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that’s what we feel like!! Straight up gypsies! We’ve been staying at a different hotel the last three nights, living out of our rental car’s trunk and I even got ready in Target’s “Family Style” bathroom this evening! I locked the door and made it my own personal bathroom since we didn’t have time to check into our hotel before I spoke tonight. I changed, did my makeup and then plugged my curling iron in. The SCARY thing is that I placed the curling iron in the sink and while it heated up, I leaned forward to put on my mascara

and my movement triggered the automatic faucet and water started pouring all over my electrified curling iron!!! I quickly snatched the cord out of the wall and then realized that that would have been a horrible (and embarrassing) way to die!!  Luckily, no harm was done! After that minor fiasco, I met Michael at the car and we headed over to meet the Scobey’s to prep for the photog meetup that took place in Atlanta last night! Ashley and I met back at the P31 conference outside of Atlanta and I casually mentioned that I would be back around Atlanta for a wedding in the spring and she invited me to speak at their Smug group! Fun!

So that’s what we did! We spent yesterday morning visiting Samford with a sweet friend and then we drove back to Atlanta (see, gypsies I tell you!) to meet some of the SWEETEST photographers ever! We were greeted by such warm, welcoming faces in Atlanta last night and I feel so honored to have shared some time with these awesome people in our industry!! Here’s a mini group shot thanks to Brita Photography:):)

Have a great a great Tuesday everyone and get excited to see Josh and Amanda’s beautiful wedding tomorrow!! Here’s a little sneak peek!

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  1. Katie Yuen reply

    LOVE your dress Kk! And I spy a previous workshop attendee that is just the sweetest thing.. ;) <3 you Anna!

  2. Sabrina reply

    I ditto Katie… LOVE your dress! This Clemson girl needs more orange in her closet :-) So much fun!

  3. Laura reply

    It was wonderful to meet you last night! You are such an inspiration!

  4. Laura Barnes reply

    So sad I left a few minutes early and missed this group photo!! Katelyn you are awesome and it was amazing listening to you talk! Thanks for stopping in.. the Atl loves you!

  5. Ashley Barnett reply

    You look so cute!! And I’m really happy you didn’t electrocute yourself!!!

  6. Ashley Barnett reply

    You look so cute!! And I’m really happy you didn’t electrocute yourself!!!

  7. Anna K. reply

    You could have gotten ready at my house! So glad that you made it to the meeting alive! :) You were awesome and we were all so thankful that you took the time to come and speak! Xoxo!

  8. Becca reply

    I feel you on the getting ready in Target. I attended a wedding a month ago, and I had to get ready in a McDonald’s bathroom! Surpisingly good lighting for makeup :]

  9. Caroline reply

    way to work it katelyn, and i love that dress!!

  10. molly stillman reply

    your dress is adorable!! glad y’all are having fun and working hard!

  11. Ashlyn reply

    Oh dear, glad you weren’t hurt!! Sounds like you’ve been busy. That last photo though… CAN’T WAIT till tomorrow!!!

  12. Jennifer Krieg reply

    Love your dress!! Love Love the coral & teal combo!!

  13. Sarah Adams reply

    You look adorable, as usual :) Love hearing about all these travelings of yours! I dont know how you do it!! You’re amazing! :

  14. Amanda reply

    Get some sleep I tell ya!!! I noticed you were bouncing all over the place… Hoping you’re home by now with your feet up relaxing! You deserve it! I cannot say thank you enough :)

  15. Angel Ruff reply

    Thank you so much for your wise words last night. Laura and I left there completely fired up and talked the entire 2 hours home about everything you shared. You are a blessing to this profession!

  16. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Oh my goodness, that wedding photo is amazing!!!! Those pink flowers are perfect…I really can’t wait to see the rest!!!

  17. Evie Perez reply

    yay katelyn!! thanks again for coming to speak and hang out with us! you are such a sweetheart and truly appreciate what you do!!!! welcome home and enjoy bokeh boy!!

  18. Lissette reply

    I was so thrilled to have met and hear you speak at our meeting. So many wonderful tips i want to start putting into practice. thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

  19. Dana reply

    Stumbled upon you from a friend of a friend of a friend–I’m a photog based in Greensboro NC and I keep hearing about these meetups! I have no idea where to find them, is there a common site for them? WOuld love to be at the next one.

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