Craig + Bev | Part II

The Gold and Gray Wedding | St. Margaret's School Wedding

I think

God knew what He was doing when He planned out this wedding season. I’ll be honest, I had moments of feeling tired and stuck in a rut. I had weeks where Friday would come and I didn’t feel excited to leave for another wedding because I was still tired from the one I shot the week prior. However, once November came, I could see the end was in sight and “the end” was Bev and Craig’s wedding. It was perfect.  This was the BEST way to end my 2011 season because Bev and Craig are the type of couple that give me energy and inspire me to finish strong.  They aren’t just an extremely photogenic couple, they are some of our closest friends and to be the one who spent the MOST time with them on their wedding day makes

me feel super special. I was the one driving Bev to the CHURCH!... just minutes before her WEDDING! What an HONOR!!! I love my JOB and I cherish that time with my brides... especially the brides that I'm so close to!   Friend's of ours started playing and singing as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle. One by one, they all made their way to the front of the church. It was then that everyone rose to their feet, the music was building and the back doors of the church opened. As Bev walked down the aisle she held  tight to her dad's arm, trying to hold back some of the tears.  Craig bit his lip and just smiled as he watched his beautiful bride walk towards him.  I was crying and still trying to make sure my 50mm was focusing at the same time! Luckily I've had experience shooting close friends' weddings before and I've gotten really good at recomposing myself after an emotional moment! Their ceremony was amazing. Michael and I actually sang while they did communion so thank you to Katie Beale for filling in for me while I was involved in the ceremony!! I couldn't have done it without you!   Bev and Craig were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Craig Lily and the whole sanctuary erupted in applause!! The cheers and clapping continued as they shared a kiss and made their way down the aisle. It was just a joyful, God-honoring day and I loved every minute of it! After the ceremony, we escaped to an abandoned farm and shot a few extra portraits!.... Then we were off to the party! Perfect. As a photographer, I couldn't have been happier with what we were able to accomplish  and as a friend, I was just so excited for these two!!! They were finally MARRIED!!! Welcome to the club!! It's awesome!:)  

So enjoy Part II of this southern, Tappahanock, VA wedding and I hope you enjoy my last wedding post of the year!!  Bev and Craig, Michael and I adore you guys and can't wait to hangout and hear about JAMAICA! We love you and we're praying for ya as you begin your new life together!! xoxoxo Bev you're the most radiant bride!Love this bridal portrait... SO thankful this ONE tree had some leaves still on it!

About to head down the aisle.... Mr. and Mrs.!!! WOOHOO!!! AHH!!!! MARRIED!!! and REALLY excited about it:) Craig... that shot on the left was EXACTLY what I hoped that pose would look like! NICE! Such models. A new all-time favorite right here... We were on a time crunch... so we ran to our next location:) Craig please don't hate me for posting this.... I just think it's hilarious. yesssssss Bev just stop! You make this seem SO easy!  Beautiful!

One the most WELL DONE candy bars yet! So fun to photograph! Adorable gift table with a handmade quilt! Checking out her boy's new ring:)


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  1. Kimber Wassenberg: ( )

    SO many GREAT photos! Wow…I love all the portraits!! They look like one good couple!

  2. Amanda Leigh: ( )

    I absolutely love everything about this wedding. Of course, especially the photos! I am engaged and this post almost had me wanting to cry because I love it so much. I never comment on any photographer’s blog (although I do stalk. haha.) and I also do not get so worked up over weddings. You are all so talented and have exceptional taste! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Mandy: ( )

    Craig and Bev…oh my goshh!!! Soy bean field = nothing but money shots. You all are such beautiful people and your joy just radiates in these photos! Your wedding was an awesome celebration of your love for each other and of God’s love for the world. Y’all are truly blessings and I love you and love these beautiful pictures!

  4. Brendan: ( )

    CRAIG AND BEV!!! These are awesome shots of two awesome people! Wish you all the best!

  5. Lexi: ( )

    Um, could they be any cuter??? Oh my goodness…this post made me smile from ear to ear just looking at the love these two have for each other. Amazing pictures {as always}!!!!

  6. Jessica: ( )

    when i see pictures this perfect it makes me sappy, happy and content:)

  7. Kristina W.: ( )

    What a wonderful wedding to finish off your season with! These photos are fantastic Katelyn!

  8. Josh: ( )

    KK these are so goooooooood. Soybeans might be your new thing. maybe a new tagline, “soybean field/wedding photographer.” I’m sure there are some farmers out there who would pay big bucks! And Craig and Bev – y’all look great of course.

  9. caitlin: ( )

    i think it’s amazing how you can make me fall in love with people i don’t even know :) as always, thank you for sharing such gorgeousness

    ps – SO MANY CANVAS SHOTS – legit… their humble abode better have lots of wall space

  10. Michael: ( )

    Money Shot after Money Shot!!! The one in the intro with his arm over her head is my favorite!!! Great Job Katelyn and I’m so happy for Bev and Craig!!!

  11. Katie Beale: ( )

    I LOVED being there! What a fun day! Thanks for including me :) Glad I could help! Love you, KK!

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  13. Annetta: ( )

    Beautiful!!! You sure ended the year with a bang! I think this my favourite from all year. Now take a refreshing break. You deserve it.

  14. Sarah: ( )

    This might be one of my most favorite wedding posts yet. Seriously, so amazing. I love the one of them kissing in front of the…is that a truck? Regardless of what it is, gorgeous! Love it all!

  15. Karin {heartloveweddings}: ( )

    Another gorgeous wedding Katelyn! I bet they have a sweet love story too. ;)

  16. Leah Martin: ( )

    Katelyn!!!! Absolutely beautiful! You captured my the souls of these two!!! Thank you so much!!! #1Aunt Janie

  17. Alex: ( )

    I love smiling and crying all in the same 15 seconds. The father-daughter pictures are priceless. You have captured such precious moments. Another amazing wedding.

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