The Workshop Experience

  • Tomorrow is a Big Day!

noticed how much of a BAD BLOGGER I have been this week? Short posts, thrown together at the last minute… it must be WORKSHOP WEEK! Tomorrow (really today but I’m posting this late wednesday night!!) I’m hosting The Workshop Experience. It’s a Katelyn James Photography Workshop, just more streamlined than the Sugar Shoot. The Sugar Shoot was fabulous. And when I say “Fabulous”…. I mean, it was SWEET (literally) and would do it all over again in a HEARTBEAT. The ladies that I met that day just blew me away and they will forever be a part of my business. They taught me that I CAN teach, even though I’m

scatterbrained and they showed me how much I enjoyed pouring into other photographer’s lives and businesses. I like to call it “paying it forward”… because so SO many photographers have invested into me and my business the last three years.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Justin & Mary, Jasmine, Jessica Smith and many others. They just reached out and loved me when they had no reason to and I will be FOREVER grateful for that. It changed my life, my perspective on this industry as a whole and my business. I have never had the thought “Gosh, there’s no way I’m sharing all that I’ve learned with the COMPETITION”… because the leaders that I follow in this industry don’t think that way.  They’ve taught me better than that. Tomorrow, my hope and prayer is that I gain 17 new friends and have a blast sharing what I have learned the last 3 and a 1/2 years that I have been in business.  I’m praying for wisdom and strength and NO TANGENTS… I tend to ramble when I’m nervous!!! I’ll be sure to post about the wonderful sponsors and the venue and the attendees… but for now, I just want to thank my husband for dealing with me this week and I want to thank my sweet mother in law for coming down to help out BRIGHT and early tomorrow morning! Here’s to a GREAT Workshop Experience!!!

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  1. Jill Samter Photography reply

    Katelyn, I feel so incredibly blessed already and we haven’t officially met yet. I’m so excited for today that I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t have to be UP for another half hour. :-) It is because of all that you wrote today and desire to be for Him that this workshop and all you do will be a HUGE success! Big hugs and see you very SOON!

  2. Deborah Zoe reply

    Katelyn, I can’t wait to hear all about it! You’ll do great!:)

  3. Jade Norwood reply

    Wow… Hope you have a blast… SO so so wish I was a student in that class… Cant wait till we get to chat…

  4. julia jackson reply

    Katelyn!! I hope your workshop is amazing todayyyy! I prayed for you this morning, sorry you don’t have great light, love you!

  5. Annia reply

    I’ve never even met you and yet I’m excited! Go Katelyn go!

  6. Annetta reply

    I hope you had a blast today1 So wish I could be there but I live 1/2 a continent away. Can’t wait to see what you put together.

  7. Garrett reply

    Wish I could have been apart of this workshop since the last one was so amazing!! I’m sure you were a great teacher like you were for us!! :)

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