an amazing job!

  7. Tira J: ( )


  8. michael: ( )

    everything looks amazing…i feel like i always say the same things on here…but i know you like it …so i will keep on doing it. Love you

  9. Magan: ( )

    Hi! I just saw your post from the [b] school with this link. Great inspiration boards. I attended architecture school before transitioning to photography and we always did these. Maybe I should learn to incorporate more of what I was trained in into my photography biz. Who would’ve thought?! Beautiful work, by the way, from each of the weddings!

  10. Mandy: ( )

    These are gorgeous KK! What great advertisements for each season/design theme…you are so great at what you do! :)

  11. mark stagi: ( )

    Love the country theme wedding!

  12. Nicole Brown: ( )

    Hi! I’m Kelley’s cousin and these are sooo amazing! I never thought that I would be interested in taking wedding pictures but these are so inspiring! It’s making me actually consider wedding photography :)

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