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…I know. You’re probably thinking… “Oh Katelyn… what are you talking about now?!”.  These 3 things have NOTHING to do with one another!  Welp! These are just some recent “Good Things” that have caught my attention recently and so I’m going to share them… as random as they may be, they are all definitely worthy to be a on a “Good things” post! “Good things” aren’t always cute and stylish and they most certainly do not ALWAYS photograph well. This series exist simply to share a little piece of randomness from my life and maybe someone will be able to adopt one of these “good things” and love them just as much as I do. So lets get to it!




1. Potted plants : A few nights ago, Michael and I were watching TV and I got up to do something…. probably grab a DMD or start a load of laundry… I’m not sure exactly what… but I noticed something strange in our living room window sill! There were two little pots filled with DIRT! What in the WORLD?! I immediately said “Uh, Michael? What is this?! Why are there cups of DIRT in the window?!” You see, my husband likes to try new things. One morning I woke up and he was making homemade pita bread! So now, he has informed me that we will be growing our own Cilantro and Parsley! Oh Boy. the thought of trying to keep a plant alive makes me shiver but the reason this made the “good things” list is because I love that Michael is creative.. in his own way:).  I would have NEVER thought to try growing some Cilantro in a window sill… I would rather buy a crazy new pillow. Michael and I are so different and THAT is a Good Thing. The fact that he has pots of dirt in our windows makes me smile and I’m thankful for that!



2. World Market: Ever been there?! For YEARS I thought it was just a store that sold chinese food and a random assortment of nuts. Ha! I had no IDEA that it was a store filled with curtains, furniture, and amazing home decor! It’s a multi-cultural home decor HEAVEN! Michael and I picked out our living room curtains from World Market back in August and I just recently got a $10 off coupon in the mail and they were advertising that they now have MATCHING PILLOWS!!! WOOHOO! I picked mine up yesterday…. and I LOVE it. Did we have room on our living room couch for one more pillow? Absolutely not. But did I buy it anyway? You betcha!!! I LOVE it!



3. Grilled Cheese & Saving Money: Recently our pastor has been encouraging everyone to participate in a “Contentment Challenge”. Basically, instead of going out to each and spending $40 on a meal… get together with some friends and have GRILLED CHEESE instead. Then, take the money you would have spent at a restaurant, collect it, and we’ll give it to those in need. It’s an awesome idea. Every Tuesday night we have girls night at Casa Grande and I eat way too much Mexican food… and the boys get wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. So this week we joined in the Contentment Challenge and instead of eating out, we had 24 kids over for grilled cheese and pb & J’s! It was a fun time… and our poor little kitchen took a beating…but we raised $150!!!



So happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the weekend and be sure to notice the new little “Like” buttons at the bottom of each post! If you “Like” something on this crazy blog…. simply click it and immediately you’re sharing it with all of your friends!! Thanks for stopping by!!! xoxo


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  1. amanda west reply

    I clicked the like button and the weirdest thing happened…………… your comment section yelled at me! ahhahaaa. not really but it totally felt like it so I had to drop down and comment, you know, for the sake of being yelled at by a comment box! lol.

  2. melissa reply

    Just when I think you can’t get any cooler. ;-)

  3. katie b reply

    yay for good things and helping others!! happy friday!

  4. JasmineStar reply

    you know you’re a girl after my own heart, right?! ;)

  5. Kristina N. reply

    I LOVE that you did the contentment challenge and raised so much money! Where is it going to?

  6. ashley barnett reply

    Okay I am totally down for this challenge…but can I add tomato soup to the mix?! Because tomato soup + grilled cheese = cheap foodie heaven :)

  7. Kristin Nicole reply

    I LOVE World Market…so many unique things…

  8. Gail reply

    I must be thinking like your hubby b/c over the weekend at Lowe’s, I stared at the bags of cilantro and basil seeds and told myself this would be the year I finally started an herb garden! MUST.DO.IT.

    LOVE the grilled cheese idea! After a week of eating out in NYC, I SO need to do this myself!

    And HECK YEAH to World Market. They also have one heck of a wine selection and if you have coffee lovers in your life, they sell the BEST coffee in the world (illy Italian beans!)

  9. caroline reply

    that is freakin awesome
    yall are so great!

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