Year 29

  • Happy Birthday Michael!

I feel like after 7 years of blogging, you know everything about my husband! I mean, you’ve known who Michael is for a LONG time!! We’ve dated since I was 15, he’s been a part of our family since before I could remember and I’ve documented every MAJOR life change that has happened to us over the last seven years on this blog! You know that he has an awesome smile, he loves all things Apple and that he has the power to make ANYTHING fun if he wants to. You know that he basically lives in button up shirts and he’s our travel expert. You also know by now that Michael is an irreplaceable part of our business.

It has been over two years since we have become a husband/wife team and I honestly don’t know how I did this without him. I still get stressed and overwhelmed so I can’t imagine how horrible I must have been to live with when it was JUST me. Michael literally keeps our life together. Besides Jesus, I need Michael more than anything else in this world! I wish I could show you how much of a mess I am without him around! I’m so thankful for our weird and unusual family dynamic that God designed just for us. We are not the typical household and I’m loving that part of our life more and more.

Michael I hope that YEAR 29 is the BEST yet. I hope you always know how loved and respected you are by me. Thank you for putting up with me and my crazy days. Thank you for letting me dream even though most of the time, it’s a little over the top. Thank you for keeping our life straight on so many levels! Happy happy birthday! Enjoy that nifty Apple watch that you bought yourself! :):) I love you!!!

Thanks to Annamarie for some of my FAVORITE recent pictures of us in Sedona!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Moriah Ortega reply

    Happy Birthday, Michael!!!

  2. Didi reply

    Happy Birthday, Michael! Hope your day is filled with lots of joy and laughter. Enjoy your Apple Watch!

  3. Lauren Swann reply

    Aww!!! Happy Birthday Michael!!!

  4. Meghan reply

    Happy Birthday, Michael!!

  5. Mary Marantz reply

    Awwww HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michael!!! We are SO grateful for your friendship & the amazing person that you are! Hope you have the BEST day ever!! xo M:)

  6. Shaina Koren reply

    Love you two! Happy birthday Michael! Can’t wait to see that Apple watch tomorrow – woo!

  7. Laura Matthews reply

    Aww! Happy Birthday, Michael!

  8. Ryan Abbas reply

    Happy birthday Michael! : )

  9. Kristina W. reply

    YAY! Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!!

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    nice couple

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