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about this weather! … It’s AWESOME!! Perfect for walking the dog, perfect for outdoor malls and WONDERFUL for shooting any type of session. I have bridal portraits today and I’m so thankful that it’s an amazing 72 degrees! I shot Nathan’s senior portraits on Monday afternoon and it was in the 70’s. I didn’t even break a sweat! I vote that this weather can stay year round! We walked around the Nayda’s beautiful home and lawn for his senior pictures and I jokingly mentioned that they should rent out their yard for portraits! It was a perfect place to shoot and so convenient.

I loved getting to spend some time with this sweet family. I remember when Michael and I first came to this church over two years ago and I was still putting faces with names. Michael asked me if I had met the Naydas and I said that I wasn’t sure if I had. Michael’s response was “Oh yes you have, they’re like the nicest family ever! I’m sure you’ve met them!”.  He was definitely  right about them being one of the sweetest families!  We came to Gayton when Nathan was a sophomore… now he’s getting ready to apply to college! Time is flying by and I’m excited for him! I haven’t had a lot of time around Nathan but I know just from mission trips that he’s one of the hardest working teenage boys I’ve ever met… besides my brother:).  So there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s going to do great things next year in college!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!!

Love this old barn!

A shot with his sister!:)

There were some of the EASIEST senior portraits I’ve ever shot. Nathan if you need a backup career… modeling would definitely work out!

Love the light in this one! 


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  1. Debbie Dean reply

    LOVE these portraits, KK! So clean and beautiful!

  2. Serena Severtson reply

    Great senior portraits, Katelyn!

  3. Amelia Renee reply

    ooooh! The ones above the shot of him & his sister are my fav!

  4. Sharon Elizabeth reply

    so cute! love his red/blue outfit!!!!

  5. molly reply

    oh my gosh these are so good!!

  6. Rici reply

    So many great portraits! Your weather looks really gorg on that side of the ocean. Finally some more male portraits! I´m always looking for inspiration and I remember last time I found maybe two sessions on your Blog ;-) I´m totally for the back up model career!!
    ~ Saluti.

  7. Alicia reply

    So good!! I love those red pants! It’s so nice to see a guy who’s not afraid to be stylish:)

  8. Lauren Hammond reply

    Love these!!

  9. Kimber Wassenberg reply

    Great pics! And I totally agree on the weather…Fall is the best time of year (well, one of many :).

  10. Sabrina reply

    Love these! And I love his red/blue outfit! These are great, Katelyn. And I 110% agree that this weather can stay!!

  11. Rachel Leigh Greene reply

    These are so nice! He has a pleasant face :)

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