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just returned home from HOME.  It’s the weirdest thing! I say, “Hey, lets go home today!” even though our “Home” is our little cape cod in Shortpump.  Michael and I grew up together and so our families live 8 minutes apart. It made the holidays easier and more complicated all at the same time. We love that we get to see both of our families and that our families have been celebrating Christmas together since BEFORE we started dating (that’s over a DECADE)…however, now that we’re married….we don’t separate at the end of the night and go back to our own families like we used to.

After movies nights and long evenings full of games and eating homemade chicken noodle soup, we would normally separate and just plan on seeing each other in the morning. Well those days are gone now! It’s exciting but it’s going to take some getting used to.  We tried hard to make it even and spend some time at home, go to our church services here, spend Christmas morning at my house, spend Christmas evening at his house etc. etc.  It’s hard! I don’t know HOW some of you do it that have family ALL OVER the east coast!!! Wow!  I’m extremely thankful that my family and my new family live so close and that we had the opportunity to spend time together this Christmas!


Anyway! On to the REAL reason for this blog post (I’m telling you, I get SO distracted sometimes and I start rambling!) Thanks to the fabulous Holly Chapple, one of her beautiful Christmas tablescapes that I shot several weeks ago was featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs! What an honor! So be sure to check it out for some Christmas decorating inspiration for next year! Happy Monday!!

Thanks for the feature Ami and Holly!!!

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  1. Kathleen reply

    It is tricky splitting up holidays. We are lucky that my husband’s family likes to visit us for the New Year to go skiing and so we spend Christmas with my family. But I know it will switch one day. :) Those are really beautiful decorations. Seeing as the 12 Days of Christmas actually occur AFTER Christmas, these are still valid decorations :)

  2. stephanie b reply

    Maybe my tables will look this great one day haha – lovely pictures as always!!

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